fort sumter

  1. Joshism


    Why did some people spell it Fort Sumpter instead of Fort Sumter? It's named after Revolutionary War leader Thomas Sumter, isn't it? Just like the town of Sumter, SC? Why do some people persist in using the archaic, if not outright incorrect, spelling today when the official site name is Fort...
  2. James N.

    Civil War Talk Throwback Thursday, 3-7-19

    This week Throwback Thursday returns to March, 1989 when on the 6th filming on Glory began at our worst possible location, the old and abandoned Savannah, Ga. railyards near downtown that were used to represent the Readville, Mass. camp of the 54th. Above, along with artillery coordinator for...
  3. B

    Fort Sumter isn't fired upon

    We all know the familiar tale of Fort Sumter it was a Federal military installation in South Carolina in the city of Charleston that was attacked by Confederate forces thus the first shots of the Civil War and the conflict began. However it may have been different if the Confederates opted not...
  4. WJC

    How did Blacks React to the Bombardment of Ft. Sumter?

    During the rebel bombardment of Fort Sumter in April 1861, diarist Mary Chesnut wrote: Not by one word or look can we detect any change in the demeanor of these negro servants. Laurence sits at our door, as sleepy and as respectful and as profoundly indifferent. So are they all. They carry it...
  5. skb8721

    Taking Exception to a Civil War Guest Speaker / Forts Sumter & Fort Pickens

    I attended a Civil War round table meeting recently and took exception to an argument -- the primary argument -- of a guest speaker. He asserted that the US bore the major if not sole responsibility for the Civil War because it was a breach of international law for the Union to resupply and...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Goodbye To Sumter, The Wive's Farewell

    We tend to hear the high politics then the high drama on Fort Sumter- then the high rage as a man I've always pictured as nearly bursting with pent-up bile was finally able to release some instead of that aneurism he must have been nurturing, and a shell excused itself through damp Carolina, sea...
  7. chubachus

    Confederate naval/blockade runner photograph?

    Title: Harbor - Ft. Sumpter (i.e. Sumter) in distance Creator(s): Cook, George S. (George Smith), 1819-1902, photographer Date Created/Published: Charleston, S.C. : [Geo. L.] Cook, photographer, [between 1860 and 1865] Medium: 1 photograph : print on card mount ; mount 8.5 x 17.5 cm (stereograph...

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