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  1. CivilWarTalk

    Podcast BGP - Johnston Pettigrew and the Gettysburg Campaign (S1 E10)

    Published: November 6, 2019 Widely regarded as one of the smartest and most accomplished individuals from the South during the Antebellum era, North Carolina native Johnston Pettigrew led his brigade from the Old North State through some of the most ferocious combat of the Civil War. Join Eric...
  2. S

    What-if challenge - June 1862 Peninsular Campaign

    This is a transfer of a previous post which was probably not in the correct thread. I invite anyone to suggest a possible course of action, but it was @American87 who originally set this off. Situation: June 1862. You are in command of the Union forces on the Peninsula, and you have correct...
  3. Luke Freet

    Looking for Books on the 1864 Valley Campaigns

    I have done some cursory reading on these campaigns, however I never read a full book on them. I have read Jeffry Wert's book on Sheridan's Campaign (From Winchester to Cedar Creek) but this only deals with the latter battles of the campaigns. If there are any good books covering all the...
  4. gunny

    Hood's Atlanta Campaign Report

    I'm always perplexed when I read Hood's report that reflects on the Atlanta Campaign. His report while he was in command of the Army was simply supposed to contain what happened to it and what it did while under his command, but he explained in great depth what happened and how it was lead in...
  5. Canadian

    Vicksburg -Grant’s Campaign that broke the Confederacy
  6. datameister

    Gettysburg Campaign - Spreadsheet of Halleck, Hooker, Meade Messages

    If anyone is interested, here is a link to a google spreadsheet that captures the message from the above during the Gettysburg Campaign. I am using it as input to apply Machine Learning methods to develop a proof-of-concept in developing insights for a historical text. I plan to apply this...
  7. Taylin

    The Civil War Sketches of Adolph Metzner - 32nd Indiana

    Sharing from the Battlefield Trust's Facebook, some of them of are graphic. I've seen a few other illustrations of Metzner's on here, some of which aren't in this link. He's got a nice style, can be a bit cartoony but I like it. Enjoy -...
  8. Z

    How did soldiers sleep?

    Hear me out on this one - when a soldier was on the march and camped down for the night without a tent, how did he sleep? I understand that often two guys got together and they would lay out a gum blanket on the ground and a wool blanket over then cover themselves in a wool blanket and a gum...
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!