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  1. Gettmore


  2. SWMODave

    It was not an unnatural or unreasonable conceit, considering the facts.

    I note here in passing, that this Spottsylvania business was a “white day” for the cavalry. When the army came to know of what the cavalry had done, and how they had done it, there was a general outburst of admiration, - the recognition that brave men give to the brave. Stuart and his men were...
  3. Belle Montgomery

    Recent Find I Found A Civil War Sword In The River!

    He finds three pieces and posted this two hours ago!:
  4. HarlechMan

    Book Review History of the Ninth Virginia Cavalry, in the War Between the States

    I have transcribed this regimental history on Wikisource, whose advantage is essentially being able to human-correct the OCR for better searching experience. According to the author's son, who copied the manuscript for publication in 1899, 9th Virginia Cavalry regimental commander...
  5. WJC

    Jack Hines Faces Capture at Chickamauga

    Jack Hines climbed up on the back of a horse as the fighting at Chickamauga raged on September 20, 1863. He joined a disorganized mob of other Union soldiers who beat a hasty retreat after oncoming rebels poured through a gap along their front. Then his horse suddenly bolted and galloped off...
  6. GELongstreet

    1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry

    A website dedicated to the "Cow Cavalry", a Confederate cavalry unit organized to protect cattle in Florida, being vital for the supply of the army. The page has numerous rosters, biographic entries, maps, original documents and correspondence and various other articles; however by now is only...
  7. GELongstreet

    Buford's Boys

    A page about John Buford's cavalry division during the Gettysburg Campaign by author J. David Petruzzi. It has sections about persons, units, reports, monuments and more. However by now it isn´t updated anymore and is available only as archived version.
  8. Luke Freet

    Felix Robertson: The Only Texas General

    Felix Robertson may be one of the lesser known generals of the war, and those who do know him mostly revile him for his actions at Saltville. He was born in Texas on March 9th, 1840, the son of then U.S. Army officer Jerome Robertson, who'd go on to command the Texas Brigade at Gettysburg...
  9. davebleedsblue

    [ID Help Please] Think this might be what’s left of a m1840 sabre?

    Photos: Hey everyone - thanks in advance for your assistance. Trying to figure out as much as I can here. This sword was dug decades ago from a battlefield in Virginia, and obviously saw some trauma. Obviously with the grip and rest of the blade missing, it’s...
  10. Cody C. Engdahl

    Did Union Cavalry mount their saber scabbards on their horses or on their belts?

    Somewhere I seem to recall that many cavalry men mounted their saber scabbards on their horses. Is that true, or did they prefer to wear them?
  11. Belle Montgomery

    The Man Who Saved Nathan Bedford Forrest

    A few years ago but very interesting: The descendant of one of the general's cavalrymen offers an arresting true-life tale -- and a surprising take on the controversy. Posted By Aaron James on Sun, Jun...
  12. Belle Montgomery

    Tales of the Civil War- 82 year old man heard stories from grandfather

    Amzi Gregory shows an old copy of the book ‘The Last Reunion of the Blue and the Gray,’ a gathering attended by his grandfather who served in the Confederate Calvary. EDMOND, Okla. — It seems almost imaginable today to have had a direct conversation with a Civil War veteran. But an Edmond man...
  13. J

    Need help in identifying an ancestor's revolver that I recently inherited.

    I have recently inherited a confederate revolver that supposedly belonged to an ancestor. I was told that it from my grandmother's maternal grandfather's line, but neither my mother or so sister could specifically identify the original owner. That particular branch has several men who the pistol...
  14. Northern Light

    The Canadian Horse-A hero of the Civil War

    The Canadian Horse is a sturdy fellow who has had a big place in the history of Canada and also in the American Civil War. Though often unacknowledged, the Canadian Horse has nevertheless been an integral part of Canada’s history and development. Roxanne Salinas of Legacy Canadians in...
  15. Derrick

    Lt. Col. Gabriel Netter

    Gabriel Netter is probably a name most people have never heard of when studying the Civil War. His service was short, but his heart was fully in it. He was beloved by his men and respected by his enemies. One of his soldiers remembered that he was, "Gentle as a lamb, brave as a lion." Netter...
  16. LoyaltyOfDogs

    The Cavalryman's Affection For His Horse

    An historian of the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry wrote of the relationship between the men and their horses. I don't know if my own ancestor who served in a cavalry regiment had the same experience, but if he had a sympathetic nature, maybe he also shared similar sentiments: "Many of the men...
  17. WJC

    What Units were Issued Model 1860 Henrys?

    I am curious about the units that were issued Henrys during the war. Does anyone have a list or reference that might give such a list?
  18. Cody C. Engdahl

    Hello from Nashville, Tennessee!

    Hi! My name is Cody. I was born and raised in Detroit, but I live in Nashville. There is no doubt I'm from the north as soon as I open my mouth and talk in my hideous, northern, urban accent. At least people are quick to point that out. However, I am a student of the Southern Gentlemanly Arts...
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