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  1. leftyhunter

    The Greatness of General Joseph Johnston CSA

    A poster recently wrote that he now has an appreciation for the greatness of General Joseph Johnston. Maybe I am missing the part where he was great but perhaps I and others can be persuaded. Anybody wants to argue just why and how General Joseph Johnston was great? Leftyhunter
  2. Luke Freet

    WHy were R. H. Anderson and Bushrod Johnson relieved after Sayler's Creek?

    I express ignorance on the Appomattox Campaign when it comes to details. However, I find it strange that R. H. Anderson and Bushrod Johnson of Lee's "IV Corps" (Really Bushrod Johnson's Division) were relieved of command after Sayler's Creek. Was it because of negligence in the battle? Did they...
  3. Luke Freet

    AoNV at Appomattox: Which divisions

    (I could word this better, but...): I am not familiar with the Appomattox Campaign in particular. I know that the Confederate command was pretty spread out and units organized under one formation were assigned to other formations (Like how Kershaw's divisions was assigned to Ewell's command...
  4. Luke Freet

    Confederate Army Reorganization, 1864

    Looking at units and commanders available on New Years 1864. First, looking at the ANV, - Replace Ewell with Early (Ewell, while i wont say he was an awful commander, was out of prime condition as a field commander. Transfer him to Richmond) --Promote Gordon to command Early's Division...
  5. Luke Freet

    How could the CSA have won the Atlanta Campaign?

    To me, the confederates had very few opportunities to turn the tide on Sherman. A continued defense would only result in Sherman circumventing Confederate defenses. Was there a particular point when the Confederates could have turned the tide? At Reseca? Cassville? New Hope? Kennesaw? The 3...
  6. JPK Huson 1863

    Eye Witnesses Send Home War; Camp Life 1861-1865

    Love this image, a Mississippi regiment in camp, early in the war. Recreation? Knife throwing, looks like a good card game is in progress too. Over in a Union camp, ' tenpins ',a kinda bowling game, really. Journalist writes uneven, rocky or muddy ground made the game impossible played as it...
  7. leftyhunter

    Confederate general quote about genicide against Indians.

    A few months or so ago in a thread about American Indians one of our posters quoted an OR where a Confederate General bragged about killing Indian civilians. I should of copied the source. I think the thread was started by @WJC. If anyone knows what thread that was please let me know. Leftyhunter
  8. leftyhunter

    Questions of morality concerning Union and Confederate counterinsurgency policy.

    In many threads concerning .Civil War guerrilla or insurgency warfare and or counterinsurgency there are questions of morality. Such questions are fine but they cause diversion from the original intent of the thread. Please post any such questions about the morality of Civil War morality and or...
  9. WJC

    Which Was the Most Effective C. S. A. Army Fighting Force?

    Since we are discussing the most effective U. S. Army fighting force, maybe it would be interesting to look at the other side. Which was the most effective and why? Let's focus on the various armies and avoid a debate comparing commanders. We've done that elsewhere. Use whatever criteria you...
  10. 8thFlorida

    US Army Ranger Crest Has Been Southern Cleansed

    I recently visited my local Army/Navy store and came across the original unit crest for the US Army Rangers. I couldn't help but notice that the original unit crest included a Confederate Battle Flag in the top right quadrant of the pin. Immediately I was interested and started to research the...
  11. HarlechMan

    16th Missouri Infantry (CS)

    The regiment that became the 16th Missouri Infantry was organized as a result of a recruiting expedition into western Missouri during August 1862, conducted by Jeremiah V. Cockrell and Sidney D. Jackman. This expedition resulted in the recruitment of many volunteers and the Battle of Lone Jack...
  12. leftyhunter

    Was the Union Army really the least incompetent Army?

    In a recent post @cash mentioned that in wars the least incompetent Army wins. I argue that there are,a,whole set of factors that determine whether or not an army wins such has 1.Available Manpower 2.Morale 3.Logistical support 4.Technology 5.Transportation 6.Ecomonmic Support And other factors...
  13. WJC

    Why did America's Indians Fight in the Civil War?

    28,693 Indians served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Let's discuss their service, exclusive of the ongoing frontier actions. Why did they fight?
  14. P

    Any Insight on My Confederate Ancestor?

    Hey everybody, this is my first post, and I love what you have going on here. I'm at a standstill with the search of my 2nd great grandfather's time in the Confederacy, and wanted to know what you think of it. (Notice the gash on his forehead? I bet that's from his time in the war.)...
  15. J

    Savannah Civil War Trilogy

    I’ve published 3 novels centering on Civil War Savannah, and now have a web site that summarizes and compares them: THE SAVANNAH CIVIL WAR TRILOGY
  16. Desert Kid

    Confederate units from Poplar Bluff/Butler Co. Missouri.

    I'm still doing alot of research on my Grandma's Hutchinson/Humphrey's line. The Roberts' I've also tied up, 1 ggggrandfather in the 49th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry USA, occupation duty in Tennessee. The Lee/Dennis line in Texas has been settled, 1 ggggrandfather and 3 gggguncles in various...
  17. Joshism

    Confederate Enlistment Bounty Jumpers

    Researching some Florida soldiers who enlisted after April 1862 i.e. after Confederate conscription began. They deserted later that same year. I had thought they were conscripted against their will. With Fold3 having free Civil War record access right now I was able to check their CSRs and was...
  18. leftyhunter

    By what metric can we determine if the Confederate Army is the best?

    Has we all know me and my best friend CSA today go back and forth on how effective the Confederate States Army ( although in a different context CSA can mean Confederate States of America) is. CSA Today claims they are supermen for holding out for four years against an army that outnumbered it...
  19. leftyhunter

    Did Conscription help or hurt the Confederacy?

    Has we know the CSA was so short of manpower that by April 16 1862 it had to resort to concription to fill its dwindling ranks. The Union would have a draft which meant not all eligible men would have to enlist one year later. I will argue that conscription hurt the CSA more then helped of...

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