johnson impeachment

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  1. Pat Young

    Johnson Impeachment Trial Ends in Acquittal May 26, 1868 Reconstruction150

    On May 26, 1868 the Senate failed to convict President Johnson on two of the articles of impeachment and the effort to remove him ended. From the May 27, 1868 New York Times:
  2. Pat Young

    General John Logan Demands that Seven Republican Senators Who Voted Against Impeachment Be Expelled

    At the same time that the Johnson Impeachment was going on, Republicans were assembling in Chicago for their National Convention. On May 19, 1868 General John Logan demanded that the seven Republican Senators who voted against convicting Andrew Johnson in his Impeachment Trial be expelled from...
  3. Pat Young

    May 16, 1868 Pres. Johnson Acquitted on Charge Contained in Article XI of Articles of Impeachment

    150 years ago today, the Senate voted on whether President Andrew Johnson was guilty as charged in Article XI of the Articles of Impeachment. The president was acquitted by one vote. The vote on the other articles would be taken up later. Here is the article that was voted on. ARTICLE XI...
  4. Pat Young

    May 15, 1868 NY Times Predicts Andrew Johnson Will Be Acquitted

    On May 15, 1868 The New York Times reported on a canvass of Senators the day before showing that President Johnson not be convicted on the charges contained in the Articles of Impeachment.
  5. Pat Young

    May 6, 1868 Bingham's Speech Leads to Senate Gallery Being Cleared in Johnson Impeachment Trial

    John Bingham's closing argument, in its third day, finally closes. The gallery goes wild, and Chief Justice Chase has the gallery cleared. From the May 7, 1868 NY Times:
  6. Pat Young

    April 30, 1868 The Removal Power of the President in Johnson Impeachment Trail

    The main focus this day was on Evart's closing. From the May 1, 1868 NY Times:
  7. Pat Young

    April 29, 1868 More Bad Guano and a Threat Against Butler in Johnson Impeachment Trial

    A lot of bad Guano between the Johnson defense team and Ben Butler in what sounds like a threat of physical harm to Butler. From the April 30, 1868 NY Times:
  8. Pat Young

    April 28, 1868 Ben Butler Claims He Is Not Full of $#%@ at Andrew Johnson Impeachment Trial

    Today's proceedings spent quite a bit of time on the Guano Islands and Ben Butler.
  9. Pat Young

    The Fight Over Andrew Johnson’s Impeachment Was a Fight for the Future of the United States

    Smithsonian has an interesting article by national Book Award winner Annette Gordon-Reed on the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson. You can read the article here:
  10. Pat Young

    April 27, 1868 Thad Stevens Closing Speech at Johnson Impeachment Trial

    April 27, 1868 saw the final speech of Thad Stevens calling for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. This is the coverage from the April 28, 1868 NY Times:
  11. Pat Young

    April 24, 1868 More Closing Speeches in the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

    The Senate decided that each lawyer on both sides could give a closing speech. You can see from this article in the April 25, 1868 NY Times that this was getting tedious:
  12. Pat Young

    April 22, 1868 Closing Arguments Begin in the Johnson Impeachment Trial

    After much wrangling over procedure at the beginning of the Senate session on April 22, the closing arguments began with House Manager George Boutwell's statement.
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