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  1. OldSarge79

    When Opportunity Knocks: Private Commodore Perry Snell, Morgan's 2nd KY Cavalry

    Commodore Perry Snell was born to Peachy Bryant Snell on July 31, 1821 in Greenbrier County, Virginia (now West Virginia). His father’s name is not known. In about 1822 the family moved to Warren County, Kentucky, outside the small city of Bowling Green. As a young man, C.P. took up farming...
  2. W

    Murder in 1st Arkansas Cavalry

    How I came across this is a very long story, so I'll now tell you the whole thing in excruciating detail. I came across a paper written by Lisa C. Childs (originally published by the "Arkansas Historical Quarterly") entitled "Murder, Honor, and Discipline in Company M, First Arkansas Cavalry...
  3. Klaudly

    Research 4th (Russell) Alabama Cavalry regiment organization

    I have a doubt about the formation of the 4th Alabama cavalry regiment of Colonel Russell. I have searched dozens of books and sites, the result is always this: "Russell's Fourth Alabama cavalry was organized at Murfreesboro, Tenn., in December, 1862, by the union of General Forrest's original...
  4. 67th Tigers

    The Cavalry Carbine, an In Range TV series

    This is currently coming out on their youtube channel:
  5. Luke Freet

    17th Consolidated Texas Dismounted Cavalry Regiment

    I am doing some research regarding Taylor's army in the Transmissippi. I am currently looking into the 17th Consolidated, which contained troops from Churchill's Division at Arkansas Post that remained in the Transmississippi Theater (the bulk of the troops were combined into a single brigade...
  6. J. D. Stevens

    Cavalry Question: Who Held the Horses?

    A question came to mind reading about cavalry actions during the war. Who held the horses when a unit was ordered to dismount and fight on foot? According to most reading, every fourth man was designated to hold the horses and/or take them to the rear, so the unit was automatically reduced by...
  7. luinrina

    The Swamp Fox of the Confederacy – John Jackson Dickison

    When reading up on Civil War activities in Florida, you will eventually hear this name: John Jackson Dickison, the Swamp Fox of the Confederacy. And that Floridians regard him like Virginians regard Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. So who is he and what makes him so remarkable to the Civil...
  8. P

    Pvt. Ezra Jones - 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, Company B

    Hi All: You guy seem to be really knowledgeable, so here goes. My third great grandfather was Private Ezra Jones. He served with the Union Army in the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, Company. He was born in 1814 in Tennessee and died (according to Civil War rolls) on 9 November 1863. Some records say 10...
  9. M

    Pvt. Dario Tober, Texas Cavalry

    I would like help finding a photo of my relative. He was in the Texas Cavalry I have a screenshot of his info but am unable to upload it. This would mean very much to me. I am also on Facebook so please feel free to reach out to me on there if needed...
  10. relichound

    The heavy US Cavalry Saber.

    This one was called the "wrist breaker" because it was heavy, and sometimes when used it would break the wrist of the user. This one was marked U.S. and 1847, and early in the Civil War older sabers in good condition, like this one, were in great demand until the newer model sabers could be...
  11. infomanpa

    Hunterstown cavalry battle

    On July 2, 1863, there was a cavalry engagement during the battle of Gettysburg. While looking for interpretive markers, the monument to General Custer was the only one that I could find, which was north of the battle site. Has anyone found anything at the actual skirmish location, south of town?
  12. L

    US 7 Cavalry Belt and Buckles

    Hi all thanks for letting me join. I buy and sell military here in the UK, mainly WW1 & WW2 and US Civil War is not an area that I know much about. I recently acquired a collection of items from a private collection that had been put away for over 40 years and the attached belt was among the...
  13. ProfessorK

    FOR SALE U.S. Cavalry Saber Belt . $75. Shipped

    US Cavalry saber belt, copied from an original in a local collection. This belt will fit 40-48 inch waist. Quality American leather with correct brass hardware including "d"rings, studs and hook. This specimen can be stamped with the J. CUMMINGS, W.H. WILKENSON and SONS, or B. GAYLORD maker's...
  14. ProfessorK

    FOR SALE Civil War Cavalry Halter For Sale . $130. Shipped

    M1859 Federal Halter complete with lead strap and Link Strap as issued. This item is made of top quality American harness leather and utilizes correct hardware. Do not be confused with tack shop knock-offs, this item is an authentic copy of the issued, regulation item, hand cut, hand dyed, and...
  15. C

    Cavalry Horses

    Looking for info on transportation of cavalry horses from VT to VA. Research so far sugests Burlington Albany NYC-NJ PA VA?
  16. Cody C. Engdahl

    Research What weapons did the 2nd Missouri Cavalry CSA ("the Missouri Mongols") carry?

    Specifically around April 1864 during the Battle of Fort Pillow. I'm sure they had pistols and knives. Did they have carbines? Maynards? Sharpes? Spencers? shotguns? Thank you. I appreciate the help.
  17. J

    Lee mis-used his cavalry

    JEB Stuart's cavalry division was made up of seven brigades: 4 regular and 2 irregular brigades. When Stuart took off on his ride around the Army of the Potomac he took 3 regular brigades with him, leaving Lee with 2 regular and 2 irregular cavalry brigades. Unfortunately the two regular...
  18. Tom Elmore

    Captain William H. Redman of the 12th Illinois Cavalry and the Stalsmith Family of Gettysburg

    On the early morning of July 1, Captain William Henry Redman of Company C, 12th Illinois Cavalry, sat down at the William Stalsmith home in Gettysburg for breakfast and penned a letter to his mother, Catherine. He had to bring it to a close when some firing was reported west of town, and the...
  19. Neagle2VR

    Cavalry Battle At Haw's Shop Crossroads

    On May 28, 1864, Confederate Gen. Wade Hampton's cavalry engaged Union Gen. David Gregg's calvalry in battle on this field about one mile south of the crossroads at Haw's Shop (nears where Studley Store is today). After a five hour stalemate the seven hour battle ended in a Union victory with...
  20. frontrank2

    Union Cavalry In Winter

    Two Federal cavalry troopers hurdle a stonewall while clad in greatcoats.
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