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  1. B

    FOR SALE For Sale -Vest-Nco Sash lower price

    Hi, I am offering a union forage cap no fading size 6 7/8 for $30 del., and an ex. condition vest by jarnagin size 46 $45 del. also a never used poncho for $40.00 and a NCO sash with no fading for $30 del. Thanks Paul
  2. Duane Pringle

    Uniforms Kepi and forage cap differences

    Once again I am asking for some advice on head gear. I wear forage caps but decided to purchase a kepi to wear also purchased from 2 different makers. Is the kepi supposed to fit so mutch differently than a forage cap like sit on top of your head and I wear a 73/4 in forage cap that fits loose...
  3. Cody C. Engdahl

    What kind of forage might a cavalry patrol lift from an abandoned plantation?

    As far as foodstuff and how much? If the plantation specialized in cotton would they still find grain and livestock and how much?
  4. J

    Best reproduction kepi or forage hat

    Hey everyone, Looking for a reproduction kepi or forage hat to wear around just for fun. My ancestor was in he Ohio 73rd, Co. E. I wanted to get a nice one. What kind of insignia might he have had in his? Any and all recommendations appreciated. By the way, my ancestor served from 61-65, would...
  5. J

    Looking for Indian War kepi

    Can anyone point me towards an affordable Indian War Kepi? Finally got an authentic forage cap from Shiloh Relics in honor of my ancestor James Welch, Ohio 73rd, Co E, veteran of Gettysburg, died in 1913. Now looking for an Indian War kepi in honor of his son, Edward Welch, 1st infantry, Co K...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!