granbury's texas brigade

  1. AUG

    A Flag Raised in the Battle of Pickett's Mill

    (Postwar illustration of the battle of Pickett's Mill by Alfred R. Waud. From The Mountain Campaigns in Georgia by Joseph M. Brown) This account is from the memoirs of Pvt. William J. Oliphant, who was at this time serving in the 6th & 15th Texas consolidated, Granbury's Texas Brigade...
  2. Luke Freet

    Arkansas General Thomas J. Churchill

    Born in Louisville, Kentucky, March 10th 1824. Served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles during the Mexican war; got captured and remain a pow for the rest of the war. Moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1848, and was appointed by President Buchanan as the postmaster of Little...
  3. AUG

    Battle Flag of the 6th & 15th Texas (consolidated)

    Fort Worth Daily Gazette, Nov. 23, 1885. That was the Hardee pattern flag of the 6th Texas Infantry & 15th Texas Cavalry (consolidated) in Granbury's Texas Brigade, Pat Cleburne's Division. This flag was issued to the regiment around late summer or fall of 1864 after a previous Hardee flag they...
  4. AUG

    A Force to be Reckoned With: A History of Granbury's Texas Brigade 1861-1865

    Description: And so they did. From the panhandle across the state to the Gulf Coast, men of Texas mustered units and enlisted to fight for the South. What began as a number of mediocre military organizations, through a costly series of trials, ultimately was transformed to become a premier...
  5. AUG

    Lt. Col. Robert B. Young, 10th Texas Infantry

    Lt. Col. Robert B. Young, 10th Texas Infantry, Granbury's Texas Brigade, Cleburne's Division. Acting as Granbury's chief of staff at the time, he was killed in the brigade's charge at Franklin and was one of the six bodies laid out on the back porch of the McGavock House the following morning...
  6. AUG

    7th Texas Infantry

    Granbury's Texas Brigade (of which the 7th Texas Infantry was a part) at battle of Pickett's Mill. By Rick Reeves. 7th Texas Infantry Company A - McLennan County, "The Waco Guards", Capt. Hiram B. Granbury Company B - Upshur County, Capt. R.S. Camp Company C - Kaufman County, Capt. Edward T...
  7. AUG

    Anecdotes of General Cleburne

    I've read bits and pieces of this account in a number of books, though never read it in its entirety until I finally decided to look it up in the SHSP. I don't believe its been posted here before. By T. O. Moore, 7th Texas Volunteer Infantry [From the New Orleans Picayune, July 2, 1893.]...

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