confederate veterans

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  1. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Looking For Newsreels Of United Confederate Veterans In Richmond Virginia And Funeral Of Last Commander In Chief James W. Moore

    Could anyone provide the above mentioned Newsreels? The one of James W. Moore's funeral should have sound.
  2. scone

    Discussion Two Confederate Veterans and there influence on Mardi Gras

    Joseph Stillwell Cain, Jr (October 10 1832 – April 17, 1904) is largely credited with the rebirth of Mardi Gras celebrations in Mobile, Alabama In 1866 following the Civil War and while Mobile was still under Union occupation, Joe Cain paraded through the streets of Mobile, dressed in improvised...
  3. CSA Today

    Discussion Confederate Veterans at the 1938 Gettysburg Reunion.

    General S.S. Simmons 95 of Los Angeles, CA. fought with the 8th VA. Cavalry is holding a sword (left). J.S.L. Wright 91 of Conway Ark. was a member of the 14th North Carolina Cavalry (middle). James T. Flowers 90 of Antonio Tex. was with "Wheeler's Georgia Cavalry" (right). A very rare original...
  4. ucvrelics

    Uniforms United Confederate Veterans UCV Childs Coat

    One of the reasons that I go to the CW shows as I get to see a lot of friends and folks who have the same collecting interest. We are able to get together, tell lies, swap stories, compare items and get each other opinions. Well the Franklin show was no different. I have several friends who...
  5. UncleBourbon

    Confederate Veterans in the Fenian Raids/Battle of Ridgeway

    Very obscure topic, however I'm very curious about it. In studying the Fenian Raids it's apparent a majority of the soldiers in the Fenian Brotherhood were Irish-American Union veterans, however it is stated in at least a few sources that there were Confederate veterans with them as well that...
  6. Pat Young

    Does anyone know anything about the "Long Island" New York Confederate burial ground at Willow Grove

    @John Hartwell let me know that there was a Confederate Veteran camp in New York City in the 1890s and that there is a reference to them starting a Confederate burial ground at "Willow Grove Cemetery, on Long Island." We could not figure out what "Willow Grove Cemetery" was, since we did not see...
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