1. Belle Montgomery

    Photos of Victorian Women by Mathew Brady From The 1860's- Dress/Hair Styles Galore!

    A few may be from the 70's but heh...these women lived during the war! … and now the actresses!
  2. Belle Montgomery

    An International Victorian Ball in 2018! Some Lovely Hoop Skirts too...

    This is just lovely and was this past April. I bet some are not even reenactors...they just enjoy dressing up Victorian. Thank goodness @Mrs. V Hale Farm's won't be as formal!:happy:
  3. NurseErin


    Working on getting all of my pieces together for Shiloh. I really don't want to crochet or knit a pair of garters. I figured ribbon would work? Any ideas or suggestion of cheap, easy to make garters?

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