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    Discussion Freedman's Bureau

    Hello Folks, I am an actor who will be portraying an ex-Freedmen's Bureau worker. If anyone has knowledge about these men as people - background, training, attitudes, A BIOGRAPHY(!) - it would super helpful in helping guide me to a historically realistic generalized portrayal. The part is being...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Anyone's Ancestor A Volunteer Teacher, Please?

    Teaching went beyond learning to read. Men and women whose lives had been strictly dictated were taught skills enabling them to find their feet in their new world. The Freedmen's Bureau asked and teachers went. Who were they? It's fairly easy finding information on ACW nurses. Beyond current...
  3. Pat Young

    O.O. Howard Explains Why He Supports Closing the Freedmen's Bureau Dec. 1868

    No white man is as associated with the Freedmen's Bureau as O.O. Howard. The "Christian General" was appointed Commissioner of the Bureau in May of 1865 and was still serving in 1868. All non-educational functions of the Bureau were to cease at the end of the year. A growing movement to keep the...
  4. Pat Young

    As Freedmen's Bureau Was Closing at End of 1868, African Americans Asked for Protection Dec. 15, 1868

    The Freedmen's Bureau was scheduled to shut down all but its educational functions at the end of 1868. With the Bureau about to close, Blacks submitted petitions to Congress asking either for an extension of the life of the Bureau or for other protections. We see this effort by the African...
  5. Pat Young

    The Cost of the Freedmen's Bureau 1868

    NY Times Nov. 6, 1868:
  6. Pat Young

    General O.O. Howard Announces the Closing of the Freedmen's Bureau October 1868

    There is a common misconception that the Freedmen's Bureau lasted throughout Reconstruction. In fact, while an education component persisted longer, much of the Freedmen's Bureau was shuttered at the end of 1868. Charleston daily news Thursday, Nov 26, 1868 Charleston, SC Vol: 6 Page: 2
  7. Pat Young

    Freedmen's Bureau Report for Virginia Sept. 30, 1868-The trials of whites for the murder of Negroes

    The Freed Men's Bureau In Virginia. Report For The Last Year Cincinnati Daily Gazette Friday, Oct 30, 1868 Cincinnati, OH Page: 1
  8. Pat Young

    Dems Disgust that Freedmen's Bureau Provides Armed Guard to Miscegenationist After He Is Tarred 1868

    Here is an interesting article on a man named Steward who lived in Washington, Mississippi. Steward was a miscegenationist whose neighbors were outraged that a white man would have a romantic relationship with a black woman. He was tarred and feathered "by parties unknown." Much to the disgust...
  9. lelliott19

    1866: Freedmen Sam & Jake Cross AL

    I've posted before about my own family connections - Dr. Cross, who was a surgeon in the Confederate Army; Sam Cross, his servant, who accompanied him to the army; and Mary Ann Francis Harris Cross, his wife back home, and her version of the burning of their home by Union forces. I've located...
  10. Pat Young

    Job of a Texas Freedmen's Bureau Agent: Protecting Blacks from Unfair Prosecutions

    Jacob DeGress was a Freemen's Bureau Agent in Harris County One of the jobs of a Freedmen's Bureau agent was to intervene when the all-white justice system was used to maliciously prosecute African Americans. Jacob DeGress was among the most hated Freedmen's Bureau Sub-Assistant Commissioners...
  11. Pat Young

    From Slavery to Uncertain Freedom: The Freedmen's Bureau in Arkansas, 1865-1869 by Randy Finley

    From Slavery to Uncertain Freedom: The Freedman's Bureau in Arkansas 1865-1869 (Black Community Studies) by Randy Finley published by The University of Arkansas Press (1996) 229 pages; $19.95 Paperback. From March, 1865 to 1869, the agents of the Freedmen's Bureau were the thin line separating...
  12. Pat Young

    Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890 by Hilary Green

    Educational Reconstruction African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890 by Hilary Green published by Fordham University Press (2016) 272 pages, Paperback $35.00, Kindle $22.99. From the title of this book, Educational Reconstruction African American Schools in the Urban South...
  13. Pat Young

    General McCook Worries that Freedpeople Are Exploited by Northern Opportunists March 1865

    March 26, 1865 report from Major General Alexander McDowell McCook on the activities of the Freedmen’s Bureau under Capt. Henry Sweeney to Rev. Nixon of the Presbyterian Church described the activities of the Freedmen’s Bureau in Helena. It was mostly an encouraging report as far as the work of...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    From Civilian To Refugee In One Easy War, Harper's Finds Them

    One of two Harper's images, depicting Southern families fleeing War. Harper's Weekly ( opinion only ) seems to have been fairly even handed, when representing civilian matters towards war's genesis- later, seem to have been so much more likely to write pointed, pro-Union captions, it is tough to...
  15. D

    The Purpose of Past Slave Owners As Freedmen's Bureau Agents

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to see if anyone could help me gain a better understanding of the Freedmen's Bureau positions -- and how/why they were granted to certain individuals. I ask because I am working on my family tree and I working on one of my brick walls in researching one set of my 3rd...
  16. Pat Young

    Eyewitness Account of First 4th of July Celebration in Raleigh NC since Sumter Reconstruction150

    The end of the Civil War was a joyous time for many Southerners who were able to once again openly celebrate the national Independance Day, a practice that had been suppressed by the Confederates during the previous four years. This article from the NY Times is particularly moving for its...
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