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  1. gunny

    Perryville First Tennessee Infantry and its casualties at Perryville.

    The following list is the casualties of the First Tennessee Infantry commanded by Colonel Hume R. Field at Perryville. Company H was accidentally left out of the list. Following is a brief summary of their action. "From the Knoxville Register.} HARRODSBURG, Ky., Oct. 14, ’62. EDITOR...
  2. John Hartwell

    Scouting on Mule Back with the 6th Iowa Infantry

    Round about Christmas time, 1895, Austin P. Lowery, late private, Co. I, 6th Iowa Infantry reminisced about events of some 33 years before. He sent his recollections to the National Tribune (14 December). - Scouting on Mule Back...
  3. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Looking For Wartime Photos Of The 24th Georgia Infantry

    Hello gents! Would anyone know of any wartime photos of members of the 24th Georgia Infantry Regiment? I would like to assist a friend of mine with his unit's impression. I'm looking for dated photos of the men in their uniforms. Early, middle and late war if possible. Thanks in advance!
  4. Will Carry

    Sgt. William Martin. Company H, 26th Alabama Infantry

    My grandfather's grandfather. My aunt Lillie just passed away at 98. She was the last of the great Mason siblings. While searching for her obituary I found my Great grandfather's father. Amazing!
  5. 1

    Research The Irish 7th Missouri Volunteer infantry

    Hello I am trying to find out as much information about the 7th Missouri Volunteer Infantry. I'd like to know how I can find out more about the men who served in it. If their is a database of information. I have an ancestor I found that served in it with only one small page long record. I'd like...
  6. bdtex

    5th NY Infantry

    I don't know much about the regiment but I came across something about it and looked here first and found no thread about the regiment. I am currently reading "Return to Bull Run,The Campaign And Battle Of Second Manassas" by John J. Hennessy. His narrative of the fight at Chinn Ridge on August...
  7. rpkennedy

    60th New York Infantry - an incident

    From page 82-83 of Richard Eddy's History of the Sixtieth Regiment New York State Volunteers: I am proud to say that Lewis Washington Liscum was my great x4 uncle. Ryan
  8. SWMODave

    Colonel Nathan W Daniels of the 2nd Louisiana Native Guard Infantry Regiment

    Colonel Nathan W Daniels (l) and Major Francis E Dumas, an “almost white” officer, and one of the highest ranking black soldiers during the war. The ‘almost white’ slur became popular when he ran for Lt Governor of Louisiana years after the war. Captain Chase and Company C of the 2nd Louisiana...
  9. Robert Gray

    1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry (Colored).

    The 1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Colored) was a Union Army regiment during the Civil War, formed by General Rufus Saxton. It was composed of escaped slaves from South Carolina and Florida. It was one of the first black regiments in the Union Army. Department of the South...
  10. ShortSeb

    Rate my impression - Infantry, late 1863 - 1865

    Hi, folks! I would love to hear what the professionals here say about my impression for an infantry man in the 2nd S. C. Rifles, late 1863 - 1865. Before that I had a very basic gear for our second unit in our club, the Brook's Light Artillery. But this now is my first complete impression for...
  11. K

    Confederate Infantry

    This is a bust by S&T , a long gone company that made some very nice resin kits back in the day.Painted with acrylics and some pigments to make him look a bit more like he has been in the field awhile. Scale is about 1/10 so the bust is about 3" high . It is a bit unusual because he is armed...
  12. lelliott19

    Nicholas Said 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (Col'd)

    Source See page for author [Public domain] The other day, the CWT Trivia question asked players to identify this man, Nicholas Said. He was born Mohammed Ali ben Said in 1836. He was born in Africa, became the servant of a Russian prince and traveled around Europe and Asia where he learned many...
  13. Claude Bauer

    Bully for the Band! Four Brothers in the 10th Vermont Infantry Band

    Next on my reading list: Bully for the Band!: The Civil War Letters and Diary of Four Brothers in the 10th Vermont Infantry Band. "From the commanding call of the bugle at reveille to the reassuring songs from around the campfire at night, music was an integral part of the Civil War soldier's...
  14. E

    New member looking for info on 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company B

    Hi, I am from northeast Ohio. My husband's great, great, great grandfather was in the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company B. His name is Joseph Monschein (but was accidentally mustered out as Joseph Moonshine in 1863). I would love to find some vintage photos from his regiment or letters or...
  15. Chattahooch33

    Discussion Bowdon College and Co. B of Cobb's Legion Infantry

    Just a few miles from my house is the small town of Bowdon, Georgia. Originally named Cerro Gordo at its founding in 1853 (after a Mexican War battle), the name was changed to Bowdon when it became incorporated in 1859. This was a relatively quiet small town in the south, soon overshadowed by...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Selling War, Era Artists' Pen And Ink Bandwagons

    Image from recruiting poster for the 1st US Cavalry. One reason these images are so charming is the horse suspended in mid-air. Before photography was able to capture motion, general idea was maybe a two-beat gallop? This officer is also indicative of recruiting posters through several wars, a...
  17. east tennessee roots

    George Washington Berry, East TN Confederate In The 1st Missouri Infantry.

    The source of George's story is his Confederate Pension Application to the State of Tennessee. I fully expected to find that George Berry was a native of Missouri and settled in East Tennessee following the war, and thought that would have been very unique. To me, it was even more unique that a...
  18. upton j.

    Capt.William Rombough Bissell - 8th Virginia Infantry,Co.A

    While doing genealogy I came across this man,my Family Tree Maker says he is my 2nd cousin 5 x removed. Anyone have any more info.or pictures of him? He was born in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1811 married to Margaret Webster he was the Captain of the 8th Va.,Co.A. In Garnetts Brigade at...
  19. ScotWarner

    William McKough (McKeough) Company E, 14th Wisconsin Infantry

    Hello Civil War enthusiast friends. I grew up on an 80 acre farm in Manitowoc county, Wisconsin. When I was maybe 10 years old, I got really interested in the American Civil War. Our best friends in the area were next door a half mile. Our farms abutted each other. Now in my almost 60's...
  20. gentlemanrob

    COL Spear, Ellis

    Ellis Spear Born: October 15, 1834 Birthplace: Warren Knox County, Maine Father: James Marston Spear 1806 – 1870 (Buried: Town Cemetery, Warren, Maine) Mother: Nancy Cushman 1804 – 1893 (Buried: Town Cemetery, Warren, Maine) 1st Wife: Susan Wilde 1836 – 1874 (Buried: Glenwood Cemetery...
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