1. Cdoug96

    Why is Ziegler's Grove called Ziegler' Grove?

    Why is Ziegler's Grove called Ziegler's Grove?
  2. Cdoug96

    Gettysburg Question.

    In the Gettysburg movie, Col. Chamberlain and his brother Lt. Thomas Chamberlain of the 20th Maine are caught up in Pickett's Charge. I had read somewhere that in reality they were there too, to request more ammo, but I can't find it anywhere. Were the two of them actually at Pickett's Charge?
  3. kel1985

    GRAPHIC Rose Farm Dead

    I realize this has been done a million times, but I finally got the modern shot lined up, so bear with me lol This is Gardner's photo of Confederate Dead on the Rose Farm superimposed over my modern color shot. The cracked rock is the anchor point that I used as a reference. Enjoy!
  4. K

    Battle of Gettysburg sword

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to preserve this sword that was found buried at the Battle of Gettysburg. Cleaning would probably ruin it, so I'm really looking to stop the deterioration of it. It was found on the Union side in the 1990's.
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    O'Sullivan's Bloody, 'Bloody Run', Gettysburg, July 5, 1863

    Photographer O'Sullivan arrived at Gettysburg July 5th, 1863. In this ( cropped ) image, his assistants stand amidst yet another harvest he was determined the world see. We're now familiar with the fallen soldier, center. He had company. If this has already been hashed out, please no one go up...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    What They Saw, From Wagons Splashing Through Blood- Our Gettysburg Nurses

    Using this, from Gettysburg College's Special Collections, because some of the shambles described in caught, because it is haunting, because the faint image of a woman is inside the gate, right and because an ambulance there could only mean another wounded man had died. We forget, maybe, the...
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Artist Becker Gives Us Back Gettysburg, November, 1863

    SO fascinating. Elizabeth Thorn's iconic gatehouse once again a landmark, Joseph Becker sketched activity pre-National Cemetery dedication, at Gettysburg. Foreground label " Union Graves " , background, " Speaker will face this way ", and a kind of close up, a crew at work with shovels- behind...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Pin-Busting Women Of The War; More Than Fathoms Deep

    From an illustration of a French vivandiere, Crimea War era. This image, while wonderful, unhelpfully ' Googled ', confuses ' our ' war, and women from who they were and what they did. Many of our women of the war suffer from a kind of simplistic mythology, helped along by the internet. We can...
  9. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE Civil War Dog Souvenirs And Gifts's posters, decorative art, T-shirts, collectible books -- and more -- honor the dogs of the American Civil War to support animal rescue. See all of our unique gifts and souvenirs (including our own "Sallie" Gettysburg T-shirts for adults and children) in our new 2018 catalog...
  10. lelliott19

    Casualties Anderson's Brigade at Gettysburg

    Casualties reported for the 8th Georgia Infantry at Gettysburg..... "obtained from Col. Towers, and known to be correct." Here is the entire article. @Drumshanbo you probably already have this, but tagging you just in case.
  11. James N.

    Upcoming April, 2018 Civil War Excursion

    Tomorrow, April 3, @1863surgeon Doug Garnett, his son Bradley, and Yours Truly (above, Doug and I during the 2007 145th Anniversary Shiloh event) are setting off on what may prove to be a questionable Adventure - mainly because of the erratic, unseasonable weather! - driving from Northeast Texas...
  12. Hawkeye Brehm

    "Order of Battle! Order of Battle!"

    Okay, so the Licensed Battlefield Guides seem to have this obsession with the Order of Battle. If you ask them how to study for the LBG exam, or (in my case) tell them the manner in which you are studying for the exam, they chant "Order of Battle" like spectators at a Thugee ceremony watching a...

    Records Relating to the U.S. Military Railroads During the Civil War

    Prologue Magazine Working Magic with Cornstalks and Beanpoles Records Relating to the U.S. Military Railroads During the Civil War Summer 2011, Vol. 43, No. 2 By David A. Pfeiffer Herman Haupt was not to be stopped. He was an industrious man, a skilled organizer, and an experienced railroad...
  14. SWMODave

    69th PA Infantry 1887 Reunion with those they faced

    I came across some old photo's in a book on the 69th Pennsylvania and thought I would share them with the forum. Couple days late - would have been better to have published on St Patrick's Day, but better late than never. I have not studied this battle in detail, but landscape's around these...
  15. V

    Letter: The 19th Indiana Infantry at the first day of Gettysburg.

    The 19th Indiana Infantry was part of the famed Iron Brigade along with the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin and the 24th Michigan. The regiment suffered tremendous losses during the first day of fighting at Gettysburg while fighting at McPherson’s Ridge and Seminary Ridge. This letter appeared in...
  16. Jimklag

    Monuments To The Irish Brigade

    HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! 1st photo: The Irish Brigade monument on the southern flank of Bloody Lane at Antietam. The Irish Brigade monument at Fredericksburg. The Irish Brigade Monument at Gettysburg.
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Angel From The 24th Georgia Visits Gettysburg's Wheatfield, Act Of Kindness

    Please no one be offended by comparing this giant of hot, tired, battle blasted man to an angel. Someone please tell me who did our soldiers' mothers and fathers and wives and children and sisters, brothers, grandparents pray be sent as guardian, when they marched to war? No one please tell me...

    Gettysburg National Military Park plans prescribed fires

    For those with travel plans... Gettysburg National Military Park plans prescribed fires in the southern portion of the battlefield in late March or April ADAMS COUNTY, Pa.– Gettysburg National Military Park fire managers are preparing for a prescribed fire on two days from late March to late...
  19. AUG

    The Langley brothers of the 1st Texas Infantry

    Brothers, William L. & Thomas H. Langley In spring of 1861 the Langley brothers joined the Marshall Guards in Harrison County, Texas, later organized as Company E of the 1st Texas Infantry after the regiment was formed in Richmond that summer. A college student before the war, Thomas enlisted...
  20. John C Hall Jr

    3rd Georgia, Above the High Water Mark at Gettysburg

    Greetings Y'all, A southern friend sent me a link regarding this site. I look forward to discussing the war and pointing out information from my ancestor's letters which form the basis of my book, Above the High Water Mark. Everybody knows about Pickett's charge. But did you know the day...
  21. JPK Huson 1863

    Mrs. R. H. Spencer, Pete, The Battery Horse of Company G And A Tough Old Bird

    From an improbable, 1835 ballet, woman and horse decorate a stage, no less improbably than Elmina Spencer- our famous " Mrs. R. H. " on horseback, decorated battlefields, camps, hospitals and getting literally blown from one, an eye witness to City Point's barge explosion. Decades post war, a...
  22. T

    Sgt. Robert Lee Weddington CSA North Carolina 20th Regiment Company A- HELP PLEASE!

    I've been researching my family history and ancestor's activities in the Civil War and I need some help finding more information. My great-great grandfather was Robert Lee Weddington of the CSA. He had 2 brothers, Samuel A. and William M., who were in the same Company and Regiment, and a sister...
  23. James N.

    Confederate Whitworth Rifled Cannon at Gettysburg NMP

    Most visitors today to Gettysburg National Military Park likely have no idea that located just a short distance behind and to the left of the Eternal Peace Light on Oak Hill is a group of very rare and unusual rifled breech-loading cannon, used here in the battle by the Confederates. These are...
  24. John Hartwell

    Nurse Pennypacker and the Major

    Augustus Vignos was born, the son of French immigrants, in Louisville, Ohio, in September, 1838. On his 23rd birthday, he enlisted in Company I, 19th Ohio Volunteers. He would serve with his regiment until after the Battle of Shiloh, when he came down with typhoid fever. He was sent home to...
  25. O' Be Joyful

    Can You Identify These Confederate Officers?

    Can You Identify These Confederate Officers? In the center, Major General George Edward Pickett, C.S.A. No. 1 is his brother Major Charles Pickett. Two of the others are, supposedly, Robert Taylor Scott and Edmund Clare Fitzhugh. Can any member of the Civil War Round Table connect names with the...
  26. JPK Huson 1863

    10 Awful Factoids From Elizabeth Thorn's Gettysburg Gatehouse, Plus One

    This was the battle a tiny immigrant woman and her family walked out into, leaving what shelter it's basement provided. The Gatehouse to Evergreen Cemetery? Home to a very pregnant Elizabeth Masser Thorn, her Masser parents and three small boys. Husband Peter was away, July 1863, an enlistee...
  27. lelliott19

    Confederate Artillery Part II - Troup Artillery of Cabell's Battalion

    Image credits included at end. The account below, published in the Athens, Georgia Southern Banner of Aug. 26, 1863, was written by Pvt Anderson W. Reese, a member of Captain Henry H. Carlton's Company (aka "Troup Artillery") of Cabell's Battalion Artillery. @Tom Elmore started a thread a...
  28. LoyaltyOfDogs

    The Skies Over Gettysburg

    One feature of the Gettysburg Battlefield that is photographed repeatedly by amateur and professional photographers alike is the sky. As you might expect, sunsets and sunrises are perhaps the most popular subjects among these pictures, but the sun and clouds, too, in combination with the...
  29. James N.

    Book Review Pickett's Charge by George R. Stewart

    If we grant - as many would be ready to do - that the Civil War furnishes the great dramatic episode of the history of the United States, and that Gettysburg provides the climax of the war, then the climax of the climax, the central moment of our history, must be Pickett's Charge. So wrote...
  30. JohnW.

    Pickett or Pettigrew? North Carolina at Gettysburg....A Historical Monograph

    A little (about 100 pages) pamphlet first printed in 1888 that tries to give the North Carolina troops that participated in the PPT charge the credit they were due. The charge wasn't all about Virginia!!!! A short, very interesting read with a most definite North Carolina slant...
  31. Jimklag

    Lincoln's Rail Journey To Gettysburg

    In the autumn of 1863, Lincoln traveled from Washington to Gettysburg to deliver his most famous speech. Here is a link to a brief story.
  32. rbellamy

    Up or Down Baltimore Street?

    During the Union retreat through the town of Gettysburg on July 1, 1863, an eyewitness observed Union soldiers retreating "pell mell" UP Washington Street (going south). Another observer "saw a Union gun fire DOWN Baltimore Street toward the square (north)." Since these streets run NORTH, UP a...
  33. lelliott19

    Lieut Willis G Babcock 64th NY - Killed at Gettysburg Willis G. Babcock enlisted October 6, 1861 at Oswego, NY at the age of 20 years. He was mustered in as a Sgt Co H, 64th NY Volunteer Infantry on Nov 4, 1861, and, on July 26, 1862, he was promoted to 1st Lieut Co G. He was killed...
  34. IrishBrigade

    Gettysburg Trip report October 2017

    Hi all, Haven't been on for too long but I recently spent 4 days at Gettysburg and had a ball. I've to go through photo's and gather my thoughts but I owe this forum a trip report from the foreigner perspective. Stayed 4 nights at the Best Western, Steinwehr avenue and it is a great spot...
  35. James N.

    A Walk Through the Wheatfield/Stony Hill Area

    The Wheatfield The past several times I've been at Gettysburg I've attempted to visit certain particular places I'd in the past just skimmed over or even missed altogether on the usual tours outlined in the various NPS folders. (As an example of what I'm talking about, unbelievable as it may...
  36. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 9-21-17

    This week it's all the way back to this time last year, September, 2016 at Gettysburg! My thanks to whoever had the presence of mind to take this photo; we had just completed a long hike led by @E_just_E from the right of Garnett's Brigade of Pickett's Division all the way to the Angle and...
  37. SWMODave

    Gettysburg Aftermath - A Medical Crisis

    Photo courtesy Pinterest Caution - historically valuable but difficult at times to read. John Y Foster, from the Ascension Church of Philadelphia, PA, writes of his experience after arriving at the Gettysburg battlefield on July 10th with a group of young men, and donating medical supplies...
  38. James N.

    Book Review Gettysburg - The Second Day by Harry W. Pfanz

    Gettysburg - The Second Day by Harry W. Pfanz is another of those recognized Civil War classics that set a standard for how battle accounts should be written. The author served for a decade as the Park Historian at the battlefield, followed by the position of Chief Historian for the National...
  39. James N.

    Gettysburg Battlefield in Postcards From the Civil War Centennial, 1961 - 1964

    ETERNAL LIGHT PEACE MEMORIAL - Located on the field of battle is this monumental emblem, symbolic of peace and union, dedicated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, July, 1938. In anticipation of another upcoming September to Remember gathering...

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