confederate generals

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  1. ucvrelics

    Museum The Journey Of A Confederate Generals Colt Navy Pistol

    While visiting my sister (who doesn't believe in TV) in Sparta,Tennessee for Christmas I decided to walk up to the cemetery. One of the few CS graves was one of Gen. Dibrell. When I mentioned it to my Sis she said "Oh his pistol is in the museum" The museum was closed the whole time I was there...
  2. M

    Discussion Hard drinking Confederate generals.

    Although Lee and Stonewall Jackson were teetotalers some Confederate Generals were known to be hard drinkers. The problem of hard drinking officers predated the Civil War and more than a couple of Union generals were known to over indulge. But let me start with Confederate generals. There is a...
  3. M

    First Union and Confederate generals to die?

    Who were the first Union general and first Confederate general to die?
  4. Luke Freet

    Evaluating the Performance and Capabilities of General Zachariah Deas

    Reading in Chastel's Decision in the West, after Hood's 3 battles near Atlanta, he talks about the drain of good officers in the Army of Tennessee. One of his examples is the return of BG Zachariah Deas to be an example. "...owing to the extremely heavy casualties amoung officers in the July...
  5. leftyhunter

    The Greatness of General Joseph Johnston CSA

    A poster recently wrote that he now has an appreciation for the greatness of General Joseph Johnston. Maybe I am missing the part where he was great but perhaps I and others can be persuaded. Anybody wants to argue just why and how General Joseph Johnston was great? Leftyhunter
  6. Luke Freet

    John B. Villepigue

    Disease and illness have struck down many promising young men in their prime, and with a war on this scale and with so many troops concentrated into encampments, it was all pervasive. More men died of disease than on the battlefield. This was not limited to the enlisted men; many officers and...
  7. Luke Freet

    Arkansas General Thomas J. Churchill

    Born in Louisville, Kentucky, March 10th 1824. Served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Kentucky Mounted Rifles during the Mexican war; got captured and remain a pow for the rest of the war. Moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1848, and was appointed by President Buchanan as the postmaster of Little...
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