1. JPK Huson 1863

    Stories We May Be Missing, Gettysburg Wounded Summer 1863

    This has always been one of the more frustrating images of the relative handful we have from Gettysburg's awful summer, 1863. Blurred and indistinct , it's been way too easy to dismiss in favor of amazing clarity in other photographs. These men deserve another look IMO. No expert but the longer...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Belle Plain, The Landing War Passed Through

    You can see where an Army doc would describe the wharf at Belle Plain(s) Landing as of the rudest variety- heck, those planks are wonderful, no trimming, just get them down. It doesn't look very even either, bumps and warps must have made it a dicey ride. ( I'm always distracted by this uneven...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Before ‘Little Women,’ Louisa May Alcott found inspiration in a Civil War hospital

    Louisa May Alcott was a runner. Of the many fascinating details that come to life in Samantha Seiple’s new book, “Louisa on the Front Lines,” this one is particularly telling. Just think about it. More than 100 years before running became a popular sport, Alcott ran for the sheer joy of it...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    Velocipedes, Not Just For Fun Anymore, Wheeled Freedom For War's Wounded

    Using a ' ladie's ' four wheeled velocipede, pre-war, to illustrate what variety may have been used for wounded. This was moved using one's arms, not pedals or just shoved along like some. Some genius must have gotten a good look at the growing list of maimed men and adapted our early...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    RI Hospital has surprising link to Civil War

    Though Rhode Island was not a theater for any Civil War battles, a war hospital existed in Portsmouth to aid both Union and Confederate soldiers. PORTSMOUTH — Though Rhode Island was not a theater for any Civil War battles, a war hospital existed in Portsmouth to aid both Union and Confederate...
  6. Tom Elmore

    Missed Toast of Captain John Blinn from Indiana

    Captain John James Perry Blinn, who served as the Assistant Adjutant General to Brigadier General William Harrow, had previously been assigned to the field and staff of the 14th Indiana Infantry in Colonel Samuel S. Carroll’s brigade. On 3 July, Blinn’s hip was fractured by a bullet while he...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Dr. Augustus Hawkeye Hamlin's Flying Hospital

    OK, a little misleading, " Flying Hospital " not such a literal concept plus this is a post-war image ( NYPL )- but it is French. Dr. Augustus Hamlin based his life saving, early ' M.A.S.H. ' , Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on a French model, ' Hospital Voyans '. .As usual, looking for...
  8. LoyaltyOfDogs

    The Faithful Hospital Dog

    Among the many memorable figures that Civil War nurse Sophronia Bucklin recalled in her memoirs is a dog who belonged to one of the regiments at Point of Rocks Hospital. His name may be lost to history, but he was notable for his faithfulness, not only in accompanying soldiers into battle but...
  9. JPK Huson 1863

    Sophronia Meets Charley " McGee " , " If They Think It's Best To Shoot Me... "

    Sophronia Bucklin, nurse, remembers marches to ' The Dead House ' extremely well, sharing this in her post-war memoirs. One man destined for one of those stretchers related his awfully narrow escape. Anyone familiar with" The Cremation of Sam McGee "? "There are strange things done in the...
  10. LoyaltyOfDogs

    Will an appeal to developer's patriotism save 17 acres @ Camp Letterman?

    The Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA) is campaigning to save 17 acres of the Camp Letterman site at Gettysburg. The organization is urging supporters to write to the president of S&A Homes of State College, Pennsylvania, whose plans for a 191-acre townhouse development would...
  11. JPK Huson 1863

    Gettysburg's Forgotten Angel, Our Unwitting Peace Monger, Lydia Smith

    Not Lydia, this wagon at Evergreen's gatehouse could have been hers. . It was probably bringing yet another dead man to the cemetery. Opinion only. We know citizens did this- went out in their own wagons to bring in wounded. And the fallen. And carried aid, too. Act of kindness? Not a tough...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    The Woolsey Nurses; A Shared War, With Love

    It's one of our most famous faces of compassion, of the war. George Anna, later Georgiana Woolsey. aka Cheller's user icon, for a reason. Nurse, fiercely compassionate, tireless healer, you see the attraction. Georgiana was ( is ) perhaps the most famous sister- her war career seems a...
  13. JPK Huson 1863

    The Bride Wore Brown And Grace, Two Brits, 3,000 Miles And A City Point Wedding, 1864

    City Point, Virginia. View is of the quartermaster's HQ but suspect the chapel was nearby. In 1864, this was home to British citizen, Annie Bain, who came 3,000 miles, she said, to nurse a brother wounded fighting with the 37th Wisconsin Volunteers. You come across the best stuff. Adelaide...
  14. CharlotteEMcKay

    Recipients of the Kearny Cross Metal of Honor

    It is said that Charlotte E. McKay “had received a magnificent Kearny Cross, a medal of honor with the front inscription, ‘Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori;’ and on the reverse, “Presented to Mrs. C. E. McKay, by the officers of the Seventeenth regiment Maine volunteers, May, 1863.”...
  15. JPK Huson 1863

    " Crept..On Hands And Knees., To Catch Every Note ", Gilson's Healing Raid Of Song, Mayre's House

    With the most haunting, elusive call in all birdom, if not melodious, our whip-poor-will for some reason seems evocative of past, healing voices. Don't ask me why, Helen's songs for wounded that day at Fredericksburg made me think, not of larks or thrush- but this sweet, plaintiff song, calling...
  16. CharlotteEMcKay

    Searching for True Identity of Dr. George

    According to some interesting sources, I have discovered that sometimes General Stonewall Jackson would visit Union hospitals disguised as Dr. George. Any documents supporting this? I am happy to reveal my source. Annie AKA Charlotte E McKay
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Amazing Grace, Remembered; A Count Of Honor, Please, Our Lost Nurses

    This, because what a surviving nurse said years later of those lost, sticks in my head. Posted her comment before, but it belongs amongst her peers. How flowers and vines take over the stones, and butterflies play where sorrow once walked from a grave. Hoping this may grow into something with...
  18. 8thFlorida

    Bite Marks on Confederate Roundball/ Olustee

    I recently discovered alleged bite marks on two roundballs from the Battle of Olustee. I would appreciate any feedback or methods for determining human bite marks from the Civil War period. I also have a piece of melted lead that seems to have been used for biting during surgeries as well...
  19. John Hartwell

    Finding "the good impulse" at Mount Airy, Sharpsburg

    Mt. Airy, a.k.a. Grove Farm, as it appears today "Mrs M. C. Richardson" was an army nurse who, in 1887, penned an account of her experiences nursing at South Mountain and Antietam. She had just arrived at Sharpsburg a few days after the battle, and was looking for her "Chief," Mrs. John Harris...
  20. preisman

    David's Island

    Hello, For a local history project, I'm researching the federal De Camp POW Hospital on David's Island, off New Rochelle, N.Y. Would like to hear from anyone with news clippings, letters, photos, etc. of Confederate prisoners taken there after the battle of Gettysburg.
  21. tplunkett

    Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee

    Trying to research the Confederate/ Union hospital at Red Boiling Springs, Macon County, Tennessee. The hospital was set up in the Dedman Hotel during Braxton Braggs Campaign into Kentucky, Septemeber 1862. Dr. James Carson Weir was in charge. The Hotel burned down in 1910 and was replaced by...
  22. JPK Huson 1863

    Union Refreshment Saloon And Hospital, Philadelphia

    " Union Refreshment Saloon ", Washington Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the Civil War, taken from a photograph found in New York Public Library's digital collection. There are several images, both photographic and drawn by era artists for newspapers of the Union Refreshment Saloon...

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