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  1. skb8721

    What Can You Tell from This Un'ID'ed Soldier's Photo?

    This is a photo of an unknown Confederate soldier. I'm wondering what can be deduced or inferred about him by this photo? ! I can tell you that the other soldier in the photo (cropped out) was a captain and an ordnance officer in the First Division, Confederate Army of the TransMississippi...
  2. P

    The Confederate Gun Batteries at Memphis 1862

    Collectively, what do we know about the gun batteries defending Memphis in 1862. I have come across a map showing two gun batteries said to have contained six heavy guns each sited on the levee near to the Naval Yard, another picture shows the one of these batteries built on a mound at the...
  3. ucvrelics

    Recent Find Relics From A Confederate Parole Camp "Buttons"

    One of the things that this CS camp has produced is BUTTONS. I have found more buttons in this one section then you can shake a stick at. Most are civilian but there have been many CS buttons come out of the ground. Most are the solid cast block I cast type but there are some some tin backs as...
  4. ucvrelics

    Confederate History Month Post Relatives Name & Photo To Honor

    Well its time of year again and with all this virus stuff I let it slip by. Even though all events that were scheduled here in Alabama have been cancelled we can still celebrate our Southern heritage thru social media. I would like to invite everyone that has a CS relative to post there name and...
  5. F

    Lone Confederate on a Maine field

    Some time ago, a Civil War reenactment was held on the campus of Good Will-Hinckley in Maine. While looking for something else I stumbled on this photo that I had taken on that hot, summer day. The gentleman was (actually) not on his own--he had come up from Alabama with a number of others...
  6. Gandycreek

    Cheap Confederate Tintype

    NOT !
  7. Derrick K.

    Hello folks!

    Hi y’all, I’m new around here and a big American Civil War buff! I’m mostly pro-Union, but I have Confederate roots mainly due to family in the Virginias. I’m looking forward to great times here!
  8. ucvrelics

    Recent Find Relics From A Confederate Parole Camp "Ammo"

    Here are some of the bullet that I found in one sections of the Confederate parole camp here. The CS troops didn't receive new weapons until early 1864 and then they got a Hodge Podge of different weapons as you can see. The Enfields and round balls were the prevalent ones found but as you can...
  9. rebel brit

    Munford Cemetery, Covington.TN

    Seeing @gentlemanrob posts reminded me of visiting Munford cemetery in Covington on our way from Memphis to Ft Pillow TN. I wish now I had taken the time to photograph more of the graves individually, perhaps the next time we're in the area.
  10. Philip Leigh

    Book Review Berry Benson's Civil War Book: Memoirs of a Confederate Scout and Sharpshooter

    Edited by Susan W. Benson Introduction by Edward J. Cashin Copyright Date: 1991 Published by: Georgia University Press Pages: 288 Together with his sixteen-year-old brother, Blackford, Berry Benson (1843-1923) enlisted in a South Carolina regiment three months before Fort Sumter when he was...
  11. John Wolf Smith

    Does anyone have a good CSA order of battle for The Carolinas Campaign?

    Does anyone have a good CSA order of battle for The Carolinas Campaign (The 89,270 soldiers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida)
  12. ucvrelics

    Recent Find More Relics From A Confederate Parole Camp. "A Long Way From Home"

    I have found many state and CS army buttons in the CS Parole camps here in Demopolis but this one is a LONG way from home. I know all the regiments and units that were here but there were NO Virginia units in these camps so where did this VA State Seal Button come to be in this camp. It has a...
  13. kevin klein

    The Confederate Ironclad 1912 Movie

  14. lelliott19

    New Recruits 1861: What to Bring From Home

    LOC On September 2, 1861, a Georgia soldier serving in a regiment of what would become the Army of Northern Virginia, then encamped at Sangster's Crossroads, Virginia, writes the Columbus, GA Weekly Sun. "Recruits arrive here daily," he says, as the 'veteran' proceeds to advise new recruits on...
  15. Luke Freet

    Confederate and Union OoB and Unit Strength at Chancellorsville

    Wikipedia's page on the Battle of Chancellorsville is rather thorough on not only the Order of Battle but also the strength of Confederate troops down to the divisional level. Same goes for the union (though numbers only go down to the Corps level) -Battle of Chancellorsville...
  16. Ethan S.

    Restricted Confederate monument voting results and commentary

    I'm a few days late, so forgive me. The results are in. Out of 33 voters, 90.9% voted to keep Confederate monuments 9.1% voted against keeping monuments. Two or three wanted neither of these choices (huh?). Of the 90.9% of those who voted to keep the monuments, 21 of these were...
  17. A

    Uniforms Confederate cast Block I button

    Hi all. New member here from NC. I metal detect and have found a few CW buttons over the years, but they are a rare find for me. I found this recently in some woods where a small 1800's home once stood. My buddy also found a couple of Union general service buttons there. It's 24mm with the...
  18. Tom Elmore

    Confederate “Sharpshooters” in the Stone House of Zephaniah Tawney

    In the still dim early dawn of July 3, the 2nd Virginia Infantry of Brig. Gen. Walker’s brigade moved up to the front line in support of the 1st North Carolina Infantry of Brig. Gen. Steuart’s brigade. Company D of the 2nd Virginia was immediately sent to the east side of Rock Creek, where the...
  19. M

    John Braden Confederate Treatment of Colored Troops

    This month at the Grand Rapids CWRT, John Braden will give a talk about Confederate Treatment of Colored Troops. I like to prepare for CWRTs I go to and can not find anything on line about John Braden unless he writes children books. So does anyone know anything about John Braden or why he has...
  20. davebleedsblue

    Tell me more! Question about Confederate Paroles @ Appomattox...

    Hey all! I have a chance to acquire a parole document from Appomattox for a Confederate private, but upon reviewing the list of parolees here (, I can’t find him listed. HOWEVER, I found the Captain that signed the parole...
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