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  1. John Hartwell

    Scouting on Mule Back with the 6th Iowa Infantry

    Round about Christmas time, 1895, Austin P. Lowery, late private, Co. I, 6th Iowa Infantry reminisced about events of some 33 years before. He sent his recollections to the National Tribune (14 December). - Scouting on Mule Back...
  2. midwestjoe

    Possible Civil War Union Tintype- Iowa

    A hand colored tintype with other cdvs from Iowa. I've seen this circle on a zouave kepi. Unsure if civil war related. Can't identify in nps database. Great image.
  3. Ole Miss

    Private John D. Holmes, 15th Iowa Infantry

    I have a membership in Fold 3 but all I can get for John D. Holmes, is a single card with his name and unit. How do I access his records? Appreciate any help. Regards David
  4. CdV1863

    Finding an August event/reenactment

    Hi folks, really excited to join the community. I'm wondering if you could help me with something: I'm taking a road trip in August (see image for route) and am hoping to find a reenactment or event somewhere near or just off the route—ideally in the first two weeks of the month. I'm searching...
  5. Pr Palmer

    Greetings! 11th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment - Photos, suggestions, please!

    I'm fairly new to CWT. As my profile signature indicates, I have two ancestors who served in the Union army - both of them volunteered in the 11th Iowa regiment (Company E). Part of General Crocker's Iowa Brigade. I've already purchased Downing's Civil War diary, which has been giving me a...
  6. J

    Uniform Identification Needed For Company E, 4th Regiment of the Iowa Volunteer Calvary

    Would the soldier in the attached tin type photo be a Corporal (2 stripes)? Any way he could have been a Private based on the uniform? I believe this person to be my 2nd Great Grandfather Jeremiah J Sparks (1839-1917) of Lynn Grove Township, Jasper County, Iowa. He served in Company E, 4th...
  7. SWMODave

    Cost of a new Union Uniform

    Richard Cadle Lt 11th Iowa Inf Courtesy Missouri Historical Society (1861) Thursday, 31st—The new uniforms for the Eleventh Iowa were received today by our quartermaster. We are the first to receive uniforms before leaving the State. This is the last of October—and we are still at old Camp...
  8. JohnW.

    Civil War Fought by Boys

    I found this article by accident while researching an Iowa regiment a few minutes ago...I thought you all might enjoy reading it. It appeared in the Friday, May 22, 1925 issue of the Page County Democrat in Clarinda, Iowa.
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