constitutional secession

  1. WJC

    Did the Secessionists of 1860-61 use the Treaty of Paris to Justify their actions?

    There has been much discussion of the 1783 Treaty of Paris which ended the Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the United States, recognized American independence and established borders for the new nation. Some claim it gave national sovereignty not to the United States of America, but...
  2. 8thFlorida

    James Buchanan and Wheatland

    This desk was used at the White House and was from India originally. All furniture pictured is originally from Wheatland. Here are a couple more. The bath was installed by Harriet after Buchanan’s death. The piano is Harriet’s his niece. I visited James Buchanan’s Presidential home...
  3. T

    Constitutional Secession: how to proceed politically?

    Suppose the seven seceding states of the "Winter of Secession" in 1860-61 had decided to work through the existing political system. How would they do it? Here is an idea to start: One or more of the states declare they want to leave instead of saying they have left. South Carolina is the...

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