guerrilla war

  1. leftyhunter

    Moral clarity regarding the Lawrence massacre and family relationshipps

    No doubt Order 11 is controversial so is the whole subject of Counterinsurgency strategy even among those who practice it. James Erwin in his book "Guerrilla hunters in Civil War Missouri" argues that Order 11 was not given enough time to work and that pro Confederate civilians should not of...
  2. leftyhunter

    The war within the Confederacy

    The War Within the Confederacy White Unionist of North Carolina by Michael Honey is a good overview of Unionism in North Carolina. Honey covers many subjects such has Unionist guerrillas and soldiers plus voter intimidation,desertion and political opposition to...
  3. leftyhunter

    Did Conscription help or hurt the Confederacy?

    Has we know the CSA was so short of manpower that by April 16 1862 it had to resort to concription to fill its dwindling ranks. The Union would have a draft which meant not all eligible men would have to enlist one year later. I will argue that conscription hurt the CSA more then helped of...

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