1. John Hartwell

    “Dixie Bill” had Five Riders Shot from His Saddle

    Enough of these officers bragging about how many horses were shot out from under them. “Dixie Bill” is staking his counter-claim. Dixie Bill’s story begins, as far as is recorded, at the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, on August 10, 1861. The 11*-year-old bay stallion, whose name at the time we do...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Equus “Story of the Horse” New Series -How Horses Read Our Expressions

    New Series starts tonight on PBS 8PM EST- Episode #1 - @Equestriangirl93 @Cavalrykyle
  3. Robert Gray

    Men who shod a million horses.

    MEN WHO SHOD A MILLION HORSES PART OF THE GIGANTIC ORGANIZATION OF THE FEDERAL CAVALRY This photograph presents another aspect of the gigantic system whereby the Union cavalry became organized and equipped so as to prove irresistible after 1863. In the fiscal year 1864 the Union Government...
  4. LoyaltyOfDogs

    The Cavalryman's Affection For His Horse

    An historian of the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry wrote of the relationship between the men and their horses. I don't know if my own ancestor who served in a cavalry regiment had the same experience, but if he had a sympathetic nature, maybe he also shared similar sentiments: "Many of the men...
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    A La Astride V. Sidesaddle, An Era Man's Lament, 1865

    From a book ( Hathitrust ) printed just pre-war, this illustration is fairly accurate. While an idyllic scene, it doesn't overly emphasize unrealistic, dainty qualities much valued in romantic takes on women riding sidesaddle. Perhaps a tad. The lace handkerchief is new to me. Not crazy about...
  6. donna

    Recreated Bourbon Biscuit Pudding, a culinary delight

    Our Kentucky Bourbon is as famous as our Kentucky horses, you forgive this association for not knowing which to be prouder of! This banquet was held post war, but we'd been at it for awhile. Tradition still holds, just follow the culinary trail! One of the signature desserts on the Kentucky...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Beautiful Civil War Monument- Soldiers AND Sailors Monument- Cleveland, Oh 1896-Public Square

    Perched proudly on Cleveland's Public Square is an 125' high monument dedicated exclusively to the Civil War-All four sides depict action-Built in 1896-inside 1894-renovated 2008. During the summer months you can visit INSIDE the monument to learn and see a lot more too! Cleveland Rocks! For...
  8. SWMODave

    Specifically mentioned animals at the Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Reference Map First hand accounts from the Battle of Wilson's Creek Author, location on battlefield, segment from his account August 10th, 1861 Southwest Missouri - Blue & Gray (thought to be Pvt Dailey 1st MO, Union) on top of Bloody Hill - The men and the horses were long associated...

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