1. Cody C. Engdahl

    The Redemption of General Sherman

    Today is the 154th Anniversary of the Surrender at Bennett Place and the end of all major military operations of the American Civil War. I wrote a blog post: The Redemption of General Sherman. What do you think?
  2. JohnOrtegae

    7th Missouri Flag Was Under This Key at Vicksburg Surrender

    Neatest, one of a kind item in a collection I am currently working through! A note with this key says, "This key was made by a member of the 7th MO Volunteer Infantry, part of whose Regimental Flag was under the key. The Flag was carried by that company of the 7th which lost so heavily in the...
  3. JohnOrtegae

    FOR SALE 7th Missouri Flag Was Under This Key at Vicksburg Surrender ~ It's for auction!

    Below is a link to my auction for one of the neatest, one of a kind items I have available for auction for a huge collection! A note with this key says, "This key was made by a member of the 7th MO Volunteer Infantry, part of whose Regimental Flag was under the key. The Flag was carried by that...
  4. wausaubob

    Ron Chernow to speak at White House Correspondents' Dinner If he compares President Grant to other presidents there may be some contrasts. Grant exemplified physical courage and moral courage. He got massacred in the press several times...
  5. Derrick

    Lt. Sam Cox, 17th Kentucky Diary Entry from Shiloh

    Below I have shared the Diary of Samuel K. Cox, a young lieutenant in the 17th Kentucky Infantry, while the regiment was at Pittsburg Landing. Cox and the 17th fought at Fort Donelson, and so, were some of the veteran troops Grant had at Shiloh. He offers key details that are corroborated by...
  6. lelliott19

    Grant & Longstreet Oct. 26-27, 2018 in Gainesville, GA

    For those unable to attend the CWT gathering at Chickamauga the same dates, an invitation, by dispatch from General Grant: Please join General Grant and General Longstreet at Longstreet’s home and the Piedmont Hotel for a look at the War and their enduring friendship in the most comfortable of...
  7. Pat Young

    Grant's Tomb Photo Tour

    Grant's Tomb July 15, 2018 Michele and I headed to Manhattan today to visit the General Grant National Memorial, better known as Grant's Tomb. The building is a massive monument to Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia Dent Grant and a memorialization of the Union Army he led and the...
  8. Pat Young

    Ulysses S. Grant Statue in Brooklyn, N.Y. Photo Tour

    Grant Statue Brooklyn, N.Y. Major General Ulysses S. Grant is remembered at several locations in New York City. Grant's Tomb is the most famous memorial, but the often ignored Grant Statue in Brooklyn is one of the oldest equestrian representations of the general and president. I stopped by...
  9. Belle Montgomery

    Bank Check Lincoln Wrote to "Self" Day Before Asssasination is Discovered in Ohio

    I just found this and although it's 6 years old I had to share it!: 2012- The Plain Dealer in Cleveland reports that 70 checks were found in a vault at Huntington Bank's Columbus headquarters, including checks signed by George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and...
  10. WJC

    Grant, Reconstruction and the KKK

    "At the time of Ulysses S. Grant's election to the presidency, white supremacists were conducting a reign of terror throughout the South. In outright defiance of the Republican-led federal government, Southern Democrats formed organizations that violently intimidated blacks and Republicans who...
  11. Pat Young

    "Let Us Have Peace" Republican National Convention Picks Grant May 20-21, 1868 Reconstruction150

    On May 20 and 21, 1868, the Republican Party met in convention in Chicago to nominate a presidential candidate and his running mate. There was no contest. The convention unanimously nominated Ulysses S. Grant for president.
  12. wausaubob

    The Generalship of Ulysses S. Grant

    This the De Capo Press edition. Written by J.F.C. Fuller, New York, 1958. This addition has the 1929 and 1958 prefaces. This book addresses the American Civil War from the standpoint of the two world wars. If everyone read this book, and I think it should be required reading of every liberal...
  13. wausaubob

    Grant and Lee compared, to others.

    There may be possible comparisons between Civil War generals and modern generals. The one comparison I have seen is between Ulysses Grant and General Omar Bradley. Both were described as uniquely suited to command American non-professional soldiers. Is that a valid comparison? One of our...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    April 8th, 1865, Lee And Grant Speak Of Blood, And Make It Stop

    From a stuffed Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly News, April, 1865, this illustration, hastily sketched in the midst of so much change, our country did not catch its breath for decades. The name " Appomattox " elbows its way into History Funny, ' Amelia Court House ' is an old blue print...
  15. JPK Huson 1863

    Dogs Of War, Or, Home Is Where The Bowl Is

    This one is easy to miss, gentleman far left, seated on the ground in protective charge of this little scrap , who General Napoleon Bonaparte McLaughlen included in his staff. We loved, adored, cherished and delighted in our dogs. This is unsurprisingly from just one of the school texts, " D...
  16. SWMODave

    A Dog Named Truce

    Photo courtesy Find a Grave Source - Under Both Flags
  17. Cavalry Charger

    Grant's Orders

    "On the 2d of August I was ordered from Washington to live upon the country, on the resources of citizens hostile to the government, so far as practicable. I was also directed to 'handle rebels within our lines without gloves', to imprison them, or to expel them from their homes and from our...
  18. WJC

    Was Meade the Victim of Political Intrigue?

    Some historians have suggested that George B. McClellan not only brought about his own dismissal by his self-aggrandizement, insubordination, and over-cautiousness but was 'forced out' because he was seen as a potential Democrat candidate (which he later became). The argument claims that though...
  19. Skarpskytten

    Best book on Grant (as a commander)

    If I were to read one book on Grant, which one should I read - and why that particlar book? (And reversely, are there any real stinkers that should be avioded?) I would prefer a book that focus on Grant's Civil war years, his generalship, G as a commander, but appreciate views on books with a...
  20. KansasFreestater

    Chernow's "Grant" to be made into movie

    Will someone finally do for Grant what Spielberg, Kushner and Day-Lewis did for Lincoln? I doubt it. But if the portrayal of Grant in this coming movie is, at least, better than Jared Harris's off-target portrayal of Grant in Lincoln, I'll be happy...
  21. JPK Huson 1863

    Mrs. R. H. Spencer, Pete, The Battery Horse of Company G And A Tough Old Bird

    From an improbable, 1835 ballet, woman and horse decorate a stage, no less improbably than Elmina Spencer- our famous " Mrs. R. H. " on horseback, decorated battlefields, camps, hospitals and getting literally blown from one, an eye witness to City Point's barge explosion. Decades post war, a...
  22. wausaubob

    Grant: Ron Chernow

    Penguin Press, New York 2017. The book's strength lies in making it plain that Grant drank to excess at times, most likely due to a genetic susceptibility to alcohol, and that his wife, his friend, William Sherman, and Grant's father were aware of this. Chernow also makes it clear that Grant...
  23. SWMODave

    Three Generals Talk About Re-writing History

    Colonel (future General) Fred (Frederick) Dent Grant, family friend Grenville M Dodge, and General Sherman discuss current events at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York City on December 21, 1884. In his “Personal Recollections of ….”, former General Dodge records the following conversation...
  24. Pat Young

    Book Review The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant by Charles W. Calhoun

    The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant (American Presidency Series) by Charles W. Calhoun published by the University Press of Kansas (2017) 39.95 Hardcover 24.88 Kindle. The Presidency of Ulysses S. Grant is a massive work of scholarship weighing in at over 700 richly researched pages. The product...
  25. leftyhunter

    Is it true that Grant was more wasteful of his soldiers then any civil war general? A statistical .

    On post #40 in @copley thread "any Union officers worth their salt? My good friend @Drew argued that Grant wasted more of his men's lives then any American General. We have a thread in the general chat forum " what price victory " to debate that proposition. @Drew did not provide a precise...
  26. wausaubob

    Frank J. Scaturro

    President Grant Reconsidered, Madison Books 1999. " The extent to which historians have displayed confusion over even the basic features of a presidency that contains so many elements of singularity suggests the magnitude of the need fore reconsideration. Grant is a president whose appraisal in...
  27. wausaubob

    John Mosier, Grant.

    John Mosier, Grant, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006. Forward by Gen. Wesley K. Clark Read it.
  28. Z

    Grant Leaves the West

    I've seen plenty of ink spilled discussing how the Army of the Potomac felt about Grant's arrival in the east. My question is precisely the opposite: how did the western armies feel about having Grant move east? Did they feel they were losing a great commander? Did they think Sherman was a...
  29. wausaubob

    Lincoln's counter attack.

    The war looked stalled in June and July of 1864. Henry J. Raymond needed some good news to print. He got it. First, the long advocated closing of Mobile Bay began around August of 1864, producing the famous, "Darn the torpedoes, full speed ahead," quote attributed to David Farragut. This was...
  30. wausaubob

    George McClellan thread.

    The discussion of George McClellan's role in the Civil War has been interesting, but it deserves a more straight forward thread. The problem with the history of George McClellan is that it is based on the theory that Abraham Lincoln was a military leader and therefore McClellan has to be a fall...
  31. SWMODave

    M Harrison Strong, personal secretary to General Grant

    Courtesy Find a Grave When I first stumbled across the grave stone and began to research Capt Myron Harrison Strong, it was in the days when the fax machine was yet to be invented and computers were confined to science fiction shows. I found checking local sources discouraging so I put the few...
  32. John Hartwell

    Grant's Arabians: "Leopard" and "Linden"

    Not Civil War, perhaps, but: History in brief of "Leopard" and "Linden," General Grant's Arabian stallions, presented to him by the sultan of Turkey in 1879. Also their sons "General Beale," "Hegira," and "Islam,". Also reference to the celebrated stallion "Henry Clay." by Randolph Huntington
  33. wausaubob

    Grant's early luck

    Although Ulysses S. Grant went to McClellan's headquarters in 1861 and McClellan did not meet with Grant, what seemed like rejection kept Grant from being swept into the stifling top down management system in the east and kept Grant from allying with McClellan's view of limited war. Grant's...
  34. wausaubob

    Grant's legacy.

    The country was reunited. Most of us live in that reunited country. How do you like it? Grant's military victories dealt Stewart a royal flush, jack high, and handed Hamilton Fish four kings. The European powers left the New World about as fast as they could. A 33 year span of peace followed and...
  35. wausaubob

    lee v grant

    Grant conceded in his memoirs, that small events like the death due to disease of Congressman Haman in Mexico have an enormous impact on the fate of men. For Lee, it would have been expressed as God's will. Lee's family was connected to George Washington. The family stayed in Virginia, and Lee...
  36. skb8721

    I Met Beauregard & Grant in Vicksburg on the 4th of July!

    I visited Vicksburg National Military Park today on the 4th of July, and who did I see walking in front of the Old Courthouse in downtown Vicksburg but Generals P.G.T. Beauregard and U.S. Grant! Of course, I had to take a photo with them.
  37. wausaubob

    The terms of surrender at Appomattox, by Prof. Waugh Grant new precisely what he was doing. And when the Union’s hero did get to Washington City, Lincoln expressed his unqualified approval of the terms Grant had given Lee. 72 The northern...
  38. wausaubob

    "I always knew," said William Sherman,

    "That when I was in trouble Grant was thinking of me and would get me out. And he did." As quoted in Men and Memories, John Russell Young, p. 483

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