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  1. F

    Discussion Georgia Civil War newspapers free online

    This announcement was in this morning's Eastman's Newsletter (a genealogy resource): (this ought to have been under RESEARCH but I am a computer illiterate and it was placed here 😔)
  2. P

    Discussion First Confederate Flag unfurled in Georgia

    I work just outside of the city of Fairburn Georgia. I got to work early the other day and drove Thur Fairburn to see is anything had changed in the last 10 years that I was there. I stopped at a antique store and saw the 1st Confederate flag by the old railroad station across the street. The...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Evidence of Civil War battle could soon be uncovered near Cobb County’s Concord Road covered bridge

    Evidence of Civil War battle could soon be uncovered near Cobb County’s Concord Road covered bridge. The National Parks Service has awarded The Lamar Institute a Battlefield Preservation Planning Grant in the amount of $95,887 to locate and document the boundaries of the 1864 Battle of...
  4. lelliott19

    Report: 44th Georgia Casualties in the Battle of Sharpsburg

    Report of Casualties of the 44th Georgia, Ripley's brigade, D H Hill's division. This undated report of casualties was published in the Atlanta Intelligencer and reprinted in the Southern Recorder, October 14, 1862. Sgt Maj/A Adjt M V Estes reports the regiment went into action with 150 men and...
  5. OldReliable1862

    What was the Best Georgia Brigade in the ANV?

    There were eight Georgia brigades in the Army of Northern Virginia: -Semmes-Bryan brigade -William T. Wofford's brigade -George T. "Tige" Anderson's brigade -the Toombs-Benning-Du Bose brigade -the Lawton-Gordon-Evans brigade -the Doles-Cook brigade -"Rans" Wright's brigade -Ed Thomas' brigade...
  6. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private William H. Moniteth 44th Georgia Infantry Regiment Company F.

    This would be an ancestor of mine. I would like to know a little more about him and his family. Can anyone help? Here is his findagrave listing.
  7. gentlemanrob

    CSA Sgt. George A. Knight - 42nd Georgia Infantry

    George Anderson Knight: Born: November 22, 1832 Birthplace: Washington County Georgia Father: David K. Knight 1809 – 1892 Mother: Therbia Spears 1810 – 1847 1st Wife: Julia Ann Hawk 1842 – 1864 (Buried: Hawk Cemetery Walton County Georgia) 2nd Wife: Mahala Hawk 1846 – 1932 (Buried: Knight...
  8. Cranchris31

    Looking to get active in Georgia

    Hello, I started my account here when my family was stationed in New Mexico, but now are here in Central Georgia. I’m looking to meet up with any reenactors or units in this area. I’ve never re-enacted before and have some general questions, the fellas I spoke with back in New Mexico were very...
  9. Cranchris31

    Grave in Central Georgia

    Found this grave driving along the road today outside Warner Robins Georgia. JM Frederick Sr. 2-23-1840 to 1-21-1915 Appeared to be a small family plot, as there were about 10 other headstones. This was the only one with a flag for Veterans Day though.
  10. Cranchris31

    Finally settled in Georgia.

    When I first created an account here, we were living in New Mexico. Now we are in Central Georgia and I’m busy exploring every thing I can down here. So many sites to see, but wanted to drop a couple lines and see if anyone here has some off the main path recommendations. I’ve already spent an...
  11. Joshism

    Old Fort Jackson (Savannah, GA)

    Fort James Jackson is a small masonry fort just downriver of Savannah, Georgia but upriver of Fort Pulaski. The fort dates from the early 1800s, but was improved in the 1850s during the construction of Pulaski. It was occupied by Confederates until the fall of Savannah, then by the 55th MA...
  12. 1

    Thomas W. Martin First Mississippi Mounted Riffles, a Union Man

    Hello I am new here. I have been doing a lot of civil war research to help with my genealogy research. I first started with researching Confederate regimens and history. I had assumed that my ancestor, that I am researching Thomas W. Martin, who was born in Mississippi and lived in Arkansas was...
  13. Belle Montgomery

    Restricted Atlanta to add context about racism to Confederate monuments

    Georgia law bars the removal of such monuments. Author: Associated Press Published: 8:35 PM EDT August 4, 2019 Updated: 6:21 PM EDT August 5, 2019 ATLANTA — Atlanta...
  14. gentlemanrob

    Captain Matthew T. Nunnally 11th Georgia Infantry

    Captain Nunnally was one of the only West Point trained officers from Walton County Georgia. He attended West Point from 1859 until 1861 when he resigned to return to his home county to serve as Captain of Company H 11th Georgia Infantry. His standing in 1860 at West Point was 25th in his class...
  15. J

    Discussion A 16-Year-Old Farm Boy's Clothing in 1860 in Union County, Georgia?

    Hey, folks. I am researching a novel for high school students. The main character will be a 16-year-old farm boy in 1860 in Union County, Georgia. I have already researched the uniforms and other clothing he will wear when he lies about his age and enlists. I'm trying to determine in great...
  16. AUG

    The Sumter Light Guards, the Oglethorpe Infantry, and the Clinch Rifles

    These three, rather unique images of several Georgia infantry companies were taken very early in the war by Isaac Tucker and J. W. Perkins of the Photographic Gallery of Art in Augusta, GA. They have been discussed individually within a few other threads, but I have some more info I can share on...
  17. Luke Freet

    Union 1st Georgia Infantry Battalion

    Georgia was not known for having many Unionist sympathizers, as compared to neighboring Alabama and Tennessee. However, a battalion was formed in Marietta, as of 31st, 1864. Seems to have served as a detached unit to the Army of the Cumberland, on railroad guard duty at Dalton. It was mustered...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Honoring William "Ten Cent Bill" Yopp -Black Confederate Veteran/drummer 14th Georgia Infantry

    I am posting what I found please do not attack me: There was something special, even magical, which took place under the golden dome of the Georgia Capitol on the 5th day of March. The occasion was the signing of a proclamation honoring Confederate Memorial Day in Georgia. With a few strokes...
  19. JPK Huson 1863

    Liljenquist's Adopted Family- All Of Us. Today's Face Behind The Story James Wisenbaker, 12th Georgia

    " Period Photos And Examinations ", taking it seriously is easy thanks to Liljenquist's collection gifted to Library of Congress. It's the stories, who we were. James Adriel Israel Wisenbaker and wife Sarah Ann Catherine Dasher lived most of their married lives in Lowndes, Georgia. Older than...
  20. Buckeye Bill

    The Gordon-Lee Mansion at Chickamauga, Georgia

    The Gordon-Lee Mansion is located in Chickamauga, Georgia and was originally referred to as the Gordon residence. Construction began in 1840 and was not completed until 1847 due to labor and financial issues. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Gordon-Lee House. The...
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