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  1. 2

    Research HELP! Source/Citation for 3rd Confederate Cavalry Chronology of Events

    Hello all! First post here. I'm working on solving a major conundrum of mine. I'm trying to discover where the following Chronology / Record of Events came from for the 3rd Confederate Cavalry (which was a "regular" army unit). A man named Joseph James posted it on the internet in the 1990's I...
  2. P

    Union Cavalry Insignia on Confederate Caps ????

    Any photos or images of this ? I'm wondering if a Confed cavalry trooper might have lifted a Yankee cav crossed swords insignia and stuck it on his own cap ? Maybe he stuck it on upside down like some Rebs did with Yankee belt buckles. What about letters ? Just musing here folks.
  3. Rusk County Avengers

    Gregg County Confederate Monument & TX Confederate Heros Day 2020

    Part One-Monument itself. If you ever find yourself in downtown Longview, Texas your liable to see several monuments on its front lawn, the largest of which was first erected on June 3, 1911. It was never originally at the courthouse, the one standing now was built in the 1930's. Originally the...
  4. ucvrelics

    Flags The First Confederate Flag To Fly Over Fort Morgan And Its Not What You Think!!!

    Came across this flag today in the Alabama Archives. The caption on it reads Flag of the Young Men's Secession Association of Mobile 1861. I have never heard of this organization. After a little digging a very interesting story emerged. I would still like to know more about the association...
  5. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Jane Perkins: A Confederate Woman At White House Landing?

    Very interesting article here.
  6. P

    Who were George S. Patton's Confederate Ancestors ?

    This might make a better trivia question but it's still an interesting topic.
  7. east tennessee roots

    George Washington Berry, East TN Confederate In The 1st Missouri Infantry.

    The source of George's story is his Confederate Pension Application to the State of Tennessee. I fully expected to find that George Berry was a native of Missouri and settled in East Tennessee following the war, and thought that would have been very unique. To me, it was even more unique that a...
  8. ucvrelics

    T W House Texas Confederate Blockade Runner Flags ????

    Came across this today and I figured our Naval folks help could tell us just what these flags were used for.
  9. M

    Discussion Confederate Money

    How did the government get its money into circulation? At the start of the war, did people go to their local bank and trade in greenbacks for Confederate dollars? Was the major method of circulation through paydays to the soldiers, who then sent it home and trickled it down into the local...
  10. J

    Confederate Cartouches

    I have a Ball and Williams Ballard SN 13906. It has no Inspector or Sub Inspector markings. It is a carbine that falls within manufacture during the Civil War. What it does have, is an oval stamped or carved where the cartouche should be. Inside this oval is carved "5V or SV" (photo below)...
  11. T

    Ammo Confederate Bullet Spill

    "How many bullets have you ever found in one hole?" I was asked by a relic hunter years ago. "Just one", was my reply. That remained true until 2015, when @alan polk called me over to a hole he'd been digging at a battlefield site where we had shared permission to search for civil war artifacts...
  12. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private John Rice Payne 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Company A: A Confederate Cavalryman In The Field?

    Do y'all think this could be a Confederate Cavalryman in the field?
  13. CSA Today

    Discussion Confederate Veterans at the 1938 Gettysburg Reunion.

    General S.S. Simmons 95 of Los Angeles, CA. fought with the 8th VA. Cavalry is holding a sword (left). J.S.L. Wright 91 of Conway Ark. was a member of the 14th North Carolina Cavalry (middle). James T. Flowers 90 of Antonio Tex. was with "Wheeler's Georgia Cavalry" (right). A very rare original...
  14. FedericoFCavada

    "Why do northern States have Confederate monuments?" History News Network

    Thomas J. Brown--History News Network article Thomas J. Brown, professor of history at the University of South Carolina, is the author of Civil War Monuments and the Militarization of America (2019) and Civil War Canon: Sites of Confederate Memory in South Carolina (2015).
  15. ucvrelics

    Museum The Journey Of A Confederate Generals Colt Navy Pistol

    While visiting my sister (who doesn't believe in TV) in Sparta,Tennessee for Christmas I decided to walk up to the cemetery. One of the few CS graves was one of Gen. Dibrell. When I mentioned it to my Sis she said "Oh his pistol is in the museum" The museum was closed the whole time I was there...
  16. Virginia Dave

    Ammo Civil War Artillery Confederate 3 Inch Selma Short Pattern Bolt

    Can someone enlighten me as to the canon this shell might be fired from. This is my first time getting into artillery. CIVIL WAR ARTILLERY CONFEDERATE 3 INCH SELMA SHORT PATTERN BOLT
  17. Tom Elmore

    Confederate Artillery West and Northwest of Town in the July 3 Cannonade

    With regard to Confederate artillery positioned west and northwest of the town of Gettysburg to support the July 3 cannonade, participation was restricted to longer-range rifled pieces. For that reason, guns were contributed by four different artillery battalions. Most of the guns in this...
  18. Luke Freet

    Confederate Strength in the Opening of the Valley Campaigns of 1864

    This Christmas, I have recieved a plethora of books focusing on the 1864 Valley Campaign. As this is a subject that I love speaking of, I'd love to break down the unit strengths for the early Valley campaign, in order to highlight the situation in the Valley in the spring of 1864. First...
  19. copley

    Uniforms Authentic Confederate Shell Jacket?

    I recently came into possession of what appears to be a shell jacket, but as I am definitely not an expert on antique cloth or ACW uniforms, I wanted to throw it out to the members of the site for assessment. As a preface, I know how rare Confederate coats are, with them being taken home and...
  20. alan polk

    Lamar Fontaine, the Confederate Scout Who Kept Vicksburg Supplied

    As a child, I had heard of Lamar Fontaine in connection with the siege of Vicksburg, but, honestly, forgot about him as time passed. In the meantime, I had become interested in how the garrison was supplied with percussion caps and how messages were passed between Pemberton and Johnston when the...
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