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    Thomas W. Martin First Mississippi Mounted Riffles, a Union Man

    Hello I am new here. I have been doing a lot of civil war research to help with my genealogy research. I first started with researching Confederate regimens and history. I had assumed that my ancestor, that I am researching Thomas W. Martin, who was born in Mississippi and lived in Arkansas was...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Restricted Atlanta to add context about racism to Confederate monuments

    Georgia law bars the removal of such monuments. Author: Associated Press Published: 8:35 PM EDT August 4, 2019 Updated: 6:21 PM EDT August 5, 2019 ATLANTA — Atlanta...
  3. gentlemanrob

    Captain Matthew T. Nunnally 11th Georgia Infantry

    Captain Nunnally was one of the only West Point trained officers from Walton County Georgia. He attended West Point from 1859 until 1861 when he resigned to return to his home county to serve as Captain of Company H 11th Georgia Infantry. His standing in 1860 at West Point was 25th in his class...
  4. J

    Discussion A 16-Year-Old Farm Boy's Clothing in 1860 in Union County, Georgia?

    Hey, folks. I am researching a novel for high school students. The main character will be a 16-year-old farm boy in 1860 in Union County, Georgia. I have already researched the uniforms and other clothing he will wear when he lies about his age and enlists. I'm trying to determine in great...
  5. AUG

    The Sumter Light Guards, the Oglethorpe Infantry, and the Clinch Rifles

    These three, rather unique images of several Georgia infantry companies were taken very early in the war by Isaac Tucker and J. W. Perkins of the Photographic Gallery of Art in Augusta, GA. They have been discussed individually within a few other threads, but I have some more info I can share on...
  6. Luke Freet

    Union 1st Georgia Infantry Battalion

    Georgia was not known for having many Unionist sympathizers, as compared to neighboring Alabama and Tennessee. However, a battalion was formed in Marietta, as of 31st, 1864. Seems to have served as a detached unit to the Army of the Cumberland, on railroad guard duty at Dalton. It was mustered...
  7. Belle Montgomery

    Honoring William "Ten Cent Bill" Yopp -Black Confederate Veteran/drummer 14th Georgia Infantry

    I am posting what I found please do not attack me: There was something special, even magical, which took place under the golden dome of the Georgia Capitol on the 5th day of March. The occasion was the signing of a proclamation honoring Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. With a few strokes...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Liljenquist's Adopted Family- All Of Us. Today's Face Behind The Story James Wisenbaker, 12th Georgia

    " Period Photos And Examinations ", taking it seriously is easy thanks to Liljenquist's collection gifted to Library of Congress. It's the stories, who we were. James Adriel Israel Wisenbaker and wife Sarah Ann Catherine Dasher lived most of their married lives in Lowndes, Georgia. Older than...
  9. Buckeye Bill

    The Gordon-Lee Mansion at Chickamauga, Georgia

    The Gordon-Lee Mansion is located in Chickamauga, Georgia and was originally referred to as the Gordon residence. Construction began in 1840 and was not completed until 1847 due to labor and financial issues. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Gordon-Lee House. The...
  10. SWMODave

    Ask one and he will tell you it is wrong, but he saw somebody else do so

    William Washington Knight served as 2nd Sergeant in the 29th GA infantry in Company K - letter to his wife June 3, 1863 - Camp Near Yazoo City June 3rd 1863 Dear Mary, ….…. Again I seat myself to write to you few lines though I wish you could see the seat and place we are camped at….. We...
  11. Pat Young

    Negroes...deluded into the foolish presumption that they can play a part in American politics 1868

    This article in a Democratic newspaper starts by complimenting an African American speaker, but ends by informing blacks that they are deluding themselves if they think that they can ever play a role in American politics. It was written after the Georgia legislature expelled its Black members in...
  12. Pat Young

    Democrat explains why Blacks elected to Georgia legislature can't be seated Sept. 1868

    When the Georgia senate refused to seat African American senators in 1868, it created an important limitation on the newly won citizenship of black Georgians. They were now citizens under the 14th Amendment and the new Georgia Constitution, but they could not hold elected legislative office. The...
  13. WJC

    What If... Georgia Did Not Secede?

    The secession vote in Georgia appears to have been 'too close to call'. Some point out that turnout was lower than expected because of bad weather and that Unionists did not campaign as aggressively as secessionists. Whatever the reason, the results were so close that the count was never...
  14. HeroesandRebels

    Civil War Slang

    I have been busy at work creating a historical fiction novel revolving around a young lady who grew up in Georgia and was about sixteen at the start of the Civil War. In this novel, her beau goes off to fight in the war for the Confederacy. I'm trying to make the language believable, and I need...
  15. O' Be Joyful

    History Finding a Lost Strain of Rice, and Clues to Slave Cooking

    The search for the missing grain led to Trinidad and Thomas Jefferson, and now excitement among African-American chefs. CHARLESTON, S.C. — Among the biologists, geneticists and historians who use food as a lens to study the African diaspora, rice is a particularly deep rabbit hole. So much...
  16. lelliott19

    Another General Jackson - Henry Rootes Jackson of GA

    The Sunny South. (Atlanta, Ga.), April 11, 1885, page 5. Henry Rootes Jackson Achieving the rank of major general in the Georgia state militia, Henry Rootes Jackson is best known for organizing and commanding state troops during the Atlanta campaign. He was born on June 24, 1820, in Athens, GA...
  17. Stiles/Akin

    Newest Additions to Georgia Historic Newspapers Augusta Georgia Newspapers
  18. Jimklag

    Georgia's Railroad Lifelines - Sherman's Target

    Here is a link to the article about the railroads in Georgia during The March To The Sea.
  19. Jimklag

    Railroads Of Georgia In The Confederate War Effort

    The link is a 1947 article from The Journal Of Southern History.*.html The article has a noticeable "lost cause" bias, but is well written and informative.
  20. bdtex

    CWT Chickamauga 2018 Tour - the official thread

    Had planned to do this a coupla weeks ago but didn't have enough information to launch. Myself,members @lelliott19 @Drew and @War Horse have been kicking this around. Here's what we have for starters. Tour dates: Friday,October 26,2018 - Sunday,October 28,2018. Accomodations: Block of 20...
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