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  1. JPK Huson 1863

    Bloomers And Corsets And Hats ( And Garters, Stockings, Fans, Sontags, Scarves, Shoes... ) Oh My!

    Ever live in an old house? The one we lived in when I was kid had one, teeny closet per bedroom. In 2019 we're all the way up to walk-in closets to store the comparatively miniscule amount of clothing typically worn in a day. It takes around 5 minutes toil to cover oneself adequately before...
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    ' Notable Needlewomen ' Create Crochet History, Unraveling Our Past

    A truly wonderful image of a little girl and her spotted, wooden steed.That's a crocheted shirt, a small flounce and ribbon passed through the neckline make it part of the enchantment. It's also part of who we were. You know you've run out of family members to crochet for when the dog gets...
  3. J

    Discussion A 16-Year-Old Farm Boy's Clothing in 1860 in Union County, Georgia?

    Hey, folks. I am researching a novel for high school students. The main character will be a 16-year-old farm boy in 1860 in Union County, Georgia. I have already researched the uniforms and other clothing he will wear when he lies about his age and enlists. I'm trying to determine in great...
  4. Cpl. Smith

    Confederate cloth questions

    I'm a reenactor who portrays a virginian in the ANV, so this is hopefully information I'll put towards my next uniform purchase. 1) How many types of English Army Cloth(EAC) were used/made? (I've seen two maybe three types at events) 2) Jean cloth. Just how common was it? 3) That medium gray we...
  5. Belle Montgomery

    Mary Todd Lincoln's "Old Clothes Scandal" in 1867

    The Pittsburgh Daily Commercial October 7, 1867
  6. Cpl. Smith

    Help finding patterns.

    I'm looking for preferably cheap patterns for period clothing. Any good ideas. @Mrs. V
  7. JPK Huson 1863

    Calico's Soft Folds Inside A Little Hard History

    A calico, printed fabric swatch we feel to be charming, of the era, may have been doomed to be singled out as a class delineator. Scraping the bottom a little? A thread about bolts of cloth, of all things? What a snore. And sure, compared to most topics, those threadbare, pretty little patches...
  8. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE "Civil War Bazaar" - Sept. 1-3 @ Gettysburg's Daniel Lady Farm

    The Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association has three days of special events planned at its Daniel Lady Farm over the Labor Day weekend. Among them, a "Civil War Retro Bazaar!" An admission fee is charged for the living history presentations and history through music program. Admission...
  9. LoyaltyOfDogs

    FOR SALE Summer at last! Gettysburg T-Shirt Bonus Deal for Dog-Lovers

    Buy an adult's or children's Loyalty Of Dogs T-Shirt and get your choice of a bonus: A free handmade Civil War dog note card* 50% off our popular "Loyalty Of Dogs" Tribute Poster *And a special offer just for members of Civil War Talk: When placing your order, tell us your Civil War Talk...
  10. NurseErin


    Working on getting all of my pieces together for Shiloh. I really don't want to crochet or knit a pair of garters. I figured ribbon would work? Any ideas or suggestion of cheap, easy to make garters?
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