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  1. Eleanor Rose

    General Longstreet's Comments at the 1888 Gettysburg Reunion

    In his own words: @lelliott19, @War Horse, @FarawayFriend, and @GELongstreet
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Southern Sweet Potato Cake

    (Pinterest) January 8 is my favorite General’s birthday so this recipe is in his honor. General Longstreet loved sweet potatoes so I think he would have liked this cake. It has just the right amount of spice to compliment the sweet potato. And yes, there is real sweet potato in this cake...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    General Lee Did Say It Wasn’t General Longstreet’s Fault!

    The following is an excerpt from “Longstreet's Courier—Memorable Words of Confederate Leaders--A Time when they were Sorely Tried--What Might Have Been--The Part Played by Hood” by William Youngblood, of Alabama: For many years I have thought of writing out for the public what I know of the...
  4. Eleanor Rose

    How Did Robert E. Lee Spend Christmas in 1861?

    I always enjoy living history events, especially those offered around the holidays. In searching out offerings for this holiday season, I came across an article that offered some insight into what General Lee, as well as some others, was doing on Christmas Day in 1861. I thought you might...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Did General Longstreet Sue His Mother?

    General James Longstreet's mother. Apparently he did. The old Chancery Court record books of Madison County document (Record Book R, pages 496 – 511) the Chancery Case Number 374 involving Dent family members and the family of James Longstreet of Richmond County, Georgia. This James...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!