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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Our Civil, Civil War Ancestors, Playing Nice With Each Other

    More than delightful glimpses of a graceful past, era images of balls and dances are reflective microcosms of the society into which our ancestors were born. Rigid etiquette was adhered to at these functions but it wasn't just a backdrop for Brussels lace and paisley waistcoats. Plain, old good...
  2. Belle Montgomery

    Ohio Regimental Military Ball at the McKinley Grand Hotel

    Just an FYI: Saturday February 16th Please make a note when you arrive at McKinley Grand Hotel for Guest Registration: Friday Evening Arrival: Please call Holly 330-720-8093 or David 419-203-3518 Saturday Arrival: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Come and enjoy a wonderful day of...
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Halloween Comes But Once A Year? Not So Fast- Our Ancestors' Masquerade Balls, 1861-1865

    " Fancy Dress " costumes, not Halloween- for a children's Masquerade Ball. Let's see, a jockey, an entire ABC primer, a Bee Hive, Fairy and ( I think ) what was known as a Flower Woman? From Godey's Lady's Book, 1865, these illustrations are scattered through periodicals and ads for " Masquerade...
  4. Belle Montgomery

    Stono Slave Rebellion gave birth to "Juba" aka "Hambone" mixed with the Irish Jig invented Tap Dance

    Danny 'Slapjazz' Barber talks about the beat history and the lyrics at 2 minutes into the video: Dancing the Juba: Juba and elements of the Irish jig (clogging) evolve to tap dancing: In 1842, the great English novelist Charles Dickens toured the United States and wrote a book about it...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    How the popular cakewalk dance was actually a mockery of white slave masters in the 1800s

    You may have participated in the present-day cakewalk, a musical chair contest, where participants walk around a circle marked off with numbers, hoping that the number they get close to would be called by the emcee in order to win a prize. Cakewalk, to others, refers to a task that can be done...
  6. Belle Montgomery

    An International Victorian Ball in 2018! Some Lovely Hoop Skirts too...

    This is just lovely and was this past April. I bet some are not even reenactors...they just enjoy dressing up Victorian. Thank goodness @Mrs. V Hale Farm's won't be as formal!:happy:
  7. H

    Olde South Ball August 18, 2018

    Join us on August 18, 2018 at the Marriott in Spartanburg, SC for the 10th annual Olde South Ball! Register by August 10th at for this fantastic event! This Victorian gala draws attendees from all over the Southeast and even some folks from up North! Your ticket price...
  8. JPK Huson 1863

    Time Out In Huntsville, General Logan's Unlikely Ball

    From Harper's Weekly, a deceptively peaceful military occupation of Huntsville, Alabama during General Logan's tenure, snip from the larger image below. Beset by gunboats, skirted by Sherman's Army, new home to Union troops making uneasy peace during war. What you have to love are the ' war...
  9. JPK Huson 1863

    Calico In Bushes And Balls Without Belles; War Parts Us

    As funny as these ungainly, awkward scenes were- and am guessing some were fall-down funny, the artist depicts no derision on the part of onlookers. " Stag Dances " gave them Emeline, for a moment, in size 12 boot, smelling like a bear just out of hibernation but Emeline. Harper's No heart...
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