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  1. Pat Young

    Thomas Francis Meagher Resigns As Commander of the Irish Brigade May 8, 1863 "That Brigade no longer exists"

    Thomas Francis Meagher bust, Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. Brig. Gen. Thomas Francis Meagher had organized the Irish Brigade in 1861. On May 8, 1863 he tendered his resignation as its commander. Daily National Intelligencer Friday, May 15, 1863 Washington (DC), DC Vol: LI Issue: 15830 Page: 2
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    " True Men, Glorious Men ", St. Patrick's Cathedral Requiem To The Fallen Of The Irish Brigade January 16, 1863

    Father Reilly on that day, January 16th, 1863 called them great men said of them " Mainly adopted citizens attracted by great freedoms .....". Frank Leslie's artist somehow captured how evocative of timeless passages through life can be ceremonies in cathedrals. Tough to put your finger on but...
  3. luinrina

    Irish revolutionist – Thomas Francis Meagher

    From Wikipedia Thomas Francis Meagher was born on August 3, 1823 in Waterford City, Ireland. His father was a merchant and quite wealthy; he eventually retired from trading to go into the politics and was twice elected mayor of the city. His family's financial situation enabled Meagher to...
  4. lelliott19

    St. Patrick's Day in the Army of the Potomac March 17, 1863: Series of Sketches by Edwin Forbes

    On March 17, 1863, Edwin Forbes created a series of six sketches illustrating St. Patrick's Day festivities in the Army of the Potomac. Final versions of five sketches in the series were published as a collage in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on April, 25, 1863 under the title "The Irish...
  5. Pat Young

    Remembering the Fredericksburg Dead of the Irish Brigade in Queens, N.Y. Dec. 15. 2018 Photo Tour

    The Battle of Fredericksburg took place 156 years ago this week. Today, in Calvary Cemetery in Queens the New York National Guard held its annual memorial service for the men of the Irish Brigade who gave their lives at Fredericksburg. Over several posts, I will upload photos of the event.
  6. Belle Montgomery

    President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation and the Irish Brigade

    On this day, September 22, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln had a preliminary version of his Emancipation Proclamation delivered to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. This was five days after the bloodiest battle in U.S. history, "Antietam" in Maryland. The casualties numbered 4,710...
  7. Pat Young

    What Brigade lost the most Irish Immigrants in the Wheatfield on July 2, 1863?

    Our friend Damian Shiels poses the question: What brigade lost the most Irish immigrants in the Wheatfield at Gettysburg? The answer may surprise you. It was not the Irish Brigade. Damian and I have long tried to expand discussion of the Irish in the Civil War beyond the Irish Brigade or even...
  8. Jimklag

    Monuments To The Irish Brigade

    HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! 1st photo: The Irish Brigade monument on the southern flank of Bloody Lane at Antietam. The Irish Brigade monument at Fredericksburg. The Irish Brigade Monument at Gettysburg.
  9. R

    Irish Brigade PA 116 Co. I registration records

    Hello, my 4x great-grandfather was Private Andrew Wallace born (probably) in Co. Tyrone, Ireland, around 1825. Andrew fought and died in the 116th Pennsylvania, Company I, part of the Irish Brigade. He enlisted 6 April 1864 and was taken prisoner shortly after, on 11 June 1864. I believe this...
  10. James N.

    Book Review My Life in the Irish Brigade by William McCarter

    According to the blurb inside the dust jacket, "My Life in the Irish Brigade: The Civil War Memoirs of Private William McCarter, 116th Pennsylvania Infantry", is a sweeping saga of his wartime service - the first full-length memoir ever published by an enlisted man in the Irish Brigade." This...