1. Luke Freet

    56th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

    Organized in July of 1862. Command consisted of Paul F. Faison (Colonel), G. Gratiott Luke (Lt. Colonel), and Major John W. Graham Regiment first saw service in its home state fighting U.S. troops at Goldsboro. It was then assigned to Mark W. Ransom's brigade (veterans of the Peninsula...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Confederate Drummer Of The 6th Virginia, The Other Mosby

    Charles' F.' Mosby pictured here is really Charles E. . Son of Southern, pre-war widow Sarah Brumfield Mosby from Manchester, Virginia with numerous progeny by husband Edward, Charles seems to have entered army life on the heels of Sumter's echo. He was only 13. Easy enough marveling at these...
  3. lelliott19

    Mortality Rates at Confederate Hospitals in Richmond and Petersburg 1861-1862

    Below is a summary of the report of Samuel Preston Moore, Surgeon General CSA (left,) and Peter Evans Hines, Chief Surgeon at Petersburg (right,) originally published in the Richmond Examiner, reprinted in the Southern Recorder. (Milledgeville, Ga.,) October 07, 1862, p. 3. I did find it...
  4. lelliott19

    A Manual of Military Surgery for the use of Surgeons in the Confederate States Army

    A manual of military surgery, for the use of surgeons in the Confederate States army; with explanatory plates of all useful operations by Julian John Chisholm 1864 edition. “In putting forth this Manual of Military Surgery for the use of Surgeons in the Confederate service, I have been led by...
  5. JohnOrtegae

    This is FANTASTIC collection to me!

    Of all the cases in this collection I just brought into the house, this one is the most fun. The label says: "Artifacts excavated in several winter camps of the Confederate Army near Fredericksburg and Hamilton's Crossing, Virginia. The camps date mainly from the winter of 1862-1863. This...
  6. Belle Montgomery

    Tales of the Civil War- 82 year old man heard stories from grandfather

    Amzi Gregory shows an old copy of the book ‘The Last Reunion of the Blue and the Gray,’ a gathering attended by his grandfather who served in the Confederate Calvary. EDMOND, Okla. — It seems almost imaginable today to have had a direct conversation with a Civil War veteran. But an Edmond man...
  7. Legion Para

    W.J. Boon’s Company, Desoto Greys, Company D, 1st Mississippi Volunteers Canteen The canteen shown here was carried by Major Lemuel H. Hall. The 31-year-old Mississippian stood 5’8”, had dark hair, dark eyes and a dark complexion when he enlisted in W.J. Boon’s Company, which became the Desoto Greys, Company D, 1st...
  8. JAGwinn


    W. H. Morgan IN CAMP—EN BIVOUAC—ON THE MARCH—ON PICKET—ON THE SKIRMISH LINE—ON THE BATTLEFIELD—AND IN PRISON By W. H. MORGAN Lynchburg, Va. J. P. Bell Company, Inc. 1911 2Copyright, 1911 By W. H. MORGAN 3To the Memory of "The Loved Ones at Home" wife—father—mother this book is tenderly and...
  9. K

    Found another Confederate Ancestor

    I have found a pension record for my gr x5 grandfather Thomas S. Williams. Unfortunately the record is horrible and practically illegible. It lists his Infantry regiment, which I think might be Percy or Darcy? Unfortunately it didn't actually list the number of the regiment, just the slang or...
  10. Desert Kid

    Forrest Park-Post Removal.

    Took a visit to the former site of the statue today. Pics coming soon.
  11. Belle Montgomery

    Raising Questions about the Origins of "Dixie" -song forever identified with the Confederacy & South

    When Walker Percy accepted the National Book Award in 1962, reporters asked the adopted Mississippian why there were so many good writers who were Southerners. “Because we lost the War,” was his reply. Flannery O’Connor, one such writer, was credited with the quote in Farrell O’Gorman’s 2004...
  12. Belle Montgomery

    Feds Spending Millions to Beef up Security at Confederate Monuments, Cemeteries

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has spent nearly $3 million on Confederate cemetery security since August 2017, records obtained by the AP show. ALTON, Ill. — After last year's deadly clash between white nationalists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, the federal...
  13. jimmy canuck

    Greetings From Canada

    Hello Civil War enthusiasts, its an honour to be a new recruit in this esteemed forum. I look forward to some great discussions while learning about the facts and myths surrounding this tumultuous era. Even though I have lived in Canada all my life, (just turned 70) I have lots of American...
  14. Belle Montgomery

    African American author-George Mason University: Secession, Slavery & Today's Confederate Hysteria

    He talks about the history of secession, slavery, the Civil War and Confederate Flag 2 minutes in (also an article he wrote regarding p.c. rewriting history under video) : Here is an article he wrote: Removal of Confederate-era monuments an Orwellian disregard for U.S. history: George...
  15. Belle Montgomery

    Hot Springs' Daughters of Confederacy put 'Battle Flag' up after taking it down in 2017

    HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KATV) — Former Hot Springs resident Jacob Hicks thought this was a thing of the past. "It's definitely disappointing," he said. He is disappointed that the confederate battle flag, a flag we reported on in August of 2017, when he was petitioning to try take to it down, is...
  16. JPK Huson 1863

    Persistent Angels, Our Catholic Sisters, Memorialized

    " “The Sisters,” to quote an army chaplain, “do not have reunions or camp-fires to keep alive the memories of the most bloody lustrum in our history, but their war stories are as heroic, and far more edifying, than many the veterans tell. " So I wasn't going to do this thread. The book entitled...
  17. Belle Montgomery

    UVA’s Civil War Story Is Not All Confederate

    "James O. Broadhead owned slaves and served in the Missouri Secession Convention, where he argued against secession to protect slavery. William Fishback spoke out against secession, and escaped to Missouri after hostilities broke out." During the Civil War, the University of Virginia was...
  18. sailorruss


    Question, and based totally on opinion, humble or not, what is the strangest unit mascot you know of? I forget the unit, but I believe they had a bear...
  19. Belle Montgomery

    Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith

    For a guy who’s been dead 125 years, Edmund Kirby Smith has sure stirred up a lot of trouble in Lake County, a place he never stepped foot in but where his likeness might stand in perpetuity. Over vehement objections, the curator for the Lake County Historical Museum is forging ahead with plans...
  20. Belle Montgomery

    If Civil War Reenactors and a Bad Movie Had a Baby...

    I stumbled on what should be a Golden Turkey Award movie last night made in 2017. I guess you could say the only thing good about it would be critiquing" the reenactors? It's free on Amazon Prime if you want to suffer. February, 1865, South Carolina: Sherman's army destroys everything in its...
  21. Belle Montgomery

    The Rebel Tombigbee Squadron-Civil War and boats on the Tombigbee River

    The Steamer Magnolia as she appeared in the London Illustrated News of May 4, 1861. Before the Civil War, the Magnolia was in the Upper Tombigbee-Mobile trade. During the war she became a transport steamer as part of the Confederate Tombigbee Squadron at Demopolis. Photo by: Courtesy photo -Two...
  22. Belle Montgomery

    Goldsmith and lesser known Jewish Confederates and a reason for fighting the Civil War

    My specialty is female spies and knowing Eugenia Levy Phillips as the representative of my only Confederate Jewish spy in my display I found this brief summation without having to read Rosen's book so I'd thought I'd share it from The Jewish Magazine Site. The lesser known names are at the...
  23. Brendan

    Julian Carr's Speech at the Declaration of "Silent Sam" - An Excerpt

    "The present generation, I am persuaded, scarcely takes note of what the Confederate soldier meant to the welfare of the Anglo Saxon race during the four years immediately succeeding the war, when the facts are, that their courage and steadfastness saved the very life of the Anglo Saxon race in...
  24. Belle Montgomery

    Pastors Propose Historic Markers Detailing Slave Auctions and Keeping Confederate Statue Too

    Here's a solution to the Confederate monuments that MAY work!!!: "Now, Riggs has come to a different solution. “Instead of being divisive and trying to take things down, why can’t we put some things up to tell a side of the story that hasn’t been told before?” he asked. -During a packed...

    Confederate 68 pdr SBs

    A 68-pounder on a replica carriage at Fort Nelson While reading @rebelatsea 's excellent thread on the surplus Bombay Marine vessels - -...
  26. dixiearistocrat

    Common enlisted soldiers opinions of southrons

    hey y’all, I’m trying to find letters written by Union soldiers during the war between the states, mainly enlisted personnel not officers. I want to know what the common man thought of their cousins below the mason Dixon line.
  27. JPK Huson 1863

    Ladies Where You'd Least Expect Them, POW's, Soldiers And Spies, Oh My

    From an officer's memoir's, this image depicts Libby and Son's ship's chandlery as the famous Libby prison, Richmond. Several men held there during the war wrote of a young girl captured as a trooper, discovered and exchanged. One officer's account; War provided quite a few exceptions to...
  28. Belle Montgomery

    HBO continues to develop controversial show ‘Confederate’ despite fiery backlash

    At the Television Critics Assoc.’s summer press tour on Wednesday, HBO president Casey Bloys told TVLine that the controversial drama project from Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss remains in development — despite the duo’s recently-inked deal with Disney and Lucasfilm to...
  29. Belle Montgomery

    The "Other" Confederate General Jackson - aka "Old Mudwall" Jackson from Tennessee

    NEW YORK TIMES- Sept. 19. 1863 PAGE I: "THE WAR IN TENNESSEE.; A BATTLE AT LIMESTONE STATION CAPTURE OF 300 OF OUR FORCES." Correspondence of the Richmond Enquirer. JONESEDORE, Tern., Thursday, Sept. 10, 1863. Before giving an account of the fight of the 9th, I will give some light as to...
  30. Belle Montgomery

    Confederate Flag Returning to South Carolina Statehouse
  31. AuthorInspired

    Confederate Uniform for sale: Jacket, Ammo Box, Haversack

    ~ For sale ~ Men's Civil War reenactment field jacket, size 34. 100% Wool. My brother purchased it at Calico Civil War reenactment in California, new condition, never used. The ammo box is genuine black leather, and the haversack is cotton & leather with a removable inner lining. Both are new...
  32. JPK Huson 1863

    From Martinsburg, With Thanks, A Female, Confederate POW

    "...For his kindness to me while a prisoner of war in Martinsburg ", this Confederate woman's haunting image from LoC, apparently a gift from the grateful recipient of an act of kindness, creates more questions than it answers. If she has made an appearance here and I've somehow missed it...
  33. 8thFlorida

    US Army Ranger Crest Has Been Southern Cleansed

    I recently visited my local Army/Navy store and came across the original unit crest for the US Army Rangers. I couldn't help but notice that the original unit crest included a Confederate Battle Flag in the top right quadrant of the pin. Immediately I was interested and started to research the...
  34. Cpl. Smith

    Deblueing confederate enfields

    I've never found evidence personally for the deblueing of confederate enfieds. I do not have access to many memoirs or diary entries for info. Thanks in advance. I have seen evidence for yanks in another thread.
  35. Kimberly Berry

    Annual Confederate Memorial Service, Staunton, VA

    Members of The J.E.B Stuart Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy cordially extend an Invitation to The Annual Confederate Memorial Service at the Confederate Monument in the Soldiers' Section of Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia on Sunday, May 27, 2018, at 2:30 p.m. Memorial...
  36. S

    Help Identifying a Civil War Artifact Recently I acquired this artifact, and cleaned it up. It wasn't in the best shape when I got it but it cleaned up fairly nicely. I was told it was part of a saddle, but I'm not sure what part it...
  37. davebleedsblue

    ID Help Please: Confederate 2nd Pattern Artillery Officer's Kepi

    Hey everyone! First, photos: I picked this up yesterday from a shop that occasionally has some amazing finds. Took me by surprise to see this there, and despite the price tag I couldn't let it go. Anyway, I believe (am hoping) this is a genuine Confederate 2nd...
  38. CharlotteEMcKay

    Searching for True Identity of Dr. George

    According to some interesting sources, I have discovered that sometimes General Stonewall Jackson would visit Union hospitals disguised as Dr. George. Any documents supporting this? I am happy to reveal my source. Annie AKA Charlotte E McKay

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