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  1. Story

    Naval Arty Who wants a big cannon?

    From the advert - (MAKE AN OFFER, PRICE REDUCED) S214A, Massive shell gun, circa 1862-1867, fully mounted on steel carriage with bronze elevator screw and handles. Only 351 of these were EVER made and only 26 are known to have survived to date. The iron barrel is marked; RIGHT REAR GIVES WEIGHT...
  2. Cody C. Engdahl

    Research Pictures from Fort Pillow

    Hi! I went to Fort Pillow the other day to do some research for my next book, Blood for Blood at Nashville. I took some pictures and thought it might be nice to share them here. It was a rainy Monday in February so I pretty much had the park to myself. These are two of the soldiers that...
  3. S

    What is this? I need help Identifying this 16 inch signal cannon....

    Can anyone tell me if this is a real signal cannon? It is 16 inches long and has an eagle and US marking, I would like to know how old it is if any one has any idea?....
  4. M

    What is this? How late were Civil War cannon being used by military academies?

    A local postcard of little boys with a big toy. I this a Civil War cannon? If so, this cannon was being used for training well after the Civil War. This has to be in the early 20th Century. Perhaps it was only for firing salutes.
  5. Western Reserve Volunteer

    An Appeal to Cannon Spotters

    Hello everyone! I’m working on a post for the artillery profiles at the moment and need some help finding good photos of some of my admittedly rather rare subjects. I’m looking for good representative photos of Model 1827 Iron 6 pdr guns which are quite rare (only 7 survive) and for which I’m...
  6. rebel brit

    Miniatures Miniature 12lb Napoleon Cannon & Limber.

    Bought this on my 1st trip to Gettysburg in 2003 and it's had pride of place on my window ledge ever since. It's made of wood and metal and a few years ago I decided to paint it, the barrel in a brass effect and the cannon and limber in green. I also made the water bucket and the seat blanket...
  7. CivilWarTalk

    Table What size cannon balls were used in the Civil War?

    Civil War Cannon-Balls and Cannon-Shells came in a large variety of sizes! Some were as small as a modern baseball, and some were much larger than a modern basketball! Confederate torpedoes, shot, and shells in front of the arsenal, Charleston, SC, 1865. Photo by Selmar Rush Seibert...
  8. M

    What is this? Is this cannon original?

    Saw this at the Florida Museum of History at Tallahassee. Is it original?
  9. M

    Hvy.Arty Bet one of our cannon people can explain this.

    Different look to this cannon
  10. M

    Hvy.Arty Cannon in Mobile.

    Looked this over today in town town Mo ie.
  11. gentlemanrob

    US Cannon, William - Gov. of Delaware

    Governor William Cannon Born: March 15, 1809 Birthplace: Bridgeville, Delaware Father: Josiah Cannon (Buried: Bridgeville Cemetery, Bridgeville, Delaware) Mother: Nancy Bowlin – 1829 (Buried: Bridgeville Cemetery, Bridgeville, Delaware) Wife: Margaret Ann Barker 1813 – 1899 (Buried...
  12. CivilWarTalk

    Experimental Hughes Breechloading Cannons

    Reproduction Hughes Cannon at Ft. Shenandoah, VA © Mike Kendra, Oct. 2009D.W. Hughes, a native of Ohio, began making guns in the Spring of 1861 at Street and Hungerford in Memphis, Tennessee. He was an expert machinist, and was able to design and build his first gun in early 1862. It was small...
  13. M

    Captain who used a cannon for a side arm?

    Most officers seemed to prefer a pistol and a sword. This captain seems to have opted for something with a bit more punch. Would this be carried in a hostler? This is part of an image of Captain John Laughlin of Company A, 104th Pennsylvania. The small cannon appears to be a model of a siege...
  14. M

    9-pounder cannon?

    One of the Confederate plots in the Great Lakes area was to seize a steamer and arm it, then use it to release prisoners from Johnson Island. The released prisoners, especially CSA naval personal then could seize and arm other Great Lake steamers and use them to conduct raids upon the Great...
  15. Claude Bauer

    What is this? What kind of cannon is this?

    Just curious what this is, and figured this is the best place to ask!
  16. Belle Montgomery

    Ammo Coast Guard Finds 12-pound Bormann Artillery Shell in Donaldsonville, LA

    Features Coast Guard Team Discovers ‘Blast From The Past’ November 1, 2019 By Frank McCormack On October 23, Chief...
  17. JPK Huson 1863

    Drawing War, Patent Office Art

    Portable Tent/bed/knapsack. I'm pretty sure this one wasn't produced. All-in-one head-tent and knapsack, it's possible the army passed because only having one's head sheltered left the rest of the body exposed. Period artwork encompasses a huge range. It had to. Photos weren't commonly found in...
  18. lelliott19

    Lt.Arty Two Brass Cannon Known as the "Medical Directors" at the Wilderness - What Battery? What kind of cannon?

    "The guns that stood in the crossroads on May 6th [1864] were 20-pound brass guns, and they had what appeared to be two handles just over the axle. The boys called them medical directors. One of these guns burst about 4 o'clock May 6, while the writer was about 20 feet south of the gun." Would...
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