1. lelliott19

    50th Georgia Drayton's Brigade at Fox's Gap and Sharpsburg

    Activities and casualties of the 50th Georgia, Drayton's brigade at Fox's Gap and Sharpsburg. The article also includes coincidental mention of the 15th Georgia, Toombs' brigade. The article was submitted by Virgil A. S. Parks, Captain D/17th GA (Toombs). He was killed July 2, 1863 at...
  2. Z

    Odd Number Regiment

    What did officers do if a regiment was reduced by casualties to an odd number of men? How would they create the files? Would one man be left hanging in a company?
  3. JPK Huson 1863

    Who We Held Dear, Our Ancestors' Mute Testimonials

    This child's face is worth any 1,000 words glued together. She seems a little pre-war or at least very early, man in photo may not be a soldier. Little girls lost fathers, more between 1861 and 1865 than we'd ever conceived when all the flag waving started. This practice associated with mourning...
  4. lelliott19

    Casualties Anderson's Brigade at Gettysburg

    Casualties reported for the 8th Georgia Infantry at Gettysburg..... "obtained from Col. Towers, and known to be correct." Here is the entire article. @Drumshanbo you probably already have this, but tagging you just in case.
  5. JPK Huson 1863

    Amazing Grace, Remembered; A Count Of Honor, Please, Our Lost Nurses

    This, because what a surviving nurse said years later of those lost, sticks in my head. Posted her comment before, but it belongs amongst her peers. How flowers and vines take over the stones, and butterflies play where sorrow once walked from a grave. Hoping this may grow into something with...
  6. AUG

    Highest Regimental Losses

    Forlorn Hope by Don Troiani. The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery in their charge at Petersburg. The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery at Petersburg The 1st Maine Heavy Artillery lost more men in a charge on Confederate lines during the Second Battle of Petersburg, June 18, 1864, than any other regiment in...

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