jennie wade

  1. A

    A forensic examination of Jennie Wade's death yields intriguing new revelations

    For those who are interested, I published a paper that reexamines Jennie Wade's death scene. The results will surprise you. Enjoy! -Dr. John Anton
  2. SWMODave

    I had no desire to go to Gettysburg this summer, I preferred to shed my tears at home.

    Pennsylvania Lt Governor John Peter Shindel Gobin former Brevet General Union Army Civil War Nurse Georgeanna "Georgia" Wade McClellan sister of Gettysburg civilian victim 'Jennie' Wade While stories of reconciliation give us hope and warm our hearts, the reality of war is not everyone can...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Pin-Busting Women Of The War; More Than Fathoms Deep

    From an illustration of a French vivandiere, Crimea War era. This image, while wonderful, unhelpfully ' Googled ', confuses ' our ' war, and women from who they were and what they did. Many of our women of the war suffer from a kind of simplistic mythology, helped along by the internet. We can...

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