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  1. luinrina

    The Swamp Fox of the Confederacy – John Jackson Dickison

    When reading up on Civil War activities in Florida, you will eventually hear this name: John Jackson Dickison, the Swamp Fox of the Confederacy. And that Floridians regard him like Virginians regard Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. So who is he and what makes him so remarkable to the Civil...
  2. luinrina

    Island Hotel, Cedar Key, Florida

    During my recent Florida trip, I stayed two nights at the Island Hotel at Cedar Key. The house was built in 1859/1860. The owners, John Parsons and Francis E. Hale, opened the Parsons and Hale General Store in anticipation of business to come as soon as the railroad connecting Fernandina at the...
  3. luinrina

    Florida House Inn, Fernandina Beach

    During my recent Florida trip I stayed at the Florida House Inn in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, Florida's oldest surviving hotel. It's in the heart of the historic district, just two blocks away from the visitor center and pier. The inn was built in 1857 by David Yulee's Florida Railroad...
  4. luinrina

    Dummett House (St. Francis Inn), St. Augustine, Florida

    During my recent trip to Florida, I stayed a night in St. Augustine and chose the historic St. Francis Inn Bed & Breakfast, the city's oldest inn. The house was built in 1791 during the city’s Second Spanish Colonial Period and features the era's typical architecture - built like a fortress to...
  5. luinrina

    Say What Saturday: Marching side by side

    In preparation for my trip to Florida I read up on Civil War actions in the Sunshine State. Paul Taylor in his book Discovering the Civil War in Florida – A Reader and Guide, where a chapter focusses on a specific area, first summarizes the events that happened and then he lets the participants...
  6. V

    New Florida member

    I am glad to join civil war talk. i have been interested in the civil war since i was nine years old (1959). Family visited Gettysburg and I was hooked. I received the American Heritage history of the civil war from christmas that year. The family went back to Gettysburg for the centennial. My...
  7. luinrina

    Camp Captain Mooney Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida

    The Camp Captain Mooney Cemetery was founded on March 1, 1864 and belongs to the Florida Division of the United Daugthers of the Confederacy. It used to be a Confederate outpost called Camp Mooney. A skirmish took place here and in the vicinity. After the defeat at Olustee, approx. 500 Union...
  8. luinrina

    Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida

    Evergreen Cemetery was established in 1880. Over 250 Civil War veterans are buried here, both Union and Confederate. I had been unsuccessful in finding a plan of the cemetery online before the trip; you will definitely need one. The cemetery is HUGE. I stopped at the cemetery office at the...
  9. luinrina

    Old City Cemetery, Jacksonville, Florida

    The Old City Cemetery was established in 1852 as Jacksonville's main burial ground. Approximately 220 Confederate veterans are buried here; I only found about 50. Most notable graves: General Joseph Finegan - Confederate commander at the Battle of Olustee, later commander of the Florida Brigade...
  10. luinrina

    Touring Florida - The Civil War in the Sunshine State

    Confederate monument at Ocala I'm back on the road, this time in the Sunshine State. And sunshine I have had so far aplenty! ☀ My tour started from Orlando. Coming with warm recommendations, I first hit the Dade Battlefield. I visited the museum, got to see the movie, than walked the original...
  11. Joshism

    Florida Social Studies Textbook From 1986 on The Causes of the Civil War

    I came across a 1986 Florida grade school social studies textbook and thought it would be interesting to see how they presented the causes of the war. Also, a small glimpse into how school textbooks are made. The book is simply titled Florida and is part of the HBJ Social Studies series, named...
  12. donna

    155th Anniversary of the Skirmish At Station No. 4 Cedar Kes, Florida

    This Living History will be on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2020 from 10 am to 4 pm at Cedar Key City Park, 2nd St and A St Cedar Key, Florida. There will be reenactors, Canon Drill and Firing. For more information go to: https://cwrnf.org/cedar-key
  13. M

    A Florida flag.

    How many Florida flags still exist?
  14. Tom Elmore

    Lang’s Florida Brigade Versus the 1st Massachusetts and 26th Pennsylvania

    Date/Time/Location: July 2 / 6:50 p. m. / Emmitsburg Road Participants: Union: 1st Massachusetts Regiment (deployed as skirmishers) – estimate 18 officers, 303 enlisted men 26th Pennsylvania Regiment – estimate 24 officers, 341 enlisted men Battery C, 5th U.S. Artillery – six 12-Pounder...
  15. V

    Hello from the Space Coast of Florida

    Hello all! Looking forward to joining in on the discussions! Am a huge CW buff! Prior to living here on the Space Coast for 11 years we lived in northern VA (Loudoun County) for 18 years. So much CW history on the I-81 corridor. Went to several CW reenactments in VA and PA over the years there...
  16. Joshism

    Honoring The Wrong Dead

    While visiting a cemetery near Arcadia, Florida I was not surprised to see a number of SCV bronze markers and little CBFs fluttering by the graves of various Confederate veterans. However, one grave caught me by surprise. George was 14 when the American Civil War ended. What's the story here...
  17. Belle Montgomery

    Treasure Hunters Unearth Civil War Artifacts and Inspire New Course at Florida Prep

    MELBOURNE, Fla. (FOX 35 ORLANDO) - A professional treasure hunter and his partners are exploring the history and mystery of Florida's East Coast, recently unearthing Civil War-era weapons. Dr. Michael Torres said the site in New Smyrna Bearch was once a military fort of the Confederacy that...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Mandarin Point's Civil War Maple Leaf shipwreck is one-of-a-kind

    Scale model of Maple Leaf at the Mandarin Museum & Historical Society The night was still and silent. Experienced river pilot—and freedman—Romeo Murray knew every curve of the St. Johns River. A former slave of Zephaniah Kingsley, Murray had been piloting riverboats for the Union Army since...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Team Responsible for Discovery Revisit Shipwreck Maple Leaf's Artifacts After 30 Years

  20. Joshism

    Political Reconstruction in Florida

    Jerrell H. Shofner. "Political Reconstruction in Florida." Florida Historical Quarterly. Vol. 45, No. 2 (Oct 1966) https://www.jstor.org/stable/30147741 A 26-page article available for free through JSTOR (if you sign up for a free account you can read a limited number of articles each month)...
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