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  1. P

    Union Cavalry Insignia on Confederate Caps ????

    Any photos or images of this ? I'm wondering if a Confed cavalry trooper might have lifted a Yankee cav crossed swords insignia and stuck it on his own cap ? Maybe he stuck it on upside down like some Rebs did with Yankee belt buckles. What about letters ? Just musing here folks.
  2. JPK Huson 1863

    Selling War, Era Artists' Pen And Ink Bandwagons

    Image from recruiting poster for the 1st US Cavalry. One reason these images are so charming is the horse suspended in mid-air. Before photography was able to capture motion, general idea was maybe a two-beat gallop? This officer is also indicative of recruiting posters through several wars, a...
  3. Johnny_Reb_1865

    Private John Rice Payne 7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment Company A: A Confederate Cavalryman In The Field?

    Do y'all think this could be a Confederate Cavalryman in the field?
  4. M

    Cavalry Recon

    After the close of Sept 17th, both sides had fought hard, but one side had more fresh reserves. But without knowing the enemy strength, conservatism won the day. My question is - why was it so difficult to send a division of cavalry on a quick recon of the Confederate positions to ascertain...
  5. M

    Discussion Were the grand cavalry raids worth the effort?

    Some of the favorite "heroes" of the Civil War were dashing cavalry officers leading long distance raids. However, all in all were the long distance raids worth the expenditure of the cavalry units? Some were very successful and some were failures, but all used resources that could have been...
  6. R

    Company E, 12th Virginia Cavalry, CSA.

    Hello, I am interested in any information on Company E, 12th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, CSA, 1862-65. I have lots of information already, and have been updating (and a little correcting) Mr. Frye's 1988 biographical roster. I've read all the various narrative histories of the 12th by Frye...
  7. S

    Army of the Potomac Cavalry

    Hello, I'm new to the group and thank you. My main interest is Army of the Potomac Cavalry, I collect 1st Rhode Island Cavalry relics. My GGF served 4 years in that regiment. I will be contributing and posting some images of the Cavalry relating to the 2nd Division. I hope everyone has a great...
  8. Rusk County Avengers

    Book Review The First Arkansas Union Cavalry 1862-1865 by Russell Mahan

    The First Arkansas Union Cavalry 1862-1865 by Russell Mahan Published by Historical Enterprises Santa Clara, Utah 108 pages including index, endnote, and bibliography 1st edition 1996 2nd edition 2019 ISBN-9780999396254 Retail Price-$12.95 based on online search This is a great little book...
  9. DixieRifles

    The Mississippi 18th Cavalry Regiment -- new book

    I just happened upon a new book while searching Amazon. I wanted to know more details about the book. Historical Sketch And Roster Of The Mississippi 18th Cavalry Regiment (Mississippi Regimental History Series) Paperback – April 1, 2019 by John C. Rigdon Paperback $25 Paperback: 266 pages...
  10. NH Civil War Gal

    How old is this US Cavalry Bit?

    I'm asking for a friend. I just saw it yesterday at her house. Her father gave it to her 60-years-ago. She thinks it is from the Civil War, I'm more doubtful but can't tell you why. Unfortunately, she put black rustoleum on the bit "to make it look better" years ago. The bridle pieces for...
  11. 3rdTennCo.C

    Confederate cavalry NCO

    Did southern cavalry NCOs, like a sergent, have a dress uniform varient? Did they too wear the crimson sash, and sword? Like a 1840 NCO sword like the infantry counterpart or would cav have a different one? I know duing the war they would be scarcely used, but was there a regulation dress...
  12. ProfessorK

    ENDED Cavalry Halter, Lead and Link in time for Christmas.

    The following items are for sale and will be delivered before Christmas. All items are hand cut, hand dyed, and hand stitched as were the originals. No short cuts or tack shop knock offs, just well made equipment to provide years of service. Paypal will be provided for those interested in...
  13. Claude Bauer

    Headstone Dedication for 1st Sgt Philip Paul, Co D, 14th PA Cavalry

    A headstone for 1st Sgt. Philip Paul, Co D, 14th PA Cavalry, was dedicated today at the Mt. Carmel Cemetery near Ashby's Gap, VA. Sgt. Paul was buried at Mt. Carmel after being mortally wounded in a skirmish with Confederates on February 18, 1865. A member of my reenacting unit, the 3rd US...
  14. Gettmore

    Fog of WAR The Yankee Cavalry

    A three part photo display starting 12-2-2019
  15. M

    Discussion Weapons of the Alabama cavalry.

    I am looking for any quartermaster reports or accounts from Alabama cavalrymen(preferably 63-64) (preferably 1st Alabama cavalry, or BG John Tyler Morgan’s Brigade) on what weapons they were carrying specifically rifles. Thank you.
  16. M

    Discussion 12th Alabama Cavalry regiment.

    I’m looking for information on the 12th Alabama cavalry; quartermaster records, rosters, maybe some pictures. Thank you.
  17. NH Civil War Gal

    Tell me more! What is a cavalry token?

    I saw one for sale, quite expensive, online. It was from a PA unit and dug in Virginia. I'm not going to buy it but I had not thought of anything being a token - only coins or specie.
  18. Gettmore


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