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    The Long Blue Line: Lighthouse Service during the Civil War

    U.S. Lighthouse Service tender Van Santvoort was transferred to the Union Navy in 1861 and served as the gunboat USS Coeur de Lion during the Civil War. U.S. Coast Guard Collection. The Long Blue Line: Lighthouse Service during the Civil War Posted by Diana Sherbs, Thursday, June 22, 2017...
  2. GELongstreet

    Rank Charts for Civil War Navies

    This page shows the complicated and frequently changed insignia of the Union Navy during the civil war. It also shows the rank insignia of the Confederate States Navy as well as those of both the C.S. and U.S. Marine Corps. The study is part of the homepage of the "U.S. Naval Landing Party"...
  3. sailorruss

    Confederate Family Cemetery

    I have a friend, Gah must have known him since I was six or seven, the lives down the road from me. Central Florida isn’t glossed over as ‘nothing doing’ in the war. Close though. You gotta dig for it. In this case no pun intended. My friend doesn’t drive so I was dropping him off at his place...
  4. 8thFlorida

    Bermuda Confederate Headquarters and the Globe Hotel St. George's Parish

    We recently completed a tour of Bermuda and wanted to share some of the Confederate history that we encountered at the Rogues and Runners Museum. This present day museum was formerly the Headquarters of Major Norman S. Walker Ordnance Agent and was the center command for Confederate Blockade...
  5. WJC

    How Successful were Rebel Privateers and Commerce Raiders?

    Arguably the Confederacy’s maritime efforts rank among its greatest wartime successes. Starting literally from scratch, the Confederacy immediately mustered a small but effective privateer fleet that not only met with some success, but forced the early resolution of the Confederacy’s status as a...