gettysburg campaign

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  1. Joshism

    "Lee Is Trapped, and Must Be Taken" (forthcoming post-Gettysburg book)

    "Lee is Trapped, and Must be Taken": Eleven Fateful Days after Gettysburg: July 4 - 14, 1863 by Thomas J. Ryan and Richard R. Schaus (published by Savas Beatie) comes out in September. The authors are apparently both former military intelligence, and Ryan has an already-published book about...
  2. cpfarr01

    “Longstreet at Gettysburg” just released

    Hi All, Just wanted to tip you to my newly-published book, "Longstreet at Gettysburg: A Critical Reassessment.” It was just officially released by McFarland Publishers a few days ago and was a 4+ year project from start to finish. If you’re interested in the topic, listed below is some...
  3. GELongstreet

    Buford's Boys

    A page about John Buford's cavalry division during the Gettysburg Campaign by author J. David Petruzzi. It has sections about persons, units, reports, monuments and more. However by now it isn´t updated anymore and is available only as archived version.
  4. lelliott19

    Interview: Longstreet says Lee displayed his greatest weakness as a tactical commander at Gettysburg

    On the occasion of Longstreet's visit to Antietam in 1893, a correspondent of the Washington Post recorded the General's opinions on a number of topics. In this part of the interview, General Longstreet contends that General Lee displayed his greatest weakness as a tactical commander at...
  5. cpfarr01

    Cory Pfarr - Author of New Book on Longstreet

    Hello. I’m Cory Pfarr, a long-time early American history enthusiast and author of the soon-to-be-realeased “Longstreet at Gettysburg: A Critical Reassessment”. The book will be released in February 2019, but is available now for pre-order on,, and This is...
  6. GABoy

    Another book about the Battle of Gettysburg

    I know somewhere there is a thread for Gettysburg books but I'll be hanged if I can find it. My wife got me a book this past Christmas that I have never seen before, anywhere. It is called The Illustrated Gettysburg Reader (An Eyewitness History of the Civil War's Greatest Battle). Not only does...
  7. Joshism

    Meade After Gettysburg - Thoughts From Recent Readings

    I just finished reading @Eric Wittenberg (et al)'s One Continuous Fight: The Retreat From Gettysburg and Pursuit of Lee's Army of Northern Viriginia, July 4-14, 1863 followed by Jeffrey William Hunt's new Meade and Lee After Gettysburg: The Forgotten Final Stage of the Gettysburg Campaign, from...
  8. Joshism

    Williamsport, Teamsters, and Black Confederates

    At the Battle of Williamsport on July 6, 1863 the Confederates were desperate for men. Imboden gathered anyone who could hold a gun including sick, walking wounded, and even teamsters. 1. Should the teamsters who fought at Williamsport be considered soldiers? Most presumably never enlisted in...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!