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  1. Pat Young

    Blacks Demand that "Whites Only" Naturalization Law Be Made Color-Blind

    Naturalization is the process for an immigrant becoming a citizen. In 1868 the Naturalization Law only allowed whites to apply for citizenship. Evening Post Monday, Dec 21, 1868 New York, NY Vol: 67 Page: 4
  2. Pat Young

    Warning Irish Voters that Republicans Intend to Make Naturalization Tougher

    A leading Irish American newspaper warns that the Republicans are working on legislation to make becoming a citizen tougher. The Irish American was based in New York. Irish American Weekly Saturday, Dec 19, 1868 New York, NY
  3. AUG

    10th Louisiana Infantry "Lee's Foreign Legion"

    Battle flag of the 10th Louisiana, a Richmond Depot Third Bunting Issue. Now on display at the Confederate Memorial Hall in New Orleans. The 10th Louisiana was also known as "Lee's Foreign Legion" because it was so ethnically diverse, consisting of men from 21 different nationalities...
  4. Kelly's_Irish_Brigade

    French Immigrants in the war

    While researching i've come across a frenchman named Camille Armand Jules Marie de Polignac. From what I read about him he was born February 16, 1832 at Millemont Seine-et-Oise, France. He was born into A prestigious noble family and served the French army as a Second Leuitenent in the Crimean...
  5. Pat Young

    Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of Immigration

    Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy by Hidetaka Hirota published by Oxford University Press (2017) $35.00 Hardcover, $19.49 Kindle. Expelling the Poor:Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of...
  6. wausaubob

    Mischa Honeck This person is very interesting. He has two C-Span clips and a book. Perhaps our European friends have heard of him. According to Prof. Honeck, the German revolutionary impulse was an important part of the US Civil War.
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Nast's Thanksgiving Served By Uncle Sam, Or, Who The War Invited To Dinner

    Thomas Nast's frequent forays into realms of unreasoned prejudice make this an even more valuable, poignant piece. Slightly post-war, his Thanksgiving Feast crowds all of us at a common table not possible pre-war. Being served portions by Uncle Sam himself, our Thanksgiving legend to Uncle Sam's...
  8. Pat Young

    Book Review Abraham Lincoln and the Immigrant by Jason Silverman

    Abraham Lincoln and the Immigrant by Jason Silverman published by Southern Illinois University Press (2015) $24.95 Hardcover $14.49 Kindle. There are more biographies of Lincoln than of any other American. Twice as many books have been published about Lincoln as about George Washington. Of the...
  9. wausaubob

    Four immigrants: Ericsson, McCallum, Lieber and Sheridan.

    Ericsson was the Swedish immigrant who was able to turn swivel guns into armored turrets and thereby helped create the USS Monitor, which nullified the Confederate ironclad the Virginia. Daniel McCallum was the Scottish immigrant who ran the railroads for Sherman in the Atlanta campaign. Francis...
  10. wausaubob

    Scottish Immigrant Daniel McCallum

    This guy has been missed by the historians. Without McCallum there is no success in Sherman's Georgia campaign. Apparently he immigrated with his family from Scotland in 1822.
  11. Rikken

    Max Van Den Corput

    Anyone knows more about Max Van Den Corput?A Belgian/American Officer in the Confederate army?
  12. WJC

    Sally Miller: German Immigrant Twenty Years a Slave

    Kept in slavery for twenty years, was Sally Miller black or "white and free", a lost German immigrant Case of Sally Miller. The New Orleans Tropic of the 30th ult. has the following interesting particulars respecting a...
  13. G

    Did Hession Soldiers ever Invade the South?

    I found this early Civil War recruitment flyer at an historical museum in Alabama. Was the wording used, a threat of Hession invaders, a means to incite fear to aid in recruitment? Did Hession soldiers ever fight against the South?
  14. 1NCCAV

    The Irish Dragoon

    Myles Walter Keogh was born in County Carlow, Ireland in 1840. Keogh, who came from a devout Catholic family, volunteered as a papal soldier for Pope Pius IX in 1860. He was a second lieutenant in the Battalion of St. Patrick. Papal forces were defeated in September 1860 and Keogh was briefly...
  15. Klaudly

    Prussian cartographer Oscar Hinrichs, Confederete engineer

    Picture of a group of confederate engineer: Oscar Hinrichs (on left), a 25 years old prussian engineer captain, was a cartographer in Army of Northern Virginia, from 1862 to 1865. Curiosity he was great-grandfather of creator of Muppets: Jim Henson. Note the officer on the right, he wearing a...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Mollie Maguires, Civil War And Irish Veteran's Unrest

    We grew up hearing stories of The Mollie Maguires, the famous/infamous Irish' gang' of reactionaries who played their half in a frequently bloody war between coal mine owners and money interests, on one side, and the workers they really did keep in subjugation ( I grew up around here, nobody...
  17. AUG

    Colonel Augustus Carl Buchel

    Was reading a bit about this man, Augustus Carl Buchel, recently. He's one of those CW officers who you never hear anything about, though he seems to have been quite an interesting character - and an exceptional soldier wherever he went. BUCHEL, AUGUSTUS CARL (1813–1864). Carl Buchel, soldier...
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