1. JPK Huson 1863

    Our Greatest Indulgence And Estrogen Fest, An Era Tribute To Hair ( Warning, Men May Experience Vertigo )

    There's a reason we fall into nostalgic raptures over images where belles floated to balls and rose-bedecked young women blushed. They're just so gosh darn pretty. Unabashedly pretty and were 150 years ago. Like this image, most were representative of a desire to express something. Not politics...
  2. Mrs. V

    Reproduction Civil War hairstyle!

    The wonderful ladies at the Octogon Ladies Repository did reproduction styles for many who attended last Saturday’s Ohio Regimental Ball. For the paltry fee of 15 dollars they would give you any style you liked, and there was a whole board of styles to choose from. My hairstylist here at home...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Blondes Didn't "Have More Fun"

    Throughout most of the nineteenth century, pale-skinned brunette women were considered the standard of beauty, it was more fashionable to have a head full of dark brown hair judging from the lack of blondes in the era's fashion plates. It was only after the Civil War that blonde very slowly...
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Gimme a head with hair! Long beautiful hair! -But is the provocative 1870 pic a "lady of the evening?" What do you think?

    In the Victorian era, a Western woman's hair was considered an important part of her appearance. On both sides of the Atlantic, it marked her status and her femininity. An important rite of passage for an adolescent girl during this time was the moment she began to wear her hair up. Previously...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Healthy, Silky Hair in the 19th Century

    Young girl with "sausage" curls, circa 1860. Image is by Anson of New York, N.Y. Did your grandmother ever tell you to brush your hair 100 strokes or so before bed each night? This was often advised in years past as a way to create healthy, silky hair. Well a lot of today’s fashionistas say...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Ladies, Tresses, Up-Doos And Locks, The Short Story

    One of around a gazillion era illustrations from popular periodicals, The PerfectWoman typically was romanticized- with an awful lot of long Perfect Hair. Hair! We loved our hair, ornamented, plaited, ringletted, ( it's a word.... ), snooded, piled and coifed- not happy with that we made...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Photos of Victorian Women by Mathew Brady From The 1860's- Dress/Hair Styles Galore!

    A few may be from the 70's but heh...these women lived during the war! … and now the actresses!
  8. Shannon Wolf


    So in my hunt to find a hairpin that would work for the period I discovered Amish Hairpins. My hair generally defies all rules to be tamed. I once had 20 Bobby pins in and the sheer weight of it brought it all down. I just got 12 for $6.90 (that's with the shipping) from...
  9. Eleanor Rose

    The Art of Victorian Hair Wreaths

    Taking hair and weaving it into memorial pieces has been done for hundreds of years as a way to remember a loved one. There are several interesting threads on this topic in The Ladies Tea. However, not all Victorian hair wreaths were created for mourning. Churches, schools and other groups...

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