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  1. Tom Elmore

    Strong Family Influence in Certain Companies, Regiments and Brigades at Gettysburg

    The following examples suggest that certain extended family clans exerted a strong, if not dominant, influence within some companies, regiments and even brigades. Berkeley, 8th Virginia: Lieutenant Colonel Norborne Berkeley, Major Edmund Berkeley, Captain William N. Berkeley and 1st Lieutenant...
  2. pamc153PA

    Where Is It Wednesday - Gettysburg

  3. Ethan S.

    Collection New Rosensteel relic from Gettysburg

    I added a new relic to my collection as of yesterday when it came in the mail. It is a fragment from a 10 lb. Parrot shell, recovered by John Cullison in Excelsior field, bordering the Peach Orchard, sometime during the 1950s. It was then donated to the Rosensteel museum. Bullet found by Iva...
  4. JPK Huson 1863

    " Hand Grips ", Blue And Gray At Gettysburg, 1913, A Nation At Peace Listened To Their War

    Veterans came back to a vastly different Gettysburg, Adams County, Pennsylvania in July, 1913. Gone were the dead horses, silent the guns, buried were the dead, some in cemeteries North and South, some remain buried where they fell five decades before. Gone so many men who had traveled that road...
  5. Gettysburg Guide #154

    African American at Gettysburg

    I have been told (but only once) that a man named Gall (phonetic spelling) wrote that a civilian of "African descent" fought with the 5th Ohio using a rifles and cartridges from dead or wounded men on the field, and assisted in the repulse of the "2d" MD CSA at Pardee Field on the morning of...
  6. relichound

    Relic Bullets from a Pennsylvania Farm

    These are fired three ring bullets dug from the Daniel S. Farm near Gettysburg. My people lived in Gettysburg before the war, and it has always had a real attraction for me. I still have some nice smaller Civil War relics, like these, and a couple Southern hard images, and a few Union soldier's...
  7. Beltplate53

    Gettysburg shells.

    Here are a few of my artillery shells from Gettysburg. Shenkl shell off of the Henry Culp Farm, remains of a exploded Hotchkiss shell found in Reynold's Woods, and a 12Ib Bormann found on Little Round Top. All have documentation from the John Geiselman collection.
  8. Tom Elmore

    Service in Previous Wars by Federals at Gettysburg

    Much of the information on generals is readily available from Wikipedia biographies and so the list may be considerably improved. At the level of field grade officer and below, the surface has only been scratched. I’ve assembled the information primarily to compare and contrast with the...
  9. CivilWarTalk

    Gettysburg Movie Watch Party!

    We will have a “chat room watch party” for the movie Gettysburg today at 6pm EDT! We will watch the theatrical version, with a few planned stops during the movie. You can buy a copy or rent it on Amazon PRIME to stream... If you plan to rent, Here is the Amazon link...
  10. MRB1863

    Where Is It Wednesday, Gettysburg

    Identify the location of this photo...
  11. pamc153PA

    Where is it Wednesday - Gettysburg

  12. damYankee

    Wall of Faces, Those who fought at Gettysburg

    I stumbled across this today and thought others may enjoy it, If it has been posted before please delete it,
  13. J

    Gettysburg Monuments.... an Early Traveler's Photos

    Having much time at home as of late so I dug these out. All came from of an old scrap book purchased many years ago. The photos date from approx 1919. The traveler was from Massachusetts. Small article from the Gettysburg paper regarding his visits. Postcard of General Lee autographed by his...
  14. N

    What do you believe was Meade’s best strategy in winning the battle of Gettysburg?

    I believe sending Buford’s Cavalry with the Spencer Rifles , followed by Reynold’s with the iron brigade on July 1st with the Sharpe’s rifles provided superior firepower were it was most needed . General Oates of the 15th Alabama wrote Joshua Chamberlain in 1888. General Oates wrote the the...
  15. Forks of the Ohio

    Gettysburg Cyclorama 360º Viewable Online from American Battlefield Trust

    I saw the link above about the animated battlefied map from the American Battlefield Trust. I just learned that you can also view the cyclorama online on the American Battlefield Trust website...
  16. Tom Elmore

    Number of Ambulances and Other Medical Vehicles with the Armies at Gettysburg

    Summary: Upwards of 2,000 vehicles (1,100 Union and 900 Confederate), drawn by 5,000 horses and mules, were employed by the respective medical departments of the armies at Gettysburg. Union Army: According to Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, who was quoting General Montgomery C. Meigs, the...
  17. Gettysburg Guide #154

    The Privates and NCO's of Gettysburg

    As students of the Civil War, we are all aware that a great many of the stories we know are stories by and about officers. Having said that, we also know that there are still extant a significant number of stories about the enlisted men and the NCO’s. I propose here a thread devoted to the...
  18. Carter O'Brien

    First Minnesota MOH

    We just got this our ancestor Henry D. O'Brien's MOH back from a loan to the Minnesota Historical Society, just thought it was worth a quick share!
  19. pamc153PA

    Where Is It Wednesday - Gettysburg

  20. K

    Brick Barns at Gettysburg

    While the Bliss Barn was destroyed during the battle, a rough idea of the barn’s structure and layout might be guessed at by examining the Trostle Barn. Wall thickness was of interest with regard to ballistic resistance (bullets, balls and cannon fire), and the linked drawings indicate: 17” of...
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