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  1. hoosier

    Research Scott (Davis?) County, Virginia

    I volunteer at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg a couple afternoons a week. The museum has a voluminous collection of letters, and my assignment is to transcribe those letters into electronic files, so that the contents of the letters will still be able to be read after the original...
  2. John Wolf Smith

    What if Lee with the Army of the Valley went to the West (Building Order of Battle)

    In early 1862, General Lee takes over the Army of the Valley and gets it moved to the west to help General Johnston. What could happen?
  3. CSA Today

    Discussion The inauguration of Jefferson Davis as president 159 years ago today.

    Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as the first and only president of the Confederate States of America after the south seceded. The ceremony was held at Mongomery, the first Confederate capital, on February 18, 1861.
  4. gentlemanrob

    Jameson, Charles Davis

    Charles Davis Jameson Born: February 24, 1827 Birthplace: Gorham, Maine Father: William Jameson Unknown – 1867 (Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Orono, Maine) Mother: Martha Davis 1805 – 1866 (Buried: Riverside Cemetery, Orono, Maine) Wife: Julia Augusta Lambard Smith 1832 – 1912 (Buried...
  5. CivilWarTalk

    Medal of Honor Monday - Gunner Davis Protects a Barrel of Powder!

    John Davis . SERVICE NOTES Service/Branch: United States Navy Unit: U.S.S. Valley City Rank: Quarter Gunner MEDAL OF HONOR DETAILS Location of Action: Elizabeth City, North Carolina Date of Action: February 10, 1862 Date Award Issued: April 3, 1863 Accredited to: New Jersey. G.O. No.: 11...
  6. jackt62

    Lincoln and Davis Incognito

    I found it interesting that both Abe Lincoln and Jeff Davis were lampooned by cartoonists for the way they either started or ended their administrations. Lincoln was lambasted for being in disguise and sneaking into Washington City for his inauguration. On the reverse end, Davis was...
  7. Rusk County Avengers

    Book Review To Appomattox: Nine April Days by Burke Davis

    To Appomattox: Nine April Days by Burke Davis Published by Rinehart & Company 1st Edition 433 pages including text, index, bibliography ISBN-unavailable Price-$18.95 based on online search If this good ole classic is one of your favorites, you may not care too much for this review. Reader...
  8. jackt62

    Did Jefferson Davis Just Lose the War?

    It could arguably be said that Jefferson Davis' relief of General Joe Johnston on July 17, 1864 in front of Atlanta might have caused the Confederacy to lose whatever slight chances it still had of achieving some kind of victory over the Union. Here's why: Davis was exasperated by Johnston's...
  9. gentlemanrob

    ⋆B★G⋆ Davis, Joseph R.

    Joseph Robert Davis Born: January 12, 1825 Birthplace: Woodville, Mississippi Father: Isaac Williams Davis 1792 – 1834 (Buried: Mount Bluff Cemetery, Flora, Mississippi) Mother: Susan Gartley 1794 – 1874 (Buried: Mount Bluff Cemetery, Flora, Mississippi) Wife: Margaret Green 1847 – 1939...
  10. 16thVA

    Charles Faulkner to Jefferson Davis, re: Stonewall Jackson, postwar letter

    This showed up on my eBay searches, it is a postwar letter from Charles Faulkner to Jefferson Davis regarding Stonewall's 1862 Valley campaign. It looks like a file copy. From the seller's transcription: “The first to which I allude was his expedition in January 1862. I started with him from...
  11. Johnny_Reb_1865

    UCV Reunion And Jefferson Davis Monument Book 1896

    So I have this book that I found but the first couple pages are loose so I put them into page protectors inside of a photo album of sorts. I was thinking about very carefully undoing the string tie that holds all of the pages together and putting each of the pages into page protectors and...
  12. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Tell me more! Jefferson Davis Monument Dedication Book: How much is it worth?

    So a few years ago I was working on restoring an old plantation house by the name of "Fairview" with my father and his friends. In the house I found this as well as a $100 Confederate bill. (It was inside of this) How much is something like this normally worth? I don't think I've ever seen...
  13. Belle Montgomery

    Colonel William Watts Hart Davis - History of 104th Pennsylvania Regiment -Entire Book- Original 1866

    General Naglee, Major Gries, Lt. McDowell and Lt. Burke- Has all the battles in detail etc. https://books.google.com/books?id=m2MUAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false
  14. Belle Montgomery

    Dept. of Defense Medal of Honor Monday: Civil War Medal of Honor Monday: Army 1st Lt. George E. Davis

    More than 1,500 service members earned the Medal of Honor during the Civil War, which also happens to be when the medal was created, so it’s fitting to kick off this New Year with a recipient who was instrumental in keeping our country whole. REST OF...
  15. leftyhunter

    By what metric was President Davis an effective leader.

    Recently a poster asserted that President Davis was an effective leader. I would argue an effective leader who is attempting secession either obtains secession or at least favorable terms for his constituents. Any thoughts or metrics that prove or disprove Davus was or was not an effective...
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