1. WJC

    Jack Hines Faces Capture at Chickamauga

    Jack Hines climbed up on the back of a horse as the fighting at Chickamauga raged on September 20, 1863. He joined a disorganized mob of other Union soldiers who beat a hasty retreat after oncoming rebels poured through a gap along their front. Then his horse suddenly bolted and galloped off...
  2. GELongstreet

    1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry

    A website dedicated to the "Cow Cavalry", a Confederate cavalry unit organized to protect cattle in Florida, being vital for the supply of the army. The page has numerous rosters, biographic entries, maps, original documents and correspondence and various other articles; however by now is only...
  3. GELongstreet

    Buford's Boys

    A page about John Buford's cavalry division during the Gettysburg Campaign by author J. David Petruzzi. It has sections about persons, units, reports, monuments and more. However by now it isn´t updated anymore and is available only as archived version.
  4. Luke Freet

    Felix Robertson: The Only Texas General

    Felix Robertson may be one of the lesser known generals of the war, and those who do know him mostly revile him for his actions at Saltville. He was born in Texas on March 9th, 1840, the son of then U.S. Army officer Jerome Robertson, who'd go on to command the Texas Brigade at Gettysburg...
  5. davebleedsblue

    [ID Help Please] Think this might be what’s left of a m1840 sabre?

    Photos: Hey everyone - thanks in advance for your assistance. Trying to figure out as much as I can here. This sword was dug decades ago from a battlefield in Virginia, and obviously saw some trauma. Obviously with the grip and rest of the blade missing, it’s...
  6. Cody C. Engdahl

    Did Union Cavalry mount their saber scabbards on their horses or on their belts?

    Somewhere I seem to recall that many cavalry men mounted their saber scabbards on their horses. Is that true, or did they prefer to wear them?
  7. Belle Montgomery

    The Man Who Saved Nathan Bedford Forrest

    A few years ago but very interesting: The descendant of one of the general's cavalrymen offers an arresting true-life tale -- and a surprising take on the controversy. Posted By Aaron James on Sun, Jun...
  8. Belle Montgomery

    Tales of the Civil War- 82 year old man heard stories from grandfather

    Amzi Gregory shows an old copy of the book ‘The Last Reunion of the Blue and the Gray,’ a gathering attended by his grandfather who served in the Confederate Calvary. EDMOND, Okla. — It seems almost imaginable today to have had a direct conversation with a Civil War veteran. But an Edmond man...
  9. J

    Need help in identifying an ancestor's revolver that I recently inherited.

    I have recently inherited a confederate revolver that supposedly belonged to an ancestor. I was told that it from my grandmother's maternal grandfather's line, but neither my mother or so sister could specifically identify the original owner. That particular branch has several men who the pistol...
  10. Northern Light

    The Canadian Horse-A hero of the Civil War

    The Canadian Horse is a sturdy fellow who has had a big place in the history of Canada and also in the American Civil War. Though often unacknowledged, the Canadian Horse has nevertheless been an integral part of Canada’s history and development. Roxanne Salinas of Legacy Canadians in...
  11. Derrick

    Lt. Col. Gabriel Netter

    Gabriel Netter is probably a name most people have never heard of when studying the Civil War. His service was short, but his heart was fully in it. He was beloved by his men and respected by his enemies. One of his soldiers remembered that he was, "Gentle as a lamb, brave as a lion." Netter...
  12. LoyaltyOfDogs

    The Cavalryman's Affection For His Horse

    An historian of the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry wrote of the relationship between the men and their horses. I don't know if my own ancestor who served in a cavalry regiment had the same experience, but if he had a sympathetic nature, maybe he also shared similar sentiments: "Many of the men...
  13. WJC

    What Units were Issued Model 1860 Henrys?

    I am curious about the units that were issued Henrys during the war. Does anyone have a list or reference that might give such a list?
  14. Cody C. Engdahl

    Hello from Nashville, Tennessee!

    Hi! My name is Cody. I was born and raised in Detroit, but I live in Nashville. There is no doubt I'm from the north as soon as I open my mouth and talk in my hideous, northern, urban accent. At least people are quick to point that out. However, I am a student of the Southern Gentlemanly Arts...
  15. RangerJ

    Civil War Graffiti

    In 1863, when Isaac S. Pyle, a private in Co. A, Purnell Legion Cavalry scratched his name into a brick at a rural Virginia church, he may have hoped it would be seen by someone far in the future. If so, he got his wish. For most of the war, Pyle and the other members of Captain Robert E...
  16. SWMODave

    ....and annihilate you and your minions

    General Hugh Kilpatrick Class of 61 General Joseph Wheeler Class of 59 From the diary of Confederate soldier Capt George D Wise, May 5, 1864, adjutant to Major General Carter L. Stevenson Post script - General Hugh Judson ‘Kill Cavalry’ Kilpatrick, whom Sherman once called “a hell of a...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Recruit Me! Following Images To War, Poster Art

    From a recruiting poster for the regular cavalry, no one could feel lied to by this image of a dashing officer sweeping into battle, sabre at the ready. Risk of death is clear, since no one sweeps into battle unless the other guy has a businesslike sabre, too. Still, seems to have worked. Same...
  18. Belle Montgomery

    Stoneman's Great Raid: ; Details of the Great Raid into East Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia

    Love "The Band" song (Baez watered the words) and it's reference. My hubby's maternal family hails from Abingdon and Bristol during the war which makes it personal seeing the ancestors who weren't out fighting for the Confederacy witnessed it: From the New York Times: NASHVILLE, Wednesday, Jan...
  19. SWMODave

    A family connected by blood, yet separated by conflict

    If you spend anytime in McIntosh County, Georgia, and especially the town of Darien, you might hear about the Scottish Highlanders immigrant John Mohr McIntosh. Darien, Georgia is known by Civil War enthusiasts as the town burnt in the movie Glory by Union forces that included troops from the...
  20. WJC

    First Alabama Volunteer Cavalry

    I came across this interesting article. Perhaps others can supply more detail about this unit.... A DEERE NEPHEW: HENRY PEEK It comes as a surprise while walking through an Oregon, Illinois cemetery, to see a gravestone which proclaims that the interred person served in an Alabama cavalry...
  21. 8thFlorida

    US Army Ranger Crest Has Been Southern Cleansed

    I recently visited my local Army/Navy store and came across the original unit crest for the US Army Rangers. I couldn't help but notice that the original unit crest included a Confederate Battle Flag in the top right quadrant of the pin. Immediately I was interested and started to research the...
  22. Cpl. Smith

    New market!!!!!!

    I know I'm a bit excited. But it's spring! It's time to break from winter quarters and get campaigning. Seasons about to start for many of us and New Market may be first event this year for some of y'all. I've done 2 this year all ready and this will be my first reenactment this year. Looking...
  23. CoffeeDrinker71

    My G-G-G Grandfather's Photo - 10th Kentucky Cavalry

    Hello everyone! I have this low quality photo of my G-G-G Grandfather in his uniform. His name is Joseph McAllister Cazzell from Greenup, Kentucky. He served in the 10th Kentucky Cavalry Regiment, Company "K". He also later served in the 54th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry. I was...
  24. SWMODave

    What these cavalry veterans did with their left over equipment

    Found this in a magazine called The Sketch Vol 65 - kind of creepy but made by CW cavalry veterans Wonder if it still exists and stashed somewhere. No further info in magazine.
  25. wausaubob

    First Modern War,...

    In which national existence was at steak. The Civil War in the United States was the first modern war in which the existence of the belligerents was being contested. The Crimean War had some modern elements, but the four empires that fought were fighting over access to the Mediterranean and...
  26. JPK Huson 1863

    Lottie's Dear Chalmers, An 8th Illinois Cavalry's Love Story That Shouldn't Have Been

    Shouldn't have been? Chalmers Ingersoll, Co. G of the 8th Illinois Cavalry survived some of the biggest, most savage cavalry clashes of the war. I could have used a sappy, flowery image for Trooper Chalmer's love story. His war was this; his sabre hand penned a liquid, living thread home...
  27. Cavalry Charger


    There were four types of mounted forces prevalent in the Civil War. Cavalry were forces that fought principally on horseback, armed with carbines, pistols, and especially sabers. Only a small percentage of Civil War forces met this definition—primarily Union mounted forces in the Eastern...
  28. SWMODave

    Even great units have their moments

    Capt John D Myrick of Augusta - mentioned in story Courtesy Maine Historical Society 1st Maine Cavalry 3rd reunion W. B. SMITH'S STORY. Dedicated without Permission to Major Brown I would not have spoken tonight were it not that I believe there is one officer of the old regiment who has not...
  29. Belle Montgomery

    Beautiful Civil War Monument- Soldiers AND Sailors Monument- Cleveland, Oh 1896-Public Square

    Perched proudly on Cleveland's Public Square is an 125' high monument dedicated exclusively to the Civil War-All four sides depict action-Built in 1896-inside 1894-renovated 2008. During the summer months you can visit INSIDE the monument to learn and see a lot more too! Cleveland Rocks! For...
  30. SWMODave

    My Old Blue Cavalry Trousers - a poem

    See bottom for photo information Poem read by Sgt Smith at 9th Annual Reunion of 1st Maine Cavalry 1880 Oh, thou well worn pants of faded blue, Thou wert a friend and comrade, tried and true, Thou wast made by a contractor on a northern shore, Who laughed with glee as Sam ordered more; 'Twas...
  31. michaelmccormick88

    Challenging Sword Identification/Authentication

    Back again with a bit of a mystery this time! This cavalry saber is totally unmarked. Absolutely no stamps of any kind. It once had leather with a wire wrap over it, but now all that is left are some leather fragments, some wood with slight splitting, and the very end of the wire. Blade has...
  32. M.Warren

    Letters home from the enlisted men of the 6th Battalion N.C. Cavalry

    This is a series of 15 letters written by William C Penland of Clay county North Carolina. William was a member of Co. A, 7th Battalion North Carolina Cavalry. Colonel George N. Folk organized the 7th Battalion N.C. Cavalry at Asheville, N.C. July 18, 1862. The battalion was originally, composed...
  33. Crud_Taylor

    Portrait Submitted in a Desertion Trial

    While I was digging through court martial dockets of California regiments I found this picture in the records of a convicted deserter from the 11th Ohio Cavalry (I forgot to note his name unfortunately). The 11th Ohio included 40 some "Galvanized Yankeers" and was stationed throughout the...
  34. johnsneed

    First Battle of Saltville, Virginia

    My father was from Saltville, Virginia. So, out of sheer curiosity I googled "Saltville" and "civil war" and I found that two battles took place at Saltville, but the first battle was the most remembered. Saltville is located in southwestern Virginia, up in the mountains, north and east of...
  35. Garnet Joe

    Union/Confederate Regular Cavalry Tactics queries

    Hello, I am wondering if you could put me right/affirm some of my impressions of Civil War cavalry tactics in the East: As I understand it from reading bits of Henderson and Griffith, with a few others, shock cavalry was a rarity and there were few charges, with small ones like at Brandy...
  36. Adrian

    Muley Saddle for sale

    Hello. I have a well loved Confederate Muley saddle that I need to sell in order to help pay for college. It is the 2nd type/issue from around the 1880's ish, and is pretty well preserved as far as these go. The leather is pretty stiff and well, crispy, with minor tears in the sweat flaps. There...
  37. skb8721

    My Great-Great Grandfather

    This is my great-great grandfather, Robert Clement King, who was in the Mississippi cavalry. (That is a big bowtie! If that's what it is.) Family lore has it that his horse was shot out from under him during one engagement and he hid in a ravine or low spot until he was captured. He then...
  38. GELongstreet

    Rantings of a Civil War Historian

    A blog by CWTs resident cavalry expert and established author Eric Wittenberg. Writing about cavalry it is often, though by far not exclusively, focused on Union cavalry operations in the Eastern Theater of the war. The page sheds light on many little-known but fascinating characters and...
  39. War Horse

    Who was the greatest Cavalier Buford, Custer, Gregg, Stuart, Hampton, Ashby, Forrest, And Why?

    My vote goes to Stuart. I'm curious as to the thoughts of our community and why?

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