1. lelliott19

    Interview: Longstreet on Gettysburg Controversies

    On the occasion of Longstreet's visit to Antietam in 1893, a correspondent of the Washington Post recorded the General's opinions on a number of topics. In this part of the interview, General Longstreet discusses controversies after Gettysburg. ...The general then proceeded to discuss some of...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    134 Days At The Gatehouse, Elizabeth Thorn's Long Autumn

    Evergreen Cemetery's gatehouse smack in the middle of the battle, as remembered by artist Edwin Forbes. It was someone's home. Between July 7th, 1863 and the middle of November, a small immigrant woman dug 105 graves. July, August, September, October and part of November. She dug. So think...
  3. lelliott19

    Interview: Longstreet says Lee's pugnacity got the better of strategy at Gettysburg

    On the occasion of Longstreet's visit to Antietam in 1893, a correspondent of the Washington Post recorded the General's opinions on a number of topics. In this part of the interview, General Longstreet suggests that General Lee's pugnacity got the better of his strategy at Gettysburg. "It was...
  4. lelliott19

    Interview: Longstreet says Lee displayed his greatest weakness as a tactical commander at Gettysburg

    On the occasion of Longstreet's visit to Antietam in 1893, a correspondent of the Washington Post recorded the General's opinions on a number of topics. In this part of the interview, General Longstreet contends that General Lee displayed his greatest weakness as a tactical commander at...
  5. cpfarr01

    Cory Pfarr - Author of New Book on Longstreet

    Hello. I’m Cory Pfarr, a long-time early American history enthusiast and author of the soon-to-be-realeased “Longstreet at Gettysburg: A Critical Reassessment”. The book will be released in February 2019, but is available now for pre-order on,, and This is...
  6. Tom Elmore

    Missed Toast of Captain John Blinn from Indiana

    Captain John James Perry Blinn, who served as the Assistant Adjutant General to Brigadier General William Harrow, had previously been assigned to the field and staff of the 14th Indiana Infantry in Colonel Samuel S. Carroll’s brigade. On 3 July, Blinn’s hip was fractured by a bullet while he...
  7. M

    Veterans at Gettysburg?

    Picked up this photo in a PA antique store. What struck me immediately about the photo is that it appeared to be a group of veterans visiting an old battleground. If you look closely you can see that the third man from the left is wearing a GAR medal and a canon or two can be seen in between...
  8. J

    Gettysburg trip - need advice

    I’m planning a trip to Gettysburg (my first time) in a few weeks. My ancestor was there in 1863 with the Ohio 73rd, Co. E and survived despite multiple injuries. There’s so much to see I don’t know where to begin. I know I want to see places relevant to the 73rd and am making a list, including...
  9. SWMODave

    Gettysburg Soldier Possibly Identified?

    Company I 7th Wisconsin The Cannoneer by Augustus Buell - July 4 , 1863 walking the Gettysburg battlefield - members of Battery B 4th US Light Artillery - serving with the Iron Brigade "We found one who must have been killed at the first skirmish line of the Iron Brigade in the morning, as he...
  10. JPK Huson 1863

    Question About The 11th PVI Action, Oak Ridge, July 1st Gettysburg

    Snip from The American Battlefield trust, July 1, 1863, Oak Ridge. The 11th Pennsylvania, between the 94th and 97th NY, has a monument on Doubleday Ave, but can't find what their involvement was? Have a question about what, exactly were the actions of the 11th Pennsylvania, July 1st? I just...
  11. Legion Para

    Tarheels at Gettysburg

  12. Gibbs

    The Van Raalte Farm Muster in Holland, MI... Going?

    I'm going to the Gettysburg reenactment up at Holland, MI next weekend, Sept 15th and 16th. Th elink provides a great deal of info so won't repeat it here. Just curious if anyone from this forum is going to be there? Vern
  13. Joshism

    Was Lee Taking Opium At Gettysburg?

    I came across an interesting, albeit dubious, claim in the YouTube comments of Matt Atkinson's Jubal Early lecture. I have never heard such a claim before and it's probably little more than a conspiracy theory: "Longstreet protected Lee with Judicious wording. Lee had serious dysentery as...
  14. James N.

    A Stroll Through Devil's Den

    Here are some photos taken by Bradley Garnett using his father's camera/phone at Gettysburg's Devil's Den during our visit there this April. Fortunately (?), he had taken a course in creative photography and decided to experiment, giving us these somewhat "unusual" views; above, one of the few...
  15. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE At last! "Sallie" Civil War Dog @ Gettysburg T-shirts In Color!

    For friends who have requested our popular "Sallie" Civil War dog T-shirt in color--or in larger sizes--we are pleased to now offer both as special order items from TeePublic. "Sallie" at Gettysburg T-shirts for adults in color (sizes to 5XL) from TeePublic: For fans of...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Randolph Johnson, Gettysburg's African American Civilian Soldier " Piles Hot Lead "

    Edwin's Forbe's depiction of the long pursuit from Gettysburg. Who knew a small part in the departure of Lee's army from Northern soil would be played by a black civilian? We have a statue to civilian combatant John Burns, his civilian combatant brother in law Andrew Hagerman lost his life...
  17. lelliott19

    Delayed Act of Kindness: Letter from Wounded Son Gettysburg 41 years later "Mountain Eagle, October 12, 1904 Letter Forty-one Years in Reaching Father Wounded on Battlefield at Gettysburg son Writes Home and Letter Has Just Been Received Mr. John P. Shaw, of Goodwater, Alabama, the aged...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Sorry-article was posted before was just a reprint of the recent NYT article in another newspaper:banghead:
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Civil War Cats???

    CIVIL WAR TAILS: Dioramas of the Gettysburg Battlefields using clay cats:
  20. JPK Huson 1863

    He Said " Angel Hands ", And Died, Alice Powers, When The Singing Stopped At Gettysburg

    “ The girls did sing, the boys did shout, the ladies they did all turn out “ " Such an ovation seldom greets anyone. Groups singing war songs on each corner; cheers and shouts all along the line " Alice Powers' description of the welcome greeting Buford's Cavalry here on Emmitsburg and...
  21. Tom Elmore

    Relic from the Triangular Field

    Company G began the morning of July 2 as the largest company in the 124th New York regiment, under the command of Captain Isaac Nicoll. By the end of the day, the company was “a corporal’s guard in charge of a corporal,” and Isaac lay dead, wedged between two rocks just west of Devil’s Den, at...
  22. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 7-12-18

    Still in a Gettysburg frame of mind, this week's Throwback Thursday only goes back to 2016 and the September to Remember gathering of members of CWT. Here the group listens to @hoosier and his talk about the doings of Stannard's Vermont Brigade during Pickett's Charge; the setting is Cemetery...
  23. WJC

    Opinions of General Richard H. Anderson's Conduct, July 2, 1863

    I recently watched an NPS 'Battle Walk' video regarding the second day at Gettysburg, Perry's Florida Brigade Attacks - Gettysburg Battle Walk with Ranger Daniel Welch. <> At about 1:25:30 in this interesting video, Ranger Welch points out that General Richard H. Anderson, whose forces were...
  24. pelham

    Quite the view

    General Gouverneur Kemble Warren , Gettysburg
  25. JPK Huson 1863

    Born On The Fourth Of July, OH, I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Washington and Franklin depicted inside our struggle for birth as a nation. No patriotic trumpeting beneath, instead somber, cautioning lines. We picked a date which continued in significance through our still brief History- into the Civil War, entrenched in our citizenry and for which we must...
  26. Jimklag

    What was the target of Pickett's Charge

    There has long been a consensus among historians that the aiming point of Pickett's Charge was the Copse of Trees where Gettysburg battlefield godfather John Batchelder had the High Water Mark monument placed and arranged to have a wrought iron fence placed around the trees. But recently, there...
  27. Frea74

    "The Battle Of Gettysburg" - A Concise History…

    An interesting 30-minute account of the battle by LionHeart FilmWorks:
  28. JPK Huson 1863

    A Gettysburg Woman's July 4th, 1863, Who Is She, Please?

    One of the most evocative post battle images, by Tyson Brothers, a disheveled Gettysburg. Letterman Hospital's white outline and a stench we're told lasted until the first hard frosts reminded citizens their town now had a ' before ' and ' after '. And July 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Love these accounts...
  29. WJC

    10 Facts: Gettysburg

    Worth repeating as July opens....
  30. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 6-28-18

    As we wind down June - the year's almost half over already! - and approach July minds naturally turn to the first days of July, 1863 at Gettysburg. Despite appearances, this particular Throwback Thursday photo doesn't go back quite that far, although the location was nearby! This tintype was...
  31. JamesArndt

    The Battle of Gettysburg - An Interactive Experience

    Hi everyone. I'm very new here and I wanted to have access to historians, reenactors and people with an interest in the Civil War so I joined up. I've been working on an interactive project (video game) specifically about the battle in and around Gettysburg. I am working on a smaller 10 minute...
  32. LoyaltyOfDogs

    Will an appeal to developer's patriotism save 17 acres @ Camp Letterman?

    The Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA) is campaigning to save 17 acres of the Camp Letterman site at Gettysburg. The organization is urging supporters to write to the president of S&A Homes of State College, Pennsylvania, whose plans for a 191-acre townhouse development would...
  33. JPK Huson 1863

    Gettysburg; Clouds On The Horizon, June 1863

    Baltimore St., from the square- that's ' C.W. From the photo taken here, close up? That's C. W. Spangler's Cheap Store You look at shots of Gettysburg, the town and they are incredibly similar to other mid state settlements. It's crazy. Two, not far from here could be Gettysburg, 1863 a-...
  34. Jimklag

    June 5, 2018 At Gettysburg

    Here are a few pictures from this past Tuesday's visit to Gettysburg.
  35. JPK Huson 1863

    " Georgeanna, Your Sister Is Dead ", Ginnie Wade , July 3, 1863

    Tipton's era ( ish ) photo of Georgeanna McClellan's half of the duplex shows the old basement doors entered from the street. Her sister's body was carried there, a battle making burial hazardous. Mary Filey Wade, Harry Wade, Ike Brinkerhof, Lewis Kenneth McClellan and mother Georgia huddled...
  36. JPK Huson 1863

    " We Came To Bury You, Whitey ", Gettysburg's Un-Dead Soldier

    We'd been documenting burials, with men carried to their graves since anyone thought it a good idea, digging them. Image from the Bayeux Tapestry is Edward the Confessor's grand procession in 1066- in July, 1863, a less famous personage was carried to his grave, by the Second Corps Hospital, in...
  37. kel1985

    91st Pennsylvania on Little Round Top, Blended photos

    These are blended from a photo I found on the web of the 91st Monument on Little Round Top, I'm not sure when the original was taken, but it appears to be one of the reunions. The modern shot was taken by me a couple years ago at Gettysburg. The shots don't quite line up perfectly but not too...
  38. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 5-17-18

    Since nobody seems to be following this semi-weekly thread anymore, this is a TEST: This week's Throwback Thursday goes all the way back to - LAST MONTH! This was taken by @1863surgeon using his cell phone camera while I was busy photographing details of the statuary on the Virginia State...
  39. kel1985

    124th New York at Gettysburg

    Again playing with the software. The two originals are from an 1897 reunion and 1905. The 1905 pic was taken by Tipton. Their monument is just above the Triangle Field by Devil's Den. Enjoy.

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