grant administration

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  1. Pat Young

    Grant Creates a Staff System for the White House March-April 1869

    Note to Moderator: Please don't move this thread. Grant was sworn in as president on March 4, 1869. His cabinet was nominated and confirmed in his first week in office. One innovation of Grant's was the creation of a sophisticated White House Staff system outside the need for approval by the...
  2. Pat Young

    Did Grant Only Want "second rate men" in His Cabinet? Charles Francis Adams on Grant

    In the first week of December, 1868, former ambassador to Britain Charles Francis Adams dined with President-Elect U.S. Grant. Adams was rumored to be under consideration for Secretary of State. In his new history of Grant's presidency, Charles Calhoun discusses that dinner: At a dinner in...
  3. Pat Young

    President-Elect Grant Arrives in Washington By a "Surprise Flank March" Nov. 7, 1868

    Rather than have a grand entry in Washington, President-elect Ulysses S. Grant arrived with little fanfare in the capital just four days after his election. General Grant's Unexpected Arrival at the Capital-a Flank Movement on the Politicians More New York Herald Sunday, Nov 08, 1868 New York...
  4. Pat Young

    Nov. 5, 1868: Grant Heads East to Begin His Presidency Reconstruction150

    Grant barely campaigned for president once he accepted the Republican nomination, so it may have surprised some that once he won the Nov. 3 election he headed East two days later on Nov. 5. Grant wanted to get to Washington to begin putting his government together as soon as possible. Here is...
  5. Pat Young

    "Of the structure of government...he is singularly and wonderfully ignorant" Gideon Welles on Grant

    When Ulysses S. Grant was elected president on November 3, 1868, one jaundice-eyed observer of the chief executive-elect was Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles. Unlike many others in Lincoln's cabinet, Welles had stayed in the Andrew Johnson administration and embraced the...
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