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  1. Wallyfish

    Infantry rifle aiming point

    Gettysburg topography forced many infantry charges over open ground. There are many accounts of the Union being in a defensive position, having to wait until the charging infantry came into range. Therefore they had time to think about their Rifle aiming point. One question that I have always...
  2. Robert Gray

    The 26th New York Infantry at Fort Lyon, Virginia.

    The 26th New York, the "2nd Oneida Regiment", was organized in Elmira, New York, under command of Colonel William H. Christian and was mustered in for a two-year enlistment on May 21, 1861. It left the state on June 19, for Washington; camped for a month on Meridian hill; then moved to...
  3. W

    Nelson Warren, Co. A, 13th Infantry Regiment WI

    Our family has had no success in identifying the location of my GG Uncle's burial so I thought I might send out an inquiry. I suspect that the odds are long, at best, of locating Nelson's final resting place, given the time and locale that this occurred. Nelson died on the 10th of August...
  4. Ole Miss

    Private John D. Holmes, 15th Iowa Infantry

    I have a membership in Fold 3 but all I can get for John D. Holmes, is a single card with his name and unit. How do I access his records? Appreciate any help. Regards David
  5. M

    Private Alexander Jones, Co E, 2nd NC Mounted Infantry

    For a long time, I've been looking for information about one of my GGG Grandfathers'. Here's what little I know. Alexander Jones, the son of Greeneville TN attorney Phineas Jones, was born Aug. 8 1807. His grandparents were Welsh Quakers from Penn. who settled in East Tenn. in the late...
  6. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private James West 26th Virginia Infantry Regiment Company E

    This is my ancestor. Can anyone help me find any mention of his death such as a death notice in any of the Richmond and Petersburg newspapers and the like? I would like to find out a little more information about his death. Here is his military record. James West 26th Virginia Infantry...
  7. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private William H. Moniteth 44th Georgia Infantry Regiment Company F.

    This would be an ancestor of mine. I would like to know a little more about him and his family. Can anyone help? Here is his findagrave listing.
  8. gentlemanrob

    CSA Sgt. George A. Knight - 42nd Georgia Infantry

    George Anderson Knight: Born: November 22, 1832 Birthplace: Washington County Georgia Father: David K. Knight 1809 – 1892 Mother: Therbia Spears 1810 – 1847 1st Wife: Julia Ann Hawk 1842 – 1864 (Buried: Hawk Cemetery Walton County Georgia) 2nd Wife: Mahala Hawk 1846 – 1932 (Buried: Knight...
  9. 1

    46th MS Infantry - Raleigh Rangers

    Hi All, I am new to this, having recently taken over a civil war round table newsletter. In my genealogy research I found 3 family members (brothers) who fought with Raleigh Rangers. RH McLehaney died of wounds received at Vicksburg, WM McLehaney was captured at Vicksburg and released, and JH...
  10. Waterloo50

    Discussion 16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Bad Luck Regiment?) I’m hoping that other forum members can help me out with information with regards to the 16th Connecticut Regiment. I know very little about this particular regiment other than it was formed in 1862 and was involved in some serious...
  11. C

    10th Pennsylvania reserves / 39th Pennsylvania infantry

    Does anyone know of any photos of this regiment at all? Or have any interesting input on company K? Just discovered that I was related to a man name archibald vankirk who is my 3rd great grandfather . He was apparently mustered in with the unit in June 1861 and mustered out in 1864 with the rest...
  12. Derrick

    Lt. Col. Gabriel Netter

    Gabriel Netter is probably a name most people have never heard of when studying the Civil War. His service was short, but his heart was fully in it. He was beloved by his men and respected by his enemies. One of his soldiers remembered that he was, "Gentle as a lamb, brave as a lion." Netter...
  13. Sorah_45thVA

    Help: 45th Virginia info please!

    Was wondering about the 45th Virginia Infantry which saw all of its action in modern West Virginia except for assisting for a few months in East Tennessee. Specifically Company E. which my ancestor Telemachus Marion Hull was in. I know very little about him and his unit any help or links to...
  14. Cpl. Smith

    New market!!!!!!

    I know I'm a bit excited. But it's spring! It's time to break from winter quarters and get campaigning. Seasons about to start for many of us and New Market may be first event this year for some of y'all. I've done 2 this year all ready and this will be my first reenactment this year. Looking...
  15. HarlechMan

    16th Missouri Infantry (CS)

    The regiment that became the 16th Missouri Infantry was organized as a result of a recruiting expedition into western Missouri during August 1862, conducted by Jeremiah V. Cockrell and Sidney D. Jackman. This expedition resulted in the recruitment of many volunteers and the Battle of Lone Jack...
  16. N

    Need Help NC 28th => CSS Arctic?

    Good morning. I'll start with one of the most puzzling ancestors I'm trying to pin down. William Alexander Palmer, 1822-1902, from Stanly County NC. I find him in Moore's Roster, p. 447, 28th NC Infantry Company D as: Palmer, William A. e. July 29th, '61; Stanly Co., dg. April '63 which is...
  17. HarlechMan

    132nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry (100 days)

    The 132nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry were a 100 days unit organized at Camp Fry in Chicago and mustered in on 1 June 1864, under the Command of Colonel Thomas J. Pickett. Company A was composed of men from LaSalle and Cook counties, Company B of men from Cook and Fulton counties, Company C of...
  18. D

    Books on the battle of Chickamauga

    Hi All, I am looking for a good book(s) to read about the battle of Chickamauga. I'm not interested in fiction unless it has a lot of authentic details in it-- like which unit moved where and when. I am also interested on any books that have letters or personal stories from men who served in...
  19. SWMODave

    A Kentucky farm boy describes army life

    Courtesy findagrave Taken from the book "Behold He Cometh In The Clouds - A Religious Treatise from Inspiration and Illumination" By George Washington Noble 5th Kentucky Infantry CSA That was the first time I had ever tried that kind of business. The captain drilled us. A company was 100 men...
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