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  1. AUG

    Major Thomas J. Goree, Longstreet's Aide

    (Photo from the Newton Gresham Library, SHSU) Thomas Jewett "T.J." Goree was born in Marion, Perry County, Alabama on November 14, 1835 to Dr. Langston James and Sarah Williams (Kittrell) Goree. The eldest of five brothers and a sister, he was educated at Howard Colledge in Marion. In 1850...
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    The Story of a Blanket

    A Mexican blanket, or sarape, like the one described. This is just an example, not from the Civil War. From A Texan in Search of a Fight by Pvt. John C. West, Co. E, 4th Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade. THE STORY OF A BLANKET. When I left Waco [Texas], April, 1863, to join the army of...
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    The Battle Flag of the 4th Texas Infantry

    Having presented the 1st Texas Infantry with the famous "Wigfall flag" in summer of 1861, then Brig. Gen. and former Texas senator Louis T. Wigfall's family set out to provide both the 4th and 5th Texas Infantry of the Texas Brigade with battle flags as well. Sewn by his wife Charlotte, the two...
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    Hampton's Legion

    The Hampton Legion was raised and organized by wealthy South Carolina planter and politician Wade Hampton III in summer of 1861, initially consisting of a battalion of six companies of infantry, a battalion of four companies of cavalry, and a battery of artillery. Like most legions in the war...
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    Two Texas Brothers at Antietam

    Brothers, William H. and Robert H. Gaston, Co. H, 1st Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade. (Photos published in Portraits of Conflict: A Photographic History of Texas in the Civil War, attributed to the Dallas Historical Society.) Both William and Robert were born in Prairie Bluff, Wilcox...
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    The Langley brothers of the 1st Texas Infantry

    Brothers, William L. & Thomas H. Langley In spring of 1861 the Langley brothers joined the Marshall Guards in Harrison County, Texas, later organized as Company E of the 1st Texas Infantry after the regiment was formed in Richmond that summer. A college student before the war, Thomas enlisted...
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    Uncle Jack's Luck Charms

    The fallowing article appeared in the San Antonio Daily Express, April 17, 1910, by Lieutenant Campbell Wood, Co. D "Waverly Confederates", 5th Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade. On the morning of the second day's fighting at Sharpsburg [Sept. 17], Private T. J. Edwards—a member of Company...
  8. bdtex

    CWT Chickamauga 2018 Tour - the official thread

    Had planned to do this a coupla weeks ago but didn't have enough information to launch. Myself,members @lelliott19 @Drew and @War Horse have been kicking this around. Here's what we have for starters. Tour dates: Friday,October 26,2018 - Sunday,October 28,2018. Accomodations: Block of 20...
  9. kmdillon

    Howdy from Texas!

    Hi all! I'm a new member to the site, although not new to the subject of all things related to the Civil War. I grew up on a steady diet of all things related to the Civil War, World War I, and World War II, thanks to my dad and history is one of my favorite subjects. I love reading stories...
  10. Legion Para

    3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment

  11. lelliott19

    18th Georgia Infantry

    18th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Wigfall's/Hood's/Cobb's/Wofford's Brigade Hood's/McLaws'/Kershaw's Division Longstreet's Corps Army of Northern Virginia Organized at Cobb County, GA Mustered in April 22, 1861 Surrendered at Appomattox Court House April 9, 1865 Companies, Counties of Origin...
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    Golden Thread Hood's Texas Brigade

    Hood's Texans by Mark Maritato The Texas Brigade was organized on October 22, 1861, in Richmond, Va. It was initially commanded by Brig. Gen. Louis T. Wigfall and composed of the 1st, 4th, and 5th Texas Infantry regiments, the only Texas troops to fight in the Eastern Theater. On November 20...
  13. James S.

    Company F - Mustang Greys - 4th Texas Infantry

    Was wondering where I can find information on Company F 4th Texas Infantry - Mustang Greys? They were raised here in Bexar County - (San Antonio) and living in San Antonio all my life I would like to know about them Thanks, James Sontag
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    Into Battle with a Frying Pan

    The frying pan was an essential item for cooking rations (if not a canteen half instead) that could be found in the average camp or bivouac; however, in a few instances, officers found themselves waving their men into battle with them instead! One incident at Spotsylvania involving an officer...
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    A Private With General Hood

    Granville H. Crozier, a veteran of Hood's Texas Brigade, wrote down some of his experiences for Confederate Veteran Magazine in 1917. - Confederate Veteran, Vol. 25, December 1917, page 556-558 In the same company roster written by Val C. Giles, which he had also sent to Confederate...
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    Ami's SOA Men of Hood's Texas Brigade

    Edit: I'll continually go back and add a few more photos to these posts here on the first page, either images that were buried in later pages of this thread or that I have since found elsewhere. Of course we can't leave out John Bell Hood. Most are aware of Hood's time as a division commander...
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    The Tom Green Rifles, Co. B, 4th Texas Infantry

    This is a roster of Company B "Tom Green Rifles" of the 4th Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade, by Sgt. Val C. Giles, author of the memoir, Rags and Hope. From the Confederate Veteran, vol. 26 (January 1918). A slightly different version of Val C. Giles' company roster can found in...
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    Battle Flags of the 5th Texas Infantry

    After the 5th Texas Infantry was organized in Richmond, Va., on September 31, 1861, its officers had a local contractor manufacture this flag for the regiment. Measuring 60 1/2'' (hoist) x 84 1/5'' (fly) and "Made of silk, fringed with silver and mounted on a handsome staff," it was popular with...
  19. AUG

    Texans at Antietam, Battle Reports of the Texas Brigade

    Lt. Col. Philip A. Work of the 1st Texas Infantry Colonel W. T. WOFFORD, Commanding Texas Brigade. NEAR MARTINSBURG, W. VA., September 23, 1862. . SIR: The following is submitted as a report of the part taken by the First Texas Regiment in the engagement of Wednesday, September 17, near...

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