1. Eleanor Rose

    Decorating Easter Eggs in Victorian Style

    Victorian Easter egg gift basket. Household Elegancies, by Mrs. C. S. Jones and Henry T. Williams was published in 1877 and is full of amazing illustrations and advice on home decorating. I thought you might enjoy reading some of their advice for decorating Easter eggs. The following is an...
  2. lelliott19

    Soldiers' Superstitions: Lucky Rabbit's Foot

    SOLDIERS' SUPERSTITIONS Confederates and Federals - Rabbits' Feet - A Steel Button From the Detroit Free Press As to whether the Confederate soldier was any more superstitious than the Federal, I neither admit nor deny, but I think the same superstitions in regard to battles probably prevailed...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Battles And Bunnies And Eggs, Oh My! Easter's Confusing War

    Happy first Sunday after the first full moon, after the Spring equinox! Memorized in catechism class- ' When is Easter Sunday? " Well, discovered quite a few things about ' era Easter ', meaning 1861-1865. No one seemed quite sure what, exactly, to do about it? Predictably, yes, Easter Sunday...
  4. Eleanor Rose

    The Victorian Easter Bunny

    Easter Card, 19th Century. (Image via Santa Clara County Library) Though the origin of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies can be traced back to ancient times, our Victorian friends did not begin to celebrate Easter in the way that we know it until the late 19th century. It was then that Easter...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Stuffed Country Ham

    Pinterest Easter Sunday is almost here and for many of us that means having ham for dinner. While looking for some recipes, I discovered, ''300 Years of Black Cooking in St. Mary’s County, Md.'' Published in 1976 by the St. Mary’s County bicentennial committee, it is no longer in print, but it...
  6. Anna Elizabeth Henry

    Modern Carrot Cake Cupcakes

    A little something to try for the upcoming Easter holidays. For some reason I do associate carrot cake with Easter. I'm not sure if it stems from my childhood, as the Easter Bunny eats carrots and many Easter decorations depict carrots or if it's just a spring kind of cake. Regardless, I...

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