1. JPK Huson 1863

    Crinolines Take Flight, Our Aerodynamic Fashion Extreme

    Just one of a plethora of era cartoons lampooning this improbable fashion extreme. Yes, I realize we're a little smitten by them and descriptions of floating belles waltzing on magnolia strewn verandas captures popular imagination. Women also caught fire, were struck by lightening, drowned and...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Hoop Skirts' Contentious Past; How Big WERE Those Things?

    " Curious effect produced by a fashionable lady, walking down the aisle at church ", caption. Men put their hats, brim up, next to their pews, Sundays during church. Swept away by wide skirts, another guy has had enough. No one is attacking this iconic image, or what it represents to anyone...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Ladies: tips on using the toilet in hoops video-Funny

    I'm sure the men will be watching this too! LOL Enjoy Izabela Pitcher's channel priorattire. She is a costume historian, reenactor and her videos are very informative. She's got a great one wearing a corset performing sports even ice skating at a public rink only in her underpinnings! Her...

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