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  1. CdV1863

    Finding an August event/reenactment

    Hi folks, really excited to join the community. I'm wondering if you could help me with something: I'm taking a road trip in August (see image for route) and am hoping to find a reenactment or event somewhere near or just off the route—ideally in the first two weeks of the month. I'm searching...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Authorities detonate live Civil War cannonball found in Kansas museum

    (I realize the detonation video is from elsewhere but thought it needed to be shown since Kansas didn't) PLEASANTON, KS (KMBC) — A live cannonball from the Civil War era that had been on display for 20 years at a Pleasanton museum was detonated Friday afternoon. The 90-pound cannonball was...
  3. NH Civil War Gal

    How a wig stopped a fight

    This was just before the war but it is such a good, true story, I wanted to put it in here. Photo credit: history.house.gov In 1858, the US Capitol gave the world an early preview of the war to come. Congress was debating the statehood of Kansas. Their proposed constitution permitted...
  4. SWMODave

    To impel the people to passion there must be some illusion mingled with the truth

    Courtesy youtube The following research was inspired by a book written by a Kansas attorney, Bryce Benedict. While I am too cheap to buy new books, and the Missouri inter-library loan system I am a member of can not seem to find a copy, the parts of the book I could read on Google Books preview...
  5. leftyhunter

    Who's fault was the Kansas- Missouri border war?

    The bleeding Kansas confluct predated the Civil War but it definitely continued during the Civil War. Kansas troops were harsh towards Missouri civiluans . Confederate guerrillas murdered unarmed men and boys at Lawrence, Kansas and elsewhere. Who started the conflict? A good place to start is...
  6. frontrank2


    These particular Jayhawkers were members of the 15th Kansas Cavalry. Fighting on the Kansas/Missouri border was especially nasty and civilians on both sides suffered terribly. The Missouri folks who sympathized with the South were called " Missouri Ruffians, Bald Knobbers, or Missouri Mules."...
  7. SWMODave

    Almost scrapped during WWII, Civil War treasures in a small Kansas town

    Both photos courtesy Waymarking Back in 1986, while visiting relatives in Hutchinson, Kansas, I was taken to visit their Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which is located in the center of their town. The monument is beautiful, with soldiers on the four corners depicting infantry, artillery...
  8. SWMODave

    Buffalo Bill short lived career as a Kansas Jayhawker

    Photo courtesy Wikipedia & Buffalo Bill Historical Center Following the breaking out of the great Civil War in 1861, a general desertion of stage-drivers and express riders took place, a majority of whom were natural rovers, and always looking out for change of employment. I was not an...
  9. ForeverFree

    KS vs MO: a Civil War Faceoff over Negroes

    I want to tip my hat to reenactor/living historian Michael Schaffner for sharing this extraordinary story of a "face-off" between Kansas and Missouri militia over a group of persons described as "men, women, and children of the colored population... (in) the number of 60 or 70." Some background...
  10. ForeverFree

    Golden Thread Missouri: Civil War in a Union Slave State

    Missouri was a Union Slave State. According to the US Census, the state had a population of 1,182,012; 114,931 persons in the state were enslaved. Enslaved people were roughly 10% of the population, and 13% of all Missouri families own slaves. The people of Missouri were no fans of Abraham...
  11. huskerblitz

    1st Kansas Colored Infantry

    The 1st Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry (Colored) was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was the first black regiment to be organized in a northern state and the first black unit to see combat during the Civil War. At the Battle of Poison...
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