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  1. Luke Freet

    Felix Robertson: The Only Texas General

    Felix Robertson may be one of the lesser known generals of the war, and those who do know him mostly revile him for his actions at Saltville. He was born in Texas on March 9th, 1840, the son of then U.S. Army officer Jerome Robertson, who'd go on to command the Texas Brigade at Gettysburg...
  2. Luke Freet

    Colonel Frank S. Armistead

    Francis Stanley Armistead (1835 - 18th April 1889) was the younger brother of famed Confederate General Lewis Armistead. He was born in Virginia and graduated from West Point before the war. He went south, becoming a staff officer (Probably the AAG) to General Longstreet during the 1st Manasass...
  3. Luke Freet

    WHy were R. H. Anderson and Bushrod Johnson relieved after Sayler's Creek?

    I express ignorance on the Appomattox Campaign when it comes to details. However, I find it strange that R. H. Anderson and Bushrod Johnson of Lee's "IV Corps" (Really Bushrod Johnson's Division) were relieved of command after Sayler's Creek. Was it because of negligence in the battle? Did they...
  4. Luke Freet

    Confederate General Randal Gibson had black ancestry (?)

    I personally not one obsessed with lineage and ancestry. I THINK I might have had an great great etc uncle who fought and died for the Union at Gettysburg, but I'm uncertain of it, and I have barely bothered looking deeply into that issue, since there's so many other things about the war that I...
  5. Luke Freet

    John S. Walker, Ltc. or Maj. of 12th Arkansas Regiment (?)

    Found this photo online looking for some other colonel. It was captioned "Lieutenant Colonel John S. Walker of the 12th Arkansas" Breifly looking up the regiment, it seems all its officers were in captivity after the surrender of Port Hudson. Does anyone have more information on him?
  6. Luke Freet

    Confederate Officers Willing To Lead Black Troops

    I and other members have discussed at length the playability of the Confederate deciding to recruit colored regiments. I do not wish to discuss the playability of this scenario. So, if the confederates decided to recruit colored troops, either just Freeman or offering slaves freedom for their...
  7. Luke Freet

    Future Leaders in the CSA

    So, lets say the CSA manages to win against the Union and peace is signed (Im gonna put 1864 as the year of change, since that is where most of my research into possible alt history scenarios has been directed) Tensions sparked by nationalistic sentiment, fostered by a recently elected veteran...
  8. Luke Freet

    Peter McGlashan: Last Confederate General

    Peter Alexander Selkirk McGlashan was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1831. Son of a Waterloo veteran, and grandson of the last cheif of Clan McGlashan, Peter immagrated with his parents to Savannah Georgia in 1848. When he turned 18 he took part in the Claifornia Gold Rush, but came home with...
  9. Luke Freet

    G. Huggins Cleveland:

    When I first joined this server, I joined to ask for feedback on an alt history work on the enactment of Cleburne's Proposal. The discussion moved to white officers willing to command these newly forming black regiments, and one of the suggestions is pointed out below. The person who suggested...
  10. Luke Freet

    Looking for information on Confederate Colonel Julius G. Tucker

    I have read much online about Tucker's Confederate Regiment of Galvanized Yankees, however, I have found little information on the Colonel. If anyone has information or photos, that would be nice. Particularly looking at his assignments: what units was he a part of and when, what actions he...
  11. Luke Freet

    Signers of Cleburne's Memorandum, and their Later Fates

    P. R. Cleburne, major-general, commanding division D. C. Govan, brigadier-general John E. Murray, colonel, Fifth Arkansas G. F. Baucum, colonel, Eighth Arkansas Peter Snyder, lieutenant-colonel, commanding Sixth and Seventh Arkansas E. Warfield, lieutenant-colonel, Second Arkansas M. P...
  12. GELongstreet

    Col. Edmund W. Rucker, CSA

    (transcribed & modified from my wikipedia-article) Edmund Winchester Rucker was born near Murfreesboro, Tennesseeon July 22, 1835. He was the grandson of Gen. James Winchester, a veteran of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. After a basic education Rucker moved to Nashville in 1853...
  13. GELongstreet

    Col. Duncan K. McRae, CSA

    Duncan Kirkland McRae McRae was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina as son of Jon McRae (1792–1909); Fayetteville's postmaster in the 1840s and 1850s. In 1825 the five-years old Duncan held the welcome speech at the visit of the Marquis de Lafayette. He attended the University of Virginia...
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