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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Pontoons At Fredericksburg, Army Engineers Float The Battle

    Second favorite pontoon bridge image, ( apparently ) from 1862, Fredericksburg. Using it because engineers employed canal boats in lieu of pontoon boats to throw one of the bridges there across the Rappahannock. You use what you have. Not the one constructed under fire... Anyone keep seeing...
  2. NH Civil War Gal

    Hauntings of Fredericksburg

    This is a very interesting Youtube Video about Hauntings of Fredericksburg. The first 8 minutes are a promotion and information for Central Virginia's Battlefield Trust and how they saved 900+ acres of the Wilderness. The video was done in 2013. Then the historical group goes into the...
  3. Harms88

    Question about Union casualties at Fredericksburg

    My question specifically is what happened to the wounded in Gibbon's, Meade's and Birney's commands in the Grand Left Division. Were the wounded taken to Fredericksburg or were there hospitals established on the eastern or western banks of the Rapphanock for these men? I know they would...
  4. lelliott19

    "This is the Yanks' Christmas Greeting" - 155th Pennsylvania Pickets at Fredericksburg

    In 1911, writing for (or speaking to a reporter of) the Claysville Recorder*, W. A. Barry vividly describes a "picture in colors" of Union and Confederate pickets at Fredericksburg on Christmas Day, 1862. I do not know if the painting still exists, but I sure would like to see it! Barry names...
  5. lelliott19

    Say What Anniversary Special: Thomas R. R. Cobb at Fredericksburg

    157 YEARS AGO - December 13, 1862. Brigadier General Thomas Reade Rootes Cobb was mortally wounded while commanding his brigade behind the stone wall, beneath Marye's Heights at the Battle of Fredericksburg. A Union artillery shell burst near the Stephens house and a piece of shrapnel hit him...
  6. lelliott19

    Say What Anniversary Special: Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg

    The writer was an eye witness to the charge of the Irish brigade at Fredericksburg. General Lee had, at the time, the finest army in history. Two formidable lines of battle were protected by a rock wall and defended by Cobb's and Kershaw's brigades of McLaw's division (one fourth of whom, I...
  7. Eleanor Rose

    Falmouth Union Church: A Slice of Mid-19th Century Life

    The Narthex (or the façade) of the old Falmouth Union Church The Falmouth, VA community built a union church in 1824 because there were not enough members of one single congregation in the community to sustain a church building. It was used by the local Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian...
  8. Kristen Hope

    Winter Quarters 1862-1863

    Does anyone know which cavalry units would have been in winter quarters around Moss Neck? Thank you!
  9. John Hartwell

    Brass Napoleon Award Sergeant Plunkett Goes Home

    Sergeant Thomas Plunkett Sgt. Thomas Plunkett, Co. E, 21st Mass., at Fredericksburg: "When two color bearers were shot down,he picked up the Regimental Color and carried it up Marye's Heights further than any other Union flag. At that point, a Confederate cannonball took away both his arms...
  10. lelliott19

    "Jeems, oh, Jeems, did you hear that ar shell?" - Troup Artillery Carlton's Battery Georgians

    "Jeems, oh, Jeems, did you hear that ar shell? Begolly, it went jest like a kivy of Georgia patriges." Two guns of the Troup Artillery [Carlton's Battery] were in the middle of the Telegraph road near Fredericksburg, Va., firing cannister [sic] shot at the Yankees who were very near and...
  11. JPK Huson 1863

    Union And Confederate Officers, Arthur Lumley's Toast Among The Captured At Fredericksburg

    " The Union & Rebel officers taking the last drink after signing the papers (?) of parole and exchange of prisoners, Goodbye " Arthur Lumley, Fredericksburg, for Frank Leslie's Illustrated News Full image, LoC Crazy good image of one of those moments frequently encountered during the war. We...
  12. JPK Huson 1863

    GRAPHIC Sanitary Commission's Eye Witness, Burying The Dead At Fredericksburg

    Cropped to be able to view the main subjects of O'Sullivan's photograph taken at Fredericksburg, this one in the series seems to be of a minister reading a burial rite. Almost never possible to be 100% certain, accounts by and of Sanitary Commission's Rev. J.A. Stone point to the minister being...
  13. JPK Huson 1863

    The Gibbons Girls, Faces From Fredericksburg , 1864

    Abby Hopper Gibbons, parasol, poses next to daughter Sarah both part of the Sanitary Commission's relief efforts, nursing at Fredericksburg, 1864. Rev. J.A. Stone may be in this photo, too ( I think I know who he is, another thread! ), the minister so famously reading funeral services in the...
  14. JohnOrtegae

    This is FANTASTIC collection to me!

    Of all the cases in this collection I just brought into the house, this one is the most fun. The label says: "Artifacts excavated in several winter camps of the Confederate Army near Fredericksburg and Hamilton's Crossing, Virginia. The camps date mainly from the winter of 1862-1863. This...
  15. Pat Young

    Remembering the Fredericksburg Dead of the Irish Brigade in Queens, N.Y. Dec. 15. 2018 Photo Tour

    The Battle of Fredericksburg took place 156 years ago this week. Today, in Calvary Cemetery in Queens the New York National Guard held its annual memorial service for the men of the Irish Brigade who gave their lives at Fredericksburg. Over several posts, I will upload photos of the event.
  16. Wellwords

    Where's my ReEnactment?

    I'm was having some trouble finding out if there were any reenactments on the schedule for a particular battle, and I realized what I really wanted was a 'grand schedule' of all Civil War re-enactments (or other battle reenactments). Am I just looking in the wrong place for this? I figured you...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    One, More Widow, A Fredericksburg Last Letter Home

    You bought these prints, filling in the tomb inscription. This LoC print was someone's momento- a clip from a newspaper has been carefully placed inside this one. No idea whose or even if it was a war casualty. What matters is the grief. Another widow. Anna's letter let her know she was yet...
  18. JPK Huson 1863

    " Crept..On Hands And Knees., To Catch Every Note ", Gilson's Healing Raid Of Song, Mayre's House

    With the most haunting, elusive call in all birdom, if not melodious, our whip-poor-will for some reason seems evocative of past, healing voices. Don't ask me why, Helen's songs for wounded that day at Fredericksburg made me think, not of larks or thrush- but this sweet, plaintiff song, calling...
  19. James N.

    Upcoming April, 2018 Civil War Excursion

    Tomorrow, April 3, @1863surgeon Doug Garnett, his son Bradley, and Yours Truly (above, Doug and I during the 2007 145th Anniversary Shiloh event) are setting off on what may prove to be a questionable Adventure - mainly because of the erratic, unseasonable weather! - driving from Northeast Texas...

    Confederates Before A Union Camera Confederates Before A Union Camera~ The single known instance in which the Union photographers succeeded in getting a near view of the Confederate troops. Near the end of the railroad bridge in Fredericksburg a view of the men in Lee’s...
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