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  1. infomanpa

    Better views minus the trees in Gettysburg

    It's nice to be able to better see the views of the artillery men when firing on nearby hills. One image is from Benner's Hill and the other from Power's Hill.
  2. pamc153PA

    Where is it Wednesday - Gettysburg

  3. CivilWarTalk

    Podcast BGP - Barlow's Knoll at Gettysburg: Part One (S2 E1)

    Published on January 13, 2020 Licensed Battlefield Guides Eric and Jim return for the start of Season Two of The Battle of Gettysburg Podcast with a deep dive into the often-overlooked fighting around what is commonly known as Barlow’s Knoll. In this the first of two parts, they discuss the...
  4. infomanpa

    All alone on Neill Ave. in Gettysburg

    If you want to be on the battlefield and not see anyone for at least an hour, go visit Neill Ave. in January. In fact, it's lonely at a lot of the sites this time of year. I did happen to meet one guy at the top of Big Round Top. It turned out to be John Archer, author and Licensed Battlefield...
  5. Wallyfish

    Gettysburg Battle Baby

    I wás watching an American Battlefield Trust video that started on Coster Avenue and followed the Union retreat to near the Jr High. As they walked on York Street, it was mentioned that a home belonged to Jeremiah and Rebecca Howell Culp in July 1863. The story went on to say that couple had a...
  6. CivilWarTalk

    Lieutenant General James Longstreet Monument (Gettysburg)

    Gettysburg NMP, ©Michael Kendra, 2003.Longstreet's most controversial service was at the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863, where he openly disagreed with General Lee on the tactics to be employed and reluctantly supervised several unsuccessful attacks on Union forces, including the disastrous...
  7. CivilWarTalk

    Brigadier General Gouverneur Kemble Warren Monument (Gettysburg)

    Gettysburg NMP, ©Michael Kendra, 2003.On the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 2, 1863, Warren initiated the defense of Little Round Top, recognizing the importance of the undefended position on the left flank of the Union Army, and directing, on his own initiative, the brigade of...
  8. M

    Such a Sad Time

    I am currently reading the great book: "July 1914, Countdown to War", Sean McMeekin. I am up to Page 327 of 460 pages. In the book about WW I, actions are taken, directions and impressions are misrepresented and mistaken, implications are assumed. On the part of all countries and from every...
  9. CSA Today

    Discussion Confederate Veterans at the 1938 Gettysburg Reunion.

    General S.S. Simmons 95 of Los Angeles, CA. fought with the 8th VA. Cavalry is holding a sword (left). J.S.L. Wright 91 of Conway Ark. was a member of the 14th North Carolina Cavalry (middle). James T. Flowers 90 of Antonio Tex. was with "Wheeler's Georgia Cavalry" (right). A very rare original...
  10. Maximus71

    Gettysburg visit pics

    I'm sure thousands of Gettysburg pictures are on here but since I'm new I figured I would share a few of mine. Me and my son took a private guided bicycle tour, I highly recommend it even though it was 100 degrees the day we went! Thanks for looking!
  11. Ethan S.

    Gettysburg stereoview

    I added this to my collection this past Christmas. This is a Tyson stereoview of the sharpshooters position at Devils Den. Taken years after the battle, sometime in the 1880ss-1890s if I had my best guess. I think it's pretty cool, as it's my first stereo card.
  12. Tom Elmore

    Ammunition Chests Exploded During the Gettysburg Campaign

    Small sample of the Gettysburg Cyclorama painting, featuring an exploding limber. - The purpose of this post is to document the detonation of artillery ammunition chests before and during the battle. Each cannon within a battery was supplied by four chests – one on the limber transporting the...
  13. G

    How Old was Josephine Miller on July 2, 1863

    Probably many of you are already familiar with this brave lady who stayed on the Rogers House (her grandparents home in which she lived at the time of the battle), both baking bread and helping to care for the wounded on both July 2 and 3. Every account I have read says that she was 23 years...
  14. Rusk County Avengers

    New Gettysburg Reenactment CANCELLED

    Until I or anyone else has more confirmation I'm calling this a RUMOR! Though what I've seen looks to be very solid, but who knows that may change. A reenactment unit I've fallen in with several times, (not my own unit, just good friends) was planning on making the trip to Gettysburg this year...
  15. datameister

    Analyzing Lee's Messages During the Campaign

    Did this before with Meade and Hooker's messages. I applied this to Lee. Next, I might go through the unit reports for the campaign and include sentiment analysis.
  16. Tom Elmore

    German Kingdom of Wurttemberg Represented at Gettysburg

    Wurttemberg (with an umlaut – two dots – over the u) was one of many German states that existed before, during and after the American Civil War. Although we tend to overlook or minimize the distinctions between German states of that era, they were significant. For instance, Wurttemberg had...
  17. MRB1863

    Merry Christmas from the Gettysburg Forum

    Wishing all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a healthy and safe holiday season.🎄🌲❄☃⛄🎅
  18. CivilWarTalk

    Famous Opening Cannon of The Battle of Gettysburg, a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle

    3-inch Ordnance Rifle, No. 233, GNMP Photo ©Michael Kendra, 2002This 3-inch Ordnance Rifle is one of four guns of Battery A, 2nd U.S. Artillery that today stand at the base of the Buford monument at Gettysburg, on the spot where they fired the opening artillery salvo of that pivotal battle...
  19. CivilWarTalk

    Podcast BGP - The Myth of LRT -w Garry Adelman (S1 E12)

    Published: December 20, 2019 Episode 12 is a special holiday bonus episode brought to us by Santa Sickles himself! In this episode, Eric and Jim are joined by their friend and colleague Garry Adelman to discuss his 2003 book The Myth of Little Round Top. Why does Little Round Top loom so...
  20. F

    What happened to the farm properties upon which the Battle of Gettysburg was fought?

    Can someone assist me in understanding what happened to the farm properties upon which the Battle of Gettysburg was fought? John Herbst of Herbst Woods, renamed Reynolds Woods, was my great great uncle. The Herbst family were initially Mennonites that settled in the neighboring towns around...
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