1. Cheswick

    Authentic Mrs. Bliss' Ginger Snaps

    The discussions last month about molasses started me thinking more seriously about ginger cookies. I've often been lazy when ginger cookies are concerned - I have some really wonderful modern recipes and have just used those. Ginger cookie recipes abound in the period, so I decided to give one...
  2. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic New Year's Cookies

    We can thank our colonial era Dutch settlers for introducing New Year's Cookies to America. Sometimes called New Year's Cakes, these thin crisp sugar cookies were traditionally flavored with caraway, lemon and sometimes cider. Recipes for New Year's Cookies were very popular in the 1840s...
  3. Eleanor Rose

    History Crescent Moon Christmas Cookies

    (Pinterest) Crescent Moon Christmas Cookies came to America with German immigrants in the 1800s. This recipe is also known as “shortbreads” and has been passed along for generations. The traditional version is made with walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts, but you can choose your favorite or use...
  4. Eleanor Rose

    Modern Chocolate-Kahlua Snowball Cookies

    (Pinterest) If you like coffee, if you like kahlua or if you just like cookies you don't have to bake, this recipe is a Christmas gift for you. Enjoy!!! Chocolate-Kahlua Snowball Cookies Ingredients: 1/3 cup Kahlua coffee liqueur 2 tablespoons light corn syrup 1 teaspoon instant coffee...
  5. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Coasting Cookies

    (Courtesy of This Victorian Life.) This original recipe appeared in Elizabeth S. Miller’s book, In the Kitchen, in 1875. It appears these cookies got their name because, “Coasting and snow-balling were the bloom and glow of those long, icy months.” Coasting is a reference to sledding...
  6. Eleanor Rose

    Authentic Biscochito

    Homemade biscochito cookies (Photo by Megan Eaves) A small anise and cinnamon flavored shortbread cookie, the biscochito cookie (called biscocho in southern New Mexico), was introduced by early Spaniards in the 16th century. New Mexico designated biscochito as the state cookie in 1989 to...
  7. Anna Elizabeth Henry

    Period Ginger Nuts

    I believe these might be the period version of modern day gingersnaps. These period recipes are perfect for the holiday season and come from the Ladies Indispensable Assistant by E. Hutchinson 1852. It's a very fascinating volume for anyone who wants to know everything a 19th century woman...
  8. Anna Elizabeth Henry

    Period Brussels Biscuits or Rusks

    This recipe originally from The Cook's Guide by Charles Francatelli published in 1862 is for a simple biscuit (more commonly called a cookie in the US) that came into popularity in the Georgian period in England. Initially it was given to very young children who were just starting on solid...

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