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  1. Belle Montgomery

    Period Confederate Army Dandelion Coffee- Video of actually making and tasting it!

    This gal is a lot of fun, not to mention quite brave. I posted another of her videos regarding Confederate Toast Soup before. She's a bit "chatty" but nevertheless does a decent job of cooking and trying the era's food, especially with scant ingredients of the Confederates. Albeit she uses...
  2. UncleBourbon

    Discussion Confederates who had served in East Asia

    A bit of an obscure subject, but one that catches my interest after studying a combination of 19th century Japanese/East Asian history, US gunboat diplomacy and the Civil War. I've found five examples, three who fought in China and two who served in Japan, all of whom would go on to serve in the...
  3. C

    Hi Im a Confederate Captain's Great Grandaughter, and just joined the site today

    Thank you for the welcome! I'm actually the great-granddaughter of confederate Captain Andrew Columbus Dale. Since Im only in my 50s... most people are amazed... Andrew's first wife died and he re-married and had 6 or 7 children with her... My grandfather was his youngest son... Capt Dale was...
  4. John Hartwell

    Period Confederate Receipt Book, 1863

    Confederate receipt book. A compilation of over one hundred receipts, adapted to the times (Richmond, 1863) Besides "Culinary Receipts," there are recipes for "Beer & Vinegar," for "Soap & Candles," "Remedies," and "Miscellaneous Receipts." I'm not quite sure about this one ... or even why:
  5. CSS Virginia

    Artis Avis, the Confederate Airplane

    Hello to everybody! I am sorry to disturb, but I am currently looking for information and (possibly) images about the “confederate flying machine” that the Mississippian Richard Oglesby Davidson claimed to have invented in the years before the Civil War, and which appeared in the National...
  6. privateflemming

    Looking for any information about the uniforms of the 1st Alabama Cavalry, CSA

    My 2nd great-grandfather was in this unit (Company B) and I've been doing a lot of research about it to try to put together a uniform. I have a picture of him which I recently sent into a Facebook page here...
  7. Phil Gast

    CSS Georgia: More conserved artifacts go into storage -- at least for now

    Treasures from the CSS Georgia: Conserved artifacts from vessel are carefully stored, awaiting their moment in a museum's spotlight. -- US Navy photo Shanna Daniel in CSS Georgia storage area in Washington, DC
  8. Cyclops

    Confederate enlisted frock coat info

    Howdy! I'm a reenactor and I've been looking to expand my impression, specifically with a frock coat because I've always liked the look of them, but I care about my accuracy and don't like to get anything unless I can explain why I have it. However, I have found it remarkably difficult to...
  9. lelliott19

    Substandard Shoes at Gettysburg? Peter Wellington Alexander Reports 10,000 Barefooted Confederates on the Retreat

    In this letter, dated Culpeper Court House, August 2, 1863, Peter Wellington Alexander reports on a significant shoe situation. No, not the one you're thinking of. :D Apparently, prior to the Gettysburg campaign, a large number of substandard shoes were issued to the Army of Northern Virginia...
  10. Cpl. Smith

    Confederate cloth questions

    I'm a reenactor who portrays a virginian in the ANV, so this is hopefully information I'll put towards my next uniform purchase. 1) How many types of English Army Cloth(EAC) were used/made? (I've seen two maybe three types at events) 2) Jean cloth. Just how common was it? 3) That medium gray we...
  11. Cpl. Smith

    Bayonet drill?

    Does anyone here have a book or pamphlet on bayonet drill?. I want to learn it then teach it so we can up our presentation game up! Plus it gives me something to do in my free time... Also does anyone practice or know the drill? If so, do you have any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance! Regards...
  12. Cpl. Smith

    questions on the brookes guns

    This is going to be a broad one. So here they are! 1) I've read a little about the 6.4 and 7. Were there other sizes as well? 2) Were any mounted for siege work? (like one of the big siege parrots) 3) Where were they made? How many? 4) What made it special(or different)? Thanks in advance! Cpl...
  13. Luke Freet

    56th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

    Organized in July of 1862. Command consisted of Paul F. Faison (Colonel), G. Gratiott Luke (Lt. Colonel), and Major John W. Graham Regiment first saw service in its home state fighting U.S. troops at Goldsboro. It was then assigned to Mark W. Ransom's brigade (veterans of the Peninsula...
  14. JPK Huson 1863

    Confederate Drummer Of The 6th Virginia, The Other Mosby

    Charles' F.' Mosby pictured here is really Charles E. . Son of Southern, pre-war widow Sarah Brumfield Mosby from Manchester, Virginia with numerous progeny by husband Edward, Charles seems to have entered army life on the heels of Sumter's echo. He was only 13. Easy enough marveling at these...
  15. lelliott19

    Mortality Rates at Confederate Hospitals in Richmond and Petersburg 1861-1862

    Below is a summary of the report of Samuel Preston Moore, Surgeon General CSA (left,) and Peter Evans Hines, Chief Surgeon at Petersburg (right,) originally published in the Richmond Examiner, reprinted in the Southern Recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.,) October 07, 1862, p. 3. I did find it...
  16. lelliott19

    A Manual of Military Surgery for the use of Surgeons in the Confederate States Army

    A manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate States army; with explanatory plates of all useful operations by Julian John Chisholm 1864 edition. “In putting forth this Manual of Military Surgery for the use of Surgeons in the Confederate service, I have been led by...
  17. JohnOrtegae

    This is FANTASTIC collection to me!

    Of all the cases in this collection I just brought into the house, this one is the most fun. The label says: "Artifacts excavated in several winter camps of the Confederate Army near Fredericksburg and Hamilton's Crossing, Virginia. The camps date mainly from the winter of 1862-1863. This...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Tales of the Civil War- 82 year old man heard stories from grandfather

    Amzi Gregory shows an old copy of the book ‘The Last Reunion of the Blue and the Gray,’ a gathering attended by his grandfather who served in the Confederate Calvary. EDMOND, Okla. — It seems almost imaginable today to have had a direct conversation with a Civil War veteran. But an Edmond man...
  19. Legion Para

    W.J. Boon’s Company, Desoto Greys, Company D, 1st Mississippi Volunteers Canteen The canteen shown here was carried by Major Lemuel H. Hall. The 31-year-old Mississippian stood 5’8”, had dark hair, dark eyes and a dark complexion when he enlisted in W.J. Boon’s Company, which became the Desoto Greys, Company D, 1st...
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