cockrell's missouri brigade

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  1. archieclement

    1st&3rd Mo Consolidated Regiment Cav (dismounted)

    After the prisoner exchange following Vicksburg the 1st Cav Regt and the 3rd Cav Batt consolidated and formed this Regt at Demopolis AL about Oct 1st 1863 under special order 17 Headquarters Paroled Prisoners. The unit became part of the 1st Missouri brigade with 3 similarly consolidated Inf...
  2. AUG

    Capt. Joseph Boyce's account of the Battle of Allatoona Pass

    Artwork by Don Troiani depicting the fight for Rowett's Redoubt at Allatoona Pass, October 5, 1864. Cockrell's Missouri Brigade and Ector's Texas & North Carolina Brigade vs. elements of the 7th Illinois, 39th Iowa, 93rd Illinois, and 12th Wisconsin Battery. The consolidated 1st & 4th Missouri...
  3. AUG

    Scaling the Works at Franklin

    - The Confederate Veteran, Vol. 11, p. 274. I posted this elsewhere before but thought it would be a good addition to the Soldier's Tales forum. Col. Elijah Gates' regiment was the consolidated 1st & 3rd Missouri Cavalry (dismounted) in Cockrell's Missouri Brigade, both of which were...
  4. AUG

    Brass Napoleon Award Cockrell's 1st Missouri Brigade

    Photo of Brig. Gen. Francis M. Cockrell taken at Mobile, Alabama, in 1864. Born October 1, 1834, near Warrensburg, Missouri, and an attorney before the war, Cockrell served as a captain in the Missouri State Guard, transferring to Confederate service in late 1861. He made his way up to colonel...
  5. AUG

    Battery Powell, Corinth, MS battleground

    Shiloh National Military Park posted this amazing and pretty rare image of Battery Powell on their FB page. It appears to have been taken shortly after the battle (Battle of Corinth, Oct. 3-4, 1862), quite possibly by the same photographer who took the famous photo of Col. William P. Rogers'...
  6. AUG

    A Veteran With Many Wounds

    Late in the year of 1913, then old Missouri Confederate veteran James Synnamon wrote a short account of his service for The Confederate Veteran Magazine, detailing all the wounds he suffered throughout the war. Synnamon served in the Missouri State Guard and Co. I of the 6th Missouri Infantry in...
  7. AUG

    Battle Flag of the 2nd/6th Missouri Infantry The 1864 battle flag of the 2nd & 6th Missouri Infantry consolidated. This flag was carried throughout the Atlanta Campaign, Allatoona Pass, and was captured in the battle of Franklin. It is of the pattern manufactured by civilian...
  8. AUG

    Men of the Missouri Brigade

    Having previously posted my Men of Hood's Texas Brigade thread, I thought I ought to do one on the 1st Missouri Brigade (CS). As with the Texas Brigade, the Missouri Brigade was filled with incredibly brave and daring men, each with their own story. When these Missourians were first swept up in...