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  1. sailorruss

    Looking for Reenacting Units and current contact information

    I'm a fresh fish and my wife and I are moving from Central Florida to Tennessee. I have always wanted to reenact. As I now have the time and means to do so I would very much like to find a unit in Tennessee. I did bop around on the internet but seemed to only have my emails returned as they...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Mythbusters Episode Bust "Son Of A Gun" Civil War Bullet Pregnancy Video

    Thought I'd post this video of the Mythbusters Show regarding the "Son of a Gun" Civil War myth in the "Weapons and "Ammo" forum. It's a follow up on my post on Monday titled "Did a bullet impregnate a woman in the Civil War? New film tells the tale" Lots of Civil War guns and ammo stuff! The...
  3. ChuckPaul

    Needs Some Knowledge: 1862 Tower/Enfield

    I Hello Friends, I have some questions: the stock has a curve and no bump for the righty hand it’s one continuous curve and I haven’t seen that in the research I’ve done. Secondly, inside the lock plate has S&cS any info would be great. 4th generation hand me down.
  4. CWcadet

    !!The 2 rivet scabbard!!

    Hello All, I'm trying to look into the use of the 2 rivet scabbard, during the war. If anyone can share some information I would greatly appreciate it. Also, was it used by both sides of the war. CWcadet
  5. Gibbs

    Enfield 1858 2 band Naval rifles used by Northern troops?

    Was wondering if the Enfield P1858 Naval rifle, with the brass furniture, was ever used much, or at all by the Union military (North)? I know that there were many of the 1860 Army rifles (Enfield) issued and used by the South, but not sure about either the P1858 or P1860 Army being used by U.S...
  6. Matt90

    1853 Enfield with No Proof Markings?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I historically have collected Soviet and German WWII arms, but recently have taken an interest in black powder firearms and have a few reproductions (1860 Henry, 1858 Remington and 1874 Sharps) in my regular shooting collection and am...
  7. Cpl. Smith

    Deblueing confederate enfields

    I've never found evidence personally for the deblueing of confederate enfieds. I do not have access to many memoirs or diary entries for info. Thanks in advance. I have seen evidence for yanks in another thread.
  8. OkieReb

    Standard rifle carry

    I’m new here, and hope I’m posting this in the right place. I can’t find an answer to this question anywhere. How were the Enfield and Springfield rifle originally carried safely when it could be needed quickly? When marching into battle it makes sense the powder and ball would loaded but no...
  9. LtRusell

    Two Band P.60

    I’m slowly putting together a Florida Volunteer Coast Guard/CSCG/CS Naval impression (USNLP). While I know it sounds like a bit much I am buying in stages, doing my research. This might be redirected to another thread, but I have heard the P.60 Enfield was used sharpshooters and cavalry. I have...
  10. LtRusell

    M1856 Enfield Carbine

    I have been interested in weapons in all wars. While I know that Springfields, Enfields, Richmonds, ETC were used, I was wondering about the M1856 Carbine. I think was fairly rare due to the destruction of I think 1,000 of them that were marked (no tower of JS pun intended) for Forrest. That...
  11. matfor13

    Question about 1842 Springfield in comparison to other firearms...

    Hi guys and gals, After being out of the reenacting hobby for a few years due to being in college, I have the itch to get back involved and join up again since I'm graduating in a few months. Reenacting provided some of my best memories and the camaraderie was amazing. I'm going to be looking...
  12. H

    FOR SALE 1853 Enfield 3-band, Cleaned and Tested

    In good condition, works very well. Asking $700, open to negotiations. Email [email protected] for direct contact. Thank you kindly! Photo links: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H4H43hhVWLrY3i8unWwujItp4kMaWJGJFA/view https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uaz8C_4QKiJ6QoH-NJlF1fMFbXvBaCmMbA/view
  13. H

    FOR SALE 1853 3-band Enfield rifle

    Selling a reproduction 1853 Enfield. Good condition, nothing broken or damaged. Works perfectly, has been used with black power blanks, will work with bullets as well. Good for reenactments or living history. Asking $600, but willing to negotiate. Contact me directly at [email protected]
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!