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  1. gentlemanrob

    Happy Birthday General Robert E. Lee

    I was wondering what is everyone's traditional thing to do on the birthday of General Lee? What did you today in 2020 to celebrate the birthday of General Lee?
  2. Michael W.

    Grave of General Solomon Meredith, Commander of the Iron Brigade

    Last weekend we accepted a dinner invitation in Cambridge City, Indiana, about 40 minutes from where we live. When we arrived at the restaurant, this painting of Solomon Meredith was on the building next door. Of course my friends asked me if I knew who he was, which I did. I was asking out...
  3. M

    Is General John Schofield under rated?

    During the civil war General Schofielf held several important positions. For example he helped to keep Missouri in the Union. Commanded the Army of the Ohio. Schofield was a major voice in the post Civil War Army. He improved West Point as the commandant. He ended up being the commander of the...
  4. matthew mckeon

    Discussion General George Thomas Sums Up the Civil War

    [T]he greatest efforts made by the defeated insurgents since the close of the war have been to promulgate the idea that the cause of liberty, justice, humanity, equality, and all the calendar of the virtues of freedom, suffered violence and wrong when the effort for southern independence failed...
  5. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ -Happy Birthday Brig. General Henry Gray Jr.

    Henry Gray Jr. Born: January 19, 1816 Birthplace: Laurens District, South Carolina Father: Captain Henry Gray Sr. 1786 – 1831 (Buried: Gray-Jones-Tolbert-Riley Cemetery, Greenwood, South Carolina) Mother: Elvira Flanagan 1787 – 1847 (Buried: Tench Cemetery, Coweta County, Georgia) Wife...
  6. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Green, Thomas

    Nathaniel Thomas Green Soldier, Lawyer and Statesman, Hero of the Texas Revolution. Born: June 8, 1814 Birthplace: Buckingham County, Virginia Father: Judge Nathan Green, Sr., (1792-1866) (Buried: Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon, Tennessee) Mother: Mary Field, (1792-1849) (Buried: Winchester...
  7. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ -Happy Birthday Brig. General George B. Cosby

    George Blake Cosby Born: January 19, 1830 Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky Father: Fortnatus Cosby 1801 – 1871 Mother: Ellen Mary Jake Blake Wife: Antonia Johnson 1837 – 1927 (Buried: Sacramento City Cemetery, Sacramento, California) Children: Edith Cosby Figg 1862 – 1933 (Buried...
  8. gentlemanrob

    Ferrero, Edward

    Edward Ferrero Born: January 18, 1831 Birthplace: Granada, Spain Father: Stephen Ferrero – 1850 (Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York) Mother: Adelaide Jackson 1812 – 1886 (Buried: Green – Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York) Wife: Amanda Subers 1850 – 1912 (Buried: Green – Wood...
  9. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Tilghman, Lloyd

    Lloyd Tilghman Born: January 18, 1816 Birthplace: Rich Neck Manor, Claiborne, Maryland Father: James Tilghman 1799 – 1859 (Buried: Rehobeth Presbyterian Church, Rehobeth, Maryland) Mother: Ann Caroline Shoemaker 1797 – 1872 Wife: Augusta Murray Boyd 1819 – 1898 (Buried: Woodlawn Cemetery...
  10. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Mackall, William W.

    William Whann Mackall Born: January 18, 1817 Birthplace: Cecil County, Maryland Father: Benjamin F. Mackall 1790 - 1880 (Buried: Lewinsville Presbyterian Cemetery, McLean, Virginia) Mother: Unknown Wife: Aminta Elizabeth Douglass Sorrel 1823 – 1904 (Buried: Lewinsville Presbyterian...
  11. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Gatlin, Richard C.

    Richard Caswell Gatlin Born: January 18, 1809 Birthplace: Kinston, North Carolina Father: John S. Gatlin Mother: Susannah Caswell 1st Wife: Scioto Sandford 1827 – 1852 (Buried: Fort Smith National Cemetery, Fort Smith, Arkansas) 2nd Wife: Mary Ann Gibson 1836 – 1916 (Buried: Fort Smith...
  12. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Chestnut, James Jr.

    James Chestnut Jr. Born: January 18, 1815 Birthplace: Camden, South Carolina Father: James Chestnut Sr. 1773 – 1866 (Buried: Knights Hill Cemetery, Camden, South Carolina) Mother: Mary Bowes Cox 1777 – 1864 (Buried: Knights Hill Cemetery, Camden, South Carolina) Wife: Mary Boykin Miller...
  13. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Buford, Abraham

    Abraham Buford Born: January 18, 1820 Birthplace: Woodford County, Kentucky Father: William Buford 1781 – 1848 Mother: Frances Walker Kirtley 1787 – 1848 Wife: Amanda Harris 1824 – 1879 (Buried: Lexington Cemetery, Lexington, Kentucky) Children: William Abraham Buford 1848 – 1872 (Buried...
  14. gentlemanrob

    Grant, Lewis A.

    Lewis Addison Grant Born: January 17, 1828 Birthplace: Winhall, Vermont Father: James Grant 1772 – 1856 Mother: Elizabeth Wyman 1784 – 1875 1st Wife: Sarah Augusta Hartwell 1835 – 1859 (Buried: Harvard Center Cemetery, Harvard, Massachusetts) 2nd Wife: Mary Helen Pierce 1836 – 1927...
  15. C

    General Sumner

    I have been a fan General Edwin Vose Sumner, commander of the Union second corps at Antietam, for some time. Sadly for me, it seems he is not generally well thought of by most historians. I know "lil Mac" wasn't to keen on him. A professional soldier all his life, he seems completely...
  16. gentlemanrob

    Lee, Albert Lindley

    Albert Lindley Lee Born: January 16, 1834 Birthplace: Fulton, New York Father: U.S. Congressman Moses Lindley Lee 1805 – 1876 (Buried: Mount Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, New York) Mother: Ann Case 1815 – 1883 (Buried: Mount Adnah Cemetery, Fulton, New York) Wife: Victorine Lindt 1830 – 1918...
  17. gentlemanrob

    ★★ Halleck, Henry W.

    Henry Wager “Old Brains” Halleck Born: January 16, 1815 Birthplace: Westernville, Oneida County, New York Father: Joseph Halleck 1784 – 1857 (Buried: Westernville Cemetery, Westernville, New York) Mother: Catherine Wager 1795 – 1868 (Buried: Westernville Cemetery, Westernville, New York)...
  18. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Simms, James Phillip

    James Phillip Simms Born: January 16, 1837 Birthplace: Covington, Georgia Father: Richard Lee Simms 1795 – 1856 (Buried: Oxford Historical Cemetery, Oxford, Georgia) Mother: Jerusha Bonner 1809 – 1866 (Buried: Oxford Historical Cemetery, Oxford, Georgia) Wife: Mary Lucy Bates 1839 – 1894...
  19. gentlemanrob

    Naglee, Henry M.

    Henry Morris Naglee Born: January 15, 1815 Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Father: John Naglee 1781 – 1852 (Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Mother: Mary Goff 1788 – 1859 (Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) Wife: Marie Antoinette...
  20. gentlemanrob

    Arnold, Lewis G.

    Lewis Golding Arnold Born: January 15, 1817 Birthplace: Perth Amboy, New Jersey Father: Lewis Arnold 1761 – 1830 (Buried: Saint Peters Churchyard, Perth Amboy, New Jersey) Mother: Eliza Ford 1772 – 1834 (Buried: Saint Peters Churchyard, Perth Amboy, New Jersey) Wife: Julia Murdock Lowd 1821...
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