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  1. J


    I am new to living history, my persona is Clarissa Barton..excited to learn all I can about this historic woman
  2. M

    My hello, as requested

    Hey all! Thanks for the add!
  3. G

    Hello all

    I’m excited to be a member here. I’ll be posting a sword that I acquired a few days ago, I hope to get some advice about it. 😁
  4. E

    Hello and Seeking Info on Richmond Prisons

    Hi all, I've been on a quest the last couple years to follow the journey of a 3x great grandfather who I discovered to be a Civil War vet. I had absolutely no idea about him much less his Civil War story and am absolutely hooked. I'm on a mission to learn as much as I can and share it with my...
  5. B

    Hello from N.W. Louisiana

    I've been watching the forum for awhile now and am impressed by the knowledge and information put forth in it. I am 66 years old, retired law enforcement, with a life long interest in the Civil War, particularly relics and collectible firearms. I have an 1860 dated Ames Cavalry saber with...
  6. J

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone! I have been studinf the civil war sents Gettysburgh came out ages ago. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.
  7. C

    Hello new to CWT

    Hello all I am new to Civil war talk. I'm Canadian so you will have to forgive Some of my lack of knowledge. I am very interested in the rifles of is time period. I have a farmingdale shiloh carbine 1859 model. I love shooting. An original rolling block Navy carbine. And hopefully i will be...
  8. D


    I first became interested in the Lincoln assassination watching The Lazarus Man on TV back in the 90's. I have read extensively on the Kennedy assassination. Yet over time I have begun to wonder if there is a connection between the attempted assassination of Jackson and the assassinations' of...
  9. Maximus71

    Hello from PA

    Hello all, just joined the forum, dipping my toes into civil war collecting and research, been to Gettysburg a few times and own a few relics. Have a great day.
  10. T

    Hello from South Alabama

    I am a retired attorney, living in Mobile, Alabama. I have always been interested in history, particularly the Civil War. My interest in the War probably came about because I was born in Alabama and raised in Illinois, and my family often visited battlefields during our trips “down home.” My...
  11. MS2623

    Hello from MS

    Hello from corinth/shiloh area. Im an avid historian, like 19th century cooking. Shiloh is my happy place. Excited to learn all i can about all the other battles and sites.
  12. B

    Hello from Indiana

    New to this forum, I've been miniature gaming for decades and enjoy ACW naval games the most . I like all that is on this site . Sorry not much of a talker. Bigfish
  13. L


    Thank you for adding me. It's good to know so many share my passion for Civil War history. Looking forward to learning as much as I can.
  14. C


    I am Chris Schloemer. I work for the USAF, but my love is history (well, besides my wife and family) and I teach as an adjunct at the local community college in my spare time. Thanks, Chris
  15. C

    Hello the Camp

    Thank you for having me here. I have a lifelong interest in the Civil War and History. Specifically researching Wheeler's Cavalry at Pickett's Mill or New Hope Church as the Southern boys called it(yes, I know that official battle was actually fought two days before). My family fought with...
  16. C

    Hello All from Chesapeake Va

    I'm a newbie from Chesapeake Va and blessed to be surrounded by such historical wealth. Virginia is for history lovers.
  17. V

    Hello from the Space Coast of Florida

    Hello all! Looking forward to joining in on the discussions! Am a huge CW buff! Prior to living here on the Space Coast for 11 years we lived in northern VA (Loudoun County) for 18 years. So much CW history on the I-81 corridor. Went to several CW reenactments in VA and PA over the years there...
  18. E


    I'm excited to join this group. To my knowledge I have no ancestors who were connected to the Confederate cause, however I've learned the past few years that I have several ancestors who served in the Union Army and one in the Navy. I hope to learn more about their histories by following these...
  19. D

    Hello All

    I am Donna, born in NJ, spent 25 years of my life in the beautiful state of VA now residing back in NJ. I look forward to speaking and meeting everyone of you.
  20. B

    Hello All

    Just joined site, looking forward to enjoy it.
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!