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  1. DBF

    Say What Saturday: A Quote by General John Bell Hood in the Waning Days of His Military Career

    The Battle of Nashville is over and General Hood leads his Army of Tennessee away from bitter defeat. Most of his soldiers are in a most desperate position. Richmond had not provided the basic needs for his army. In addition to food and military supplies, they are lacking life’s necessary...
  2. T

    John Bell Hood v Phillip Kearny in combat

    From what I've seen, both of these generals were extremely offensively minded and preferred to attack as shown at Chantilly for Kearny and Franklin for Hood. Say both of these men get their own army of equal strength (25,000 each) and face each other on a field where no one has any advantage...
  3. G

    What if Hood Got Astride the Columbia Pike at Spring Hill November 29, 1864?

    Two hypotheticals really. Both sides seem to assume that Schofield would have been captured or destroyed if Hood was able to seize the Turnpike. But there is little on how exactly he could have accomplished this tactically. How does Hood bag Schofield during the evening of November 29? The...
  4. Championhilz

    Discussion John Bell Hood Junior Defends His Father

    Duty Faithfully Done: A Son Defends His Father's Legacy February 2, 2020 In February 1945, an incensed reader of the of the McComb, Mississippi, Enterprise-Journal wrote the following letter to the editor of the paper: Dear Sir: Too often the truth of history is obscure or...
  5. M

    Franklin Could one say Hood won at Franklin?

    I am driving to Mobile and tonight I am speding the night at a motel in Franklin. I may purchase a couple books about the battle, but will not have time to visit the battlefield. So can Hood be considered the victor at the Battle of Franklin? Well I guess I will have to read the books about the...
  6. Andy Cardinal

    Act of Kindness: Pvt. William S. Hood, 35th North Carolina

    Those of you familiar with Antietam will probably recall the story of Stonewall Jackson requesting a volunteer to climb a tree to count the number of Union battleflags arrayed near the West Woods on the afternoon of September 17. The soldier who volunteered to perform this dangerous duty was...
  7. lelliott19

    Interview: Longstreet says John Bell Hood "was a splendid fighting soldier without guile"

    On the occasion of Longstreet's visit to Antietam in 1893, a correspondent of the Washington Post recorded the General's opinions and criticisms on a number of topics. This part of the interview is General Longstreet's remarks on John Bell Hood. "General Hood was an officer of moderate talents...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Levon Helm (The Band) aka Virgil Caine plays Gen J.B.Hood in Tommy Lee Jones' Movie

    From Virgil Caine serving on the Danville train to Gen. J.B. Hood "In the Electric Mist" 2009:
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