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  1. W. Caldwell-37thNC-Cmpk

    The New Mexico Campaign never happens, and those men and resources are sent eslewhere.

    The Rebs take some of Southeast NM early on in the war, but most of the men, weapons, horses and mules that would've been used in Sibley's Campaign are sent elsewhere. Around this time in the ACW where were the Rebs most desperate for men, ( I know the answer is "everywhere yuh dummy") but I...
  2. W. Caldwell-37thNC-Cmpk

    Johnston isn't removed, and the Franklin-Nashville campaign never happens.

    For sometime now I've wondered what would've happened if JJ isn't swapped out for Hood, and instead of the failed Tennessee campaign, Johnston stays in front of Sherman. I would speculate that this would've prolonged the war for two reasons. Potentially, the AOT could the delay the capture of...
  3. CivilWarTalk

    CWDigitalDigest The Historical Campaign - Vol. VI, Episode 4

    Published Feb 12, 2020 In this episode, we meet Ethan Smith who runs the non-profit The Historical Campaign. We learn how this organization is bringing Civil War history to students in the classroom with a mobile museum. This allows students the opportunity to make a connection to this...
  4. Tom Elmore

    Dirty Bodies and Dirty Clothes - Washing and Bathing During the Gettysburg Campaign

    Needless to say, maintaining cleanliness during an active campaign was difficult, if not impossible, for soldiers of both armies. For one thing, the essential elements were often missing. Let’s examine each one separately: Access to a fresh water source. A relatively clear stream near an...
  5. S

    The sources for troop numbers in the Maryland Campaign

    This thread is an attempt to summarize the sources and information we have available for the number of troops present at the Maryland Campaign, and the Battle of Antietam in particular. In order to ensure that we are all on the same page, I will start with a few definitions. AP or Present or...
  6. Ethan S.

    Did the Seven Days campaign effectively end confederate hopes of independence?

    I've got to thinking, and I have come to the conclusion that the Seven Days campaign killed the confederacy's chance at being independent. I say this because of all of the Frontal assaults Lee ordered. Yes, they were effective, but he lost way too many men, way too soon in order for it to be...
  7. M

    Discussion Brady's Independent Sharpshooters take on Stuart's cavalry during the Gettysburg Campaign.

    "the fire of the sharpshooters being too hot for rebel human nature" Interesting letter about the Brady Sharpshooters fighting General Stuart's cavalry. Detroit Advertiser and Tribune July 1 1863, p. 2. col. 2.
  8. Eric Wittenberg

    Upcoming bus tour of part of Stuart's ride during the Gettysburg Campaign

    I hope that some of you might consider joining me for this upcoming tour in May, when we will follow the second half of Jeb Stuart's ride during the Gettysburg Campaign, beginning with Corbit's Charge in Westminster, Maryland. The tour is being sponsored by the good folks at the Mosby Heritage...
  9. lupaglupa

    Good book on Meridian Campaign?

    Any one have a favorite book on the Meridian Campaign to recommend? I'm especially interested in the impact on the local population as Sherman experimented with living entirely off the land.
  10. T

    Boredom In The Camp - Discoveries from Vicksburg campaign sites

    When soldiers weren't marching, drilling or fighting, they utilized time on their hands by making objects to help them pass the time away. By flattening out musket balls, they were able to make poker chips or game pieces. Notice the piece on the far left of the photo on the top. It looks to have...
  11. Rusk County Avengers

    Best Books of the Pea Ridge Campaign?

    I've been focusing a lot of my reading time on the Prairie Grove Campaign, and the partisan warfare in NW Arkansas afterword's for a while, and it occurred to me that I've never put a lot of time into studying the Pea Ridge Campaign. So instead of looking through numerous older threads like I...
  12. DaveBrt

    "Recruiting" ANV Horses for the 1865 Campaign

    From the QM General's Outgoing Letterbook: August 30th 1864 Major J. G. Paxton Lynchburg, Va. Sir, Great evils having resulted from the foraging serviceable cavalry horses, in charge of soldiers, throughout the State, I shall request the Genl's Commanding our Armies in Va to order that...
  13. Tom Elmore

    Ammunition Chests Exploded During the Gettysburg Campaign

    Small sample of the Gettysburg Cyclorama painting, featuring an exploding limber. - The purpose of this post is to document the detonation of artillery ammunition chests before and during the battle. Each cannon within a battery was supplied by four chests – one on the limber transporting the...
  14. datameister

    Analyzing Lee's Messages During the Campaign

    Did this before with Meade and Hooker's messages. I applied this to Lee. Next, I might go through the unit reports for the campaign and include sentiment analysis.
  15. Luke Freet

    Cold Harbor/Valley Campaign: Should Lee have left Breckenridge in the Valley?

    After the battle of New Market, Lee, desperate for more troops, called for General Breckenridge, the victor at the battle, to send his 2 infantry brigades and artillery battalion to join him against Grant. This left the Valley defended by Grumble Jones and a smattering of other brigades, and...
  16. R

    Lee's Gettysburg Campaign Was Doomed From the Start; Logistics & Horses.

    Lee's Gettysburg Campaign Was Doomed From the Start; Logistic & Horses It is great fun to speculate on what General Lee could of, would of, should of at Gettysburg. I personally have war gamed dozens of scnerios. While that was both instructive & entertaining, it did leave out the critical...
  17. rbasin

    Nashville Thomas and the Nashville campaign

    Hey, Is it just me, or did Thomas not have the best set of subordinate generals of the war for the north during this campaign? Schofield Stanley Cox Couch Wilson A.J. Smith Wood I'm having a hard time matching it with a better set for the Union. Not flashy, but efficient.
  18. CivilWarTalk

    Podcast BGP - Johnston Pettigrew and the Gettysburg Campaign (S1 E10)

    Published: November 6, 2019 Widely regarded as one of the smartest and most accomplished individuals from the South during the Antebellum era, North Carolina native Johnston Pettigrew led his brigade from the Old North State through some of the most ferocious combat of the Civil War. Join Eric...
  19. S

    What-if challenge - June 1862 Peninsular Campaign

    This is a transfer of a previous post which was probably not in the correct thread. I invite anyone to suggest a possible course of action, but it was @American87 who originally set this off. Situation: June 1862. You are in command of the Union forces on the Peninsula, and you have correct...
  20. Luke Freet

    Looking for Books on the 1864 Valley Campaigns

    I have done some cursory reading on these campaigns, however I never read a full book on them. I have read Jeffry Wert's book on Sheridan's Campaign (From Winchester to Cedar Creek) but this only deals with the latter battles of the campaigns. If there are any good books covering all the...
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