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  1. C

    Muzzleldrs Help! Enfield 1862

    I am an Estate Sale coordinator in Louisiana and a family has added this Tower 1862 Enfield musket at the last minute. When I took it to a modern arms appraiser, he wouldn’t appraise since he was unschooled in early weapons. When I mention it to collectors, they want to “help” me—not good. Can...
  2. P

    Discussion Enfield Tools

    If you are interested in the combination tools used with the various patterns of Enfields (long, short, cavalry, private and sergeants versions) find a copy of Arms Gazette Vol. 11 Number 3 November 1974. Title: British Military Combination Tools 1842-1862 by D.W. Bailey. He has line drawings of...
  3. A

    Muzzleldrs Another 1853 enfield to educate me on

    Here's one I just committed to purchase. My biggest question here is has the stock been sanded? You can still make out some faint proof Mark's in the stock. Thanks,
  4. rob63

    Muzzleldrs Continental Europe source of P53 Enfield barrels during ACW?

    Several years ago I started a thread on a P53 Enfield that I own that is something of an odd duck. Here is that thread in its entirety. https://civilwartalk.com/threads/another-p53-enfield-question.112403/ To summarize, the Enfield that I have has non-standard proof marks at the breech of the...
  5. A

    Muzzleldrs 1853 Enfield? No Civil War Usage? Value?

    Hello all I have what I believe to be a 1853 made in 1863. I think this Enfield bears the markings for a class 1 government rifle and not one made for export? Any chance this could have ended up in the ACW? If not what is its rough value? Thanks
  6. ConfederateCanuck

    Ammo 1853 Enfield - Improving Accuracy

    I am getting very bad accuracy from my p1853 Enfield, despite it still having visible rifling. Benchrested, I get a 20" spread at 50 yards (EDIT: in all directions, not just windage or just elevation) many bullets don't even hit the paper at 100 yards. How can I improve the accuracy? I have...
  7. L

    Looking to buy 1853 Enfield

    I see several places to buy rifles, some cheaper than others. Where have you had the best experience? I’ve looked at Dixie Gun Works, Blockade Runner, Crescent City Sutlers to just name a few. Thanks!
  8. M

    ENDED 1853 Enfield .58 cal replica

    I have a 1853 replica 3 band for sale used in a couple reenactments, only live fired once. Just don’t give it the attention it needs. Looking to sell it for 600.
  9. T

    Remembering the Enfield at Vicksburg

    I dug this fired Enfield this morning in west central Mississippi and this find reminded me of the tremendous impact the British Enfield made for the Confederates at Vicksburg. When Grant entered the city on July 4, 1863, he was surprised to discover that many of the 30,000 Confederate soldiers...
  10. K

    Muzzleldrs English Enfield rifles

    I’m embarrassed to be asking the following question - I’ve asked before and someone gave me an answer but now, for the life of me, I can’t find the post. I apologize to everyone if I’m gumming up the works by asking this again. My ancestor’s regimental history says that they were issued...
  11. 9th VA Asian

    ENDED Springfield Breechplug on Enfield?

    Bit of a follow-up on a previous post, but I've been looking for an enfield Breechplug and they're near impossible to find. I picked up an 1861 springfield breechplug for a separate springfield barrel and tried it on the enfield for the hell of it... The darn thing fits! It screws on halfway...
  12. Zak93

    Muzzleldrs 1853 Enfield ? Confederate?!!!

    1861 endfeild I picked up the other day .English trade rifle ? band is missing in middle and bottom one is wrong. Cook and son on bottom of stock and underneath the ram rod cook and son stamp on stock as well ,anybody know if they can confirm this as confederate? Maybe something near the bolts...
  13. D

    Pattern 1853 carbine??

    Hello. After watching for a while, I decided I needed to join and participate. I have a curious Pattern 1853 "carbine" that I could use some help on. It is a 2 band carbine with a 24" barrel and multiple inspection marks. I believe it is a cut down version of a pattern 1853 rifled musket because...
  14. R

    ENDED 3 Band Rifle

    My son and I are looking for a reasonably priced, 3 band rifle (P1853 Enfield, 1861 Springfield, etc.) for reenacting. We welcome any leads. Thanks!
  15. sailorruss

    Looking for Reenacting Units and current contact information

    I'm a fresh fish and my wife and I are moving from Central Florida to Tennessee. I have always wanted to reenact. As I now have the time and means to do so I would very much like to find a unit in Tennessee. I did bop around on the internet but seemed to only have my emails returned as they...
  16. Belle Montgomery

    Mythbusters Episode Bust "Son Of A Gun" Civil War Bullet Pregnancy Video

    Thought I'd post this video of the Mythbusters Show regarding the "Son of a Gun" Civil War myth in the "Weapons and "Ammo" forum. It's a follow up on my post on Monday titled "Did a bullet impregnate a woman in the Civil War? New film tells the tale" Lots of Civil War guns and ammo stuff! The...
  17. ChuckPaul

    Needs Some Knowledge: 1862 Tower/Enfield

    I Hello Friends, I have some questions: the stock has a curve and no bump for the righty hand it’s one continuous curve and I haven’t seen that in the research I’ve done. Secondly, inside the lock plate has S&cS any info would be great. 4th generation hand me down.
  18. CWcadet

    !!The 2 rivet scabbard!!

    Hello All, I'm trying to look into the use of the 2 rivet scabbard, during the war. If anyone can share some information I would greatly appreciate it. Also, was it used by both sides of the war. CWcadet
  19. Gibbs

    Enfield 1858 2 band Naval rifles used by Northern troops?

    Was wondering if the Enfield P1858 Naval rifle, with the brass furniture, was ever used much, or at all by the Union military (North)? I know that there were many of the 1860 Army rifles (Enfield) issued and used by the South, but not sure about either the P1858 or P1860 Army being used by U.S...
  20. Matt90

    1853 Enfield with No Proof Markings?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I historically have collected Soviet and German WWII arms, but recently have taken an interest in black powder firearms and have a few reproductions (1860 Henry, 1858 Remington and 1874 Sharps) in my regular shooting collection and am...
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